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University of Perpetual Help System DALTA in Molino

Bacoor, Cavite
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Reviews of UPHSD Molino graduates

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M. H.
◈ Studied BS in Nursing
◈ At UPHSD Molino
◈ Graduated 2012

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: After high-school graduation, my oldest sister bought a house and lot in Cavite area. I am actually excited to study in Manila area, however we decided to enroll to the nearest college school.I prefer UPHSD, Molini campus because it is just 2 rides before our home.

list bulletAbout UPHSD Molino: The professors are what I admired most, many to mention but their expertise are worth hearing for.From basic explanation of one topic to comprehensive approach, they really rock my mind.But without their unending support to our hidden potentials, I think we will not be successful nurses today. I also appreciate the atmosphere because it was very simple yet approaching to study, to enjoy new learning and to teach us how to grow as a Perpetualite.

list bulletMy current job: I am now an ICU (Intensive care unit) nurse/ private duty nurse. I really appreciate the efforts of my profesors and parents to pu me where I am now.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: After my board exam, I find a job in Makati, as a Customer Care Representative in on of the HMO card. It was almost 6 months, because I really need extra money to earn for some training and seminars.We all know that nursing was very populated nowadays. I try my luck to other field for a while. Beside it was all about handling clients in relation to their to their HMO account of when they can proceed to their schedule of laboratories, medical check up, some operations and the like.After 6 months, I passed a resume to a tertiary hospital and applied as volunteer nurse. Before I accept the application, I make it a point that I earned enough money for my allowance.Then, it was worth waiting for.I am now wearing my uniform to perform my duty as a staff nurse.It was always a matter of patient to achieve your goal.
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H. S.
◈ Studied BS in Nursing
◈ At UPHSD Molino
◈ Graduated 2012

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: I just don't want to be away with my friends, the community where I lived in for 2 years while I was working. I find my friends as an inspiration and a good support. I worked as a security guard in a nearby mall before I enrolled. I want them to see me so they will be inspired to dream more and achieve more, and I also want to see them always so I can feel their happiness for me for it gives me an ample support to strive further. Though I am a stranger in the area, but with them I found a home where I feel safe and comfortable.

list bulletAbout UPHSD Molino: The atmosphere at the school is really awesome. It has a well defined room suited for a student who wish to study more. It is completely mingled with nature. So refreshing and the tree in the middle of it always fascinates me as it gives the timing of our stay, as it's leaves fall and sprouts again. The ambiance is so important for me because the school is always a mysterious place wherever you go. A good school is a hard place to stay because it is difficult to stay there due to it's almost immeasurable pressure any student will encounter. But, what a joy when you surpassed it all. It brings out the real value of you. A good school is a perfect training ground, the more harder the training is, the lesser the pain and the agony after school. You tend to smile when everything seems so difficult for everybody because during the time you are living in difficulty inside the school, there you learn to cope with everything and you have just invented ways how to maintain your perfect sanity and becomes the very shining light in the dark.

The professors are cool. Just as how would any student would expect in any school. There are those professor who will be your support in time of distress and there are those professor who will give you all the stress. But I have seen both of them are perfectly working together to define a good and excellent graduate after all. My stay there really stressed me up. But thanks to all of them. What they have done contributed well to who I am now. The University was right in hiring them because not a single penny was wasted on them.

The facilities are well equipped and modern. We student used to enjoy our stay there because even the comfort room are air-conditioned. Though pressure are high from our instructors for their demand of our excellent accomplishments, the facilities gives us enough conditioning to overcome it all. We could breath good air right there when we are out of it as we are striving so much to give the highest performance a good student would dream of in spite of all hardship.

list bulletMy current job: I am a Pastor and a free lancer business man. I am fond of teaching children from age 5 to 13 years old. I am so Glad I'm a registered Nurse for it makes me so effective in my choice vocation.
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