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Technological University of the Philippines - Taguig

Taguig City, Metro Manila
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Reviews of TUP Taguig graduates

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C. S.
◈ Studied Electromechanical Engineering Technology
◈ At TUP Taguig
◈ Graduated 2001

list bulletAbout TUP Taguig: I am happy that my professors were mostly conservative. They were all somehow strict and disciplinarian but they were very helpful to their students. Our university has a very friendly atmosphere. The students were mostly approachable and regionalism is not a practice in our school.
During my time, most of the facilities were not in good condition but because I was one of the student leaders, we started to rebuild the buildings, rooms, gazebos etc. Now, the facilities are a lot better.

list bulletMy current job: After working for 8 years, I decided to focus on my family and put up my own internet cafe at home.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: My school was the one who look for a job for me. Right after graduation, I already had a job where I started as a probationary technician/machinist.
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L. L.
◈ Studied Diploma in Computer Engineering Technology
◈ At TUP Taguig
◈ Graduated 2005

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: I chose to enrolled in this University since it is very close in our house, it was just a one ride from our place. The tuition fees was also very affordable in our time compared before. It was just minimal and most can really afford it even without scholarship or discounts.

I also have several friends who enrolled on such school and I even have college classmates who are also my classmates during high school. It was nice to be in a school where you already have some friends and acquaintances.

list bulletAbout TUP Taguig: First thing anyone can notice looking at the university is the abundance of trees. It is a plus factor to me since I find it soothing and attracting. I have enjoyed studying on such environment which makes the atmosphere very good for learning.

Our professors seem really nice since they interact with their students just like friends but of course respect to them was always present. I do not find it irritating to further ask about our subjects since they are willing to help us. It is a nice feeling that I do not have a terror professor and I can look back at my college years as a pleasant experience.

list bulletMy current job: Right now I am a plain housewife. I decided to stop working when I got pregnant since it is not advisable for me to continue working on my condition. It is more than a year already after I resigned and I think it will still take longer time before I will decide to work again.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: I was a working student before as I work as an on-the-job trainee in a government agency. So, I already had a job while studying and the agency hired me after I graduated.
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M. T.
◈ Studied BS in Electronics & Communications Engineering
◈ At TUP Taguig
◈ Graduated 2005

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: Accessibility to home and work.

list bulletAbout TUP Taguig: Atmosphere - Not that good and not that bad either, rusty roofs and old buildings ruined most of it. A little greener compared to other school campus, there are trees and shrubs growing in most places.
Professors - Some are really good, some are just so-so, like any other schools we can't expect every professors to be very good at what they do.

list bulletMy current job: Mixed Signal Equipment Engineer.
My job is to ensure that test equipment are available and working most of the time.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: After I graduated I decided to quit my job and review for the board exams. After passing the board it took me approximately 6 months to find a job that I truly liked.
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