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Quezon City Polytechnic University

Quezon City, Metro Manila
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Reviews of QC Poly graduates

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R. A.
◈ Studied BS in Entrepreneurial Management
◈ At QC Poly
◈ Graduated 2011

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: I chose QCPU because that was the school that I can afford to study. Besides I thought that it was the school that can offer a total package for me to graduate my college and find a job. Let say QCPU offer a competitive graduate too like other top universities in Metro Manila. They offer academic scholarship for those deserving students like me. With out the academics scholarship I am sure I was not able to graduate in college.

list bulletAbout QC Poly: QCPU ambiance was good they had a lot of trees inside the campus which fit for you to study your lesson or take a break if you had a vacant.Besides they had a lot of new building erected for now and the facade is beautiful.You can breath fresh air under the trees.

When it come to professors/ instructors I can say they give quality education. They can teach us will and able to made us ready to the outside world like what happened now. I am a competitive person even the job that I am handling is difficult but I love it it goes beyond the limit of my knowledge that made me to become more productive as a product of that university.

QCPU facilities were good they had enough computer at KorPhil., every room had there own electric fan and air con, with it comes on library they had enough materials if you do some research. They had computers too, for doing some online research. You can stay in the library also for your study. With regard on places to rest they had enough bench scattered under the tree all around the campus that fit for your study and socialization with the other students.

list bulletMy current job: My current job is a Site Admin.
Managing of workers on site. Procuring of the materials needed on site. Do materials, manpower, equipment report daily and weekly. Q.C of the finished work. Canvassing of materials. Do business transaction with the supplier. Do progress billing report and some signing of documents to be submitted to office for billing. Transact with the supplier directly to purchase the materials needed on site. Implement the time table program to meet the deadline of the project. Checking and keeping of the equipment before and after the operation everyday.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: It took a week actually, but that job was not fit to my course, so I decided to start from lower position until I got this right now. So what I can say to those newly graduate don't be choosy and demanding on salary with regard on job. Once you had an experience you can do whatever the thing that you want to do.
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