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Technological University of the Philippines - Visayas

Talisay City, Negros Occidental
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Reviews of TUP Visayas graduates

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M. H.
◈ Studied BS in Electronics & Communications Engineering
◈ At TUP Visayas
◈ Graduated 2013

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: I chose TUP Visayas because of it's undeniable record in producing world class graduates. TUPV is consistently on the Top Performing Schools for the Mechanical Engineering and Electronics and Communications Engineering Board Examinations. Companies line up to acquire employees even before graduation. Furthermore, TUPV has a ladderized curriculum which involves a 3-year technician based education followed by a 2-year engineering course. This system allows the students to learn practical skills such as wood working, welding and lathe machining. Also, some schools might charge over P30,000 for one term. That amount of money is roughly equivalent to my two year stay already in TUPV. I had paid only P50 per unit plus miscellaneous fees during my stay in TUPV. And it wasn't even I who was paying because I am a Department of Science and Technology scholar. Most of the students in TUPV are scholars, both government and private scholars. Different companies such as Analog and Maxim are awarding

list bulletAbout TUP Visayas: TUPV visayas is a mix of technology and nature. In the midst of it's buildings stands tall trees and a field sprawling with grass. Sounds fill the halls. Sounds ranging from clinking of test tubes in the Chemistry Labs for Chemical Technicians, grinding of metal on the lathe machine for Mechanical Engineers, closing of car doors for Automotive Technicians and many more. Overall, the environment is very conducive for learning. The hustle and bustle is all part of the learning process in TUP Visayas. You feel that you are really a part of something big. I am a female and somehow the world has stereotypes that the title engineer is reserved for the males. But find a school that treats everyone equally and you will find female students who are as skilled in lathe machining, welding and wood working as the males. And that is what TUP Visayas is all about. Nobody graduates from here without being skilled.

As for the professors in TUP Visayas, I have nothing but commendations for them. They had molded me into the engineer that I am today. They had dedicated their lives into molding engineers as good or even better than they are. The board examinations were a piece of cake because of the training they had provided. No spoon feeding. They were tough inside the classroom but they were second family outside of it. Our teachers are very knowledgeable in the subjects that they teach especially for the major subjects. They are also engineers who had experience in the industry. Their teaching method is a mix of practical experience and objective learning. Special mention to Dr. Montealegre, Engr. Abalajon, Engr. Ang, Engr. Agsam and Engr. Ahunin. Physics, Calculus, Microcontrollers, Satellite Communications and Analytic Geometry were a breeze because of these people.

As for the facilities, the school has whole buildings to accommodate the engineering students as well as technician students. Different courses have areas specially suited to their needs such as the Chemistry Labs for the Chemistry Technicians, a garage for the Automotive Technicians, Mechanical Building for the big machines such as welding machines, lathe machines, grinders for the Mechanical Engineers and Mechanical Technicians, Electronics Laboratories for the ECE students as well as Electronics Technicians and many more. It also of course complete with a gymnasium for school activities, clinic, air conditioned library, comfort rooms, function halls, drafting rooms, speech laboratories and other specialty laboratories. Socialization for students could be accommodated in the canteen areas, basketball court, badminton court, open field and student lounge. It is also currently expanding to an extension campus to cater more students.

TUP Visayas also has a dormitory for students. It is also surrounded by boarding houses and loads of eatery to cater to student's needs.

list bulletMy current job: I am an Assosciate Software Engineer for Accenture. I develop programs using SAP ABAP software for Unilever Europe and North America. These programs are used in the daily business undertakings of Unilever such as sales orders and purchase order reports to process the massive amounts of data they incur everyday.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: After passing the board examinations in December 2013, I started applying mid January 2014. I had applied in two companies only, Taiyo Yuden and Accenture. I was accepted in both. In the end, I was the one who chose to be with Accenture.
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