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University of Luzon

Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Ilocos Region


  • Type: Private University

  • Entrance exam: Not required

  • Religious affiliation: Catholic

  • Term structure: Semester

  • School year: starts in June

Tuition Fees

Bachelor's degree:

₱ 32,000-36,000 per year

Master's degree:

₱ 18,000-28,000 per year

Courses Offered


Based on the Weighted Board Exams Ranking

Rank in Pangasinan 8th out of 9 schools View
Rank in Ilocos Region 16th out of 17 schools View
Rank in Philippines 265 out of 273 schools View

Centers of Excellence

Centers of Development

Board Exams Performance

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Based on the results of the past 4 exams of each board exam.

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Address: University of Luzon, Perez Boulevard, Dagupan City, Pangasinan

Scholarships at University of Luzon

1. Entrance Scholarships. Students who graduated as Valedictorians from public or duly recognized private institutions are given 100% tuition scholarships for one semester. Students who graduated as Salutatorians from public or duly recognized private institutions are given 50% tuition scholarship for one semester.

2. Academic Scholarships

• A scholarship consisting of free tuition fee for one semester shall be enjoyed by any undergraduate student of the University who maintains a general weighted average of 97-100 during the previous semester.

• A seventy-five percent (75%) tuition scholarship shall be enjoyed by a student with a general average of 95-96.

• A fifty percent (50%) tuition scholarship shall be enjoyed by students with a general average of 93-94.

• A twenty-five percent (25%) tuition scholarship shall be enjoyed by students with a general weighted average of 91-92.

Academic scholarships are further subject to the following conditions:

• An applicant for academic scholarship must have taken at least 18 units of credits during the semester and/or 6 units during summer.

• All grades earned in all subjects shall be included in the computation of grades but must not have a grade lower than 2.0.

• A student must apply to the Scholarship Committee on the dates indicated in the calendar and shall be endorsed by the Dean of his department.

• It should be understood that academic scholarships are tuition scholarships only. The student is responsible for the payment of all other fees. R.L.E. Fees, textbooks and uniforms are also the responsibility of the student.

• Academic scholarships last for one semester but are renewable for the succeeding semester/s as long as the student meets the conditions prescribed for the scholarship grant.

3. Student Assistantship Grants

Service grants are given to needy and deserving students in the form of working appointments to various departments of the Institution on a semestral basis. In consideration for the services rendered by them, they are exempted from paying their tuition fees.

Interested students must apply in any of the colleges or departments where their skills may be most useful.

4. Cultural Scholarship. The cultural scholarship is granted to students with special talents in music, dance, and in arts.

5. Educational Benefits. This is given to children of the faculty members and employees with a 50% discount in all fees.

6. Athletic/Sports Scholarships. These are given to qualified students who excel in sports and in athletic activities, and to those who are members of the varsity team.

7. Brothers/sisters Discount Benefits. A discount on regular tuition fee is given to brothers/sisters enrolled in the University of Luzon.

8. CHED Administered Student Financial Assistance Program (STUFAPs). The Commission on Higher Education provides educational opportunities to deserving students through various CHED Administered Student Financial Assistance Programs (STUFAPs).

A. Scholarship Programs

1. Higher Education Development Project (HEDP) - It is intended for the poor but academically bright Filipino students. The applicant should have obtained a percentile rank score of 90 or above in either General Scholastic Ability (GSA) or Entrepreneurial Skill in the National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) and must belong to the upper ten percent (10%) of the graduating class as certified by the school principal.

2. National Scholarship Program (NSP) - also known as the ?State Scholarship Program? intended for the poor but academically bright Filipino students.

Regional Scholarship Program (RSP) - Private Education Student Financial Assistance Program (PESFA) is intended for the poor but academically bright Filipino students enrolled in Private Higher Education Institution.

B. Grants-In-Aid Programs

1. Study Grant Program for Indigenous and Ethnic People - formerly known as the National Integration Study Grant Program (NISGP) and the Selected Ethnic Group Educational Assistance Program (SEGEAP) and it is for the qualified members of indigenous and ethnic communities.

2. CHED Study Grant Program for Congressional Districts (SSGP-CD) - for the qualified constituents of the Congressman Congressional Districts/Party Lists.

3. PESFA - Persons with Disability (PWD) Program. For qualified PWDs enrolled in college.

C. Students Loans

1. Study Now Pay Later Plan (SNPLP) - it is a scheme that extends loans or credit to qualified students.

2. PGMA - Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) - it provides assistance to financially needy 3rd year, 4th year and graduating college students and to qualified students whose allowance for tuition is delayed due to force majeur or other unforeseen/unavoidable circumstances.

3. SAFE-4-SR - it is a loan/program extended to financially needy students particularly those 3rd, 4th year and graduating students.