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St. Paul University Quezon City

Quezon City, Metro Manila
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Reviews of SPUQC graduates

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A. M.
◈ Studied BS in Nursing
◈ Graduated 2011

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: St. Paul QC wasn't really my school of choice. My parents chose my Alma mater for me. I think they were thinking that since I am already a Paulinian (St. Paul College, Pasig) since Nursery, and the fact that they have already trusted the Paulinian curriculum and everything, they thought that the experience would be the same at another Paulinian school. Also, SPUQC was located conveniently near where we live, so I think that adds too.

list bulletAbout SPUQC: Ambiance:
Our school wasn't the "open-aired" university type, unlike UST, UP, Ateneo, etc. Our school was building-clad; making use of whatever space they can allocate to make way for more buildings or offices or halls for our disposal.

Our university's professors were all very competent. But of course their characters differ. But I believe that all of them are driven by their passion to be able to make assets out of us for our society.

We had adequate facilities (classrooms, laboratories, computers, etc) and equipment for all our students from nursery to college. Maybe a little more indoor parking would be more convenient, though.

list bulletMy current job: I am an airport nurse.
We respond to all kinds of emergencies in and out of the airport vicinity.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: I graduated March of 2011, took the board July of 2011, passed the board August of 2011, and just three days after I saw my name on the roster of board passers for the July 2011 NLE's, I already landed my first job.
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V. A.
◈ Studied AB in Mass Communication
◈ Graduated 1999

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: Accessibility. It was near our home, within walking distance. I always came on time to class, never late.

The school produced many famous broadcasters and journalists. I wanted to make a name for myself in Mass Media.

Also, tuition fee was affordable.

list bulletAbout SPUQC: Atmosphere- I found St. Paul conducive to learning. It had a relaxed, safe environment.

Professors- They encouraged me to learn. I found them inspirational. I learned so much from them. I still keep in touch with them.

list bulletMy current job: I am a freelance writer for print and online. I write copy for companies. I also dabble into the field of fashion.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: Two months after graduation I landed a job with a respected magazine as a writer and photographer.
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P. A.
◈ Studied BS in Business Administration
◈ Graduated 2010

list bulletAbout SPUQC: The ambiance is ok, I can study even at the hall or cafeteria because making noise is a big no no. Although sometimes noise is present due to groups having discussions, talking about life, modular exams, fashion, food etc. But as Paulinian, we know our limits.

The professors are very competitive, efficient and understanding. They are eager to teach every students, we can understand their teachings, they are well prepared before entering the classroom.

The facilities are good. Well air conditioned rooms, clean, the medium of teachings such as projector, lcd are in good condition so there would be no reason for students to complain.

list bulletMy current job: I am currently working for my business.
I am having a hard time to get a job due to conflicts. First, I am only daughter and grand daughter with a family business, therefore the companies would not allow me, because I am the only heiress of our business since my uncle and aunt has no family of their own. Second I have a diabetes, most companies are concern regarding with this matter.
On a brighter side, I got a job but has something to do with sales, stock market. They hired me in a blink of an eye because I also believe that hiring me will increase their sales, they believe I have many contacts with business people.
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R. M.
◈ Studied BS in Biology
◈ Graduated 1995

list bulletAbout SPUQC: The professors in our school were all very professional and friendly. St. Paul has a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, basically because it's managed by nuns. We have a highly commendable facilities like a newly-renovated gym, a Little Theater, complete Laboratory Room and a conducive library for studying.

list bulletMy current job: I have been working as a Customer Service Representative.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: It only took me a month to find a job after graduation.
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V. E.
◈ Studied BS in Nursing
◈ Graduated 2010

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: My parents wanted me to go to a private school that we can afford. After all, St. Paul is reputable to give quality education and is a Catholic school. My parents thought that I will be in good hands.

list bulletAbout SPUQC: The school was great. The staffs and the professors were friendly and good at their job. My classmates were competitive and helpful. And the school has continuous efforts in renovation and facilities acquisition to aid the education of it's students.

list bulletMy current job: I am a call center agent.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: More than a year.
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