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Philippine Christian University

Manila, Metro Manila
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Reviews of PCU Manila graduates

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N. J.
◈ Studied BS in Accountancy
◈ At PCU Manila
◈ Graduated 2013

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: Being a transferee with the same course in my previous school, I found it difficult to look for a school that accepts transferees for the BSA program. Most of the schools that I inquired require either to repeat the major subjects or enroll as a freshman again. Luckily, I was able to find that PCU accepts transferees for BSA program without the need to repeat the subjects that I passed in my previous school.

list bulletAbout PCU Manila: The school lies along Taft Avenue, and despite being in the one of the busiest streets in Manila, learning is conducive as the facilities are enough to make the students comfortable during classes.

The professors are approachable, and they give considerations to working students, as they believe that working should not be a hindrance in getting a diploma. The University also offers summer classes, and you can choose what subjects you would want to take for summer to make up for the required units in the curriculum, so graduating on-time is really possible for transferees. The only downside is that, you need to shell-out an extra money (around Php 4,500 to be divided on the number of enrolled students) if the number of students for the subject that you want to take during summer doesn't reach the required quota.

list bulletMy current job: I'm currently a Finance Analyst supporting an international-based oil company. As a Finance Analyst, I am assigned as the front liner for inquiries regarding the company's Accounts Payable. I provide over-the-phone and email support to vendors and users with their concerns about outstanding, unregistered and overdue invoices.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: Less than a month.
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R. J.
◈ Studied Bachelor of Secondary Education
◈ At PCU Manila
◈ Graduated 2010

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: At first, it just so happen that I and my family move back to metro manila after having some troubles paying the mortgage with our house in Cavite. So I started to look for universities that offer the course in a much cheaper price since my family back then is really having some serious financial troubles. So I decided to go to PCU initially because of 3 reasons:
1. The tuition fee is cheaper
2. It’s pretty accessible to our place
3. They played in NCAA (they no longer play right now)

list bulletAbout PCU Manila: The atmosphere in PCU is much greater compared to the atmosphere in EAC-Cavite. EAC-Cavite is more of a high school type of ambience maybe because of the small population. Since PCU is a university located in Manila, therefore it is much more populated so you can really feel that you are in college. Another plus factor for PCU is the fact that they are part of the NCAA, at least on my time. Let’s face it, being part of the UAAP or NCAA is one of the criteria that we consider when looking for a college or university to attend to. It is such a great pride to see your Alma matter compete and most especially if they win. Luckily, PCU had 3 championship appearances and had 1 championship in 2004-05. Being alongside the LRT station is quite positive since it’s very accessible and convenient to go home, but there are some downside as well. One is that if you’re classroom is near LRT, you can literally feel the shaking when LRT trains passes by so it’s kind of annoying. But the worst case scenario for the dolphins is rainy season, because it is in Pedro Gil area, and you know that floods occur there almost every day when it is rainy season, so you really need to prepare yourself.

I can say that the professors of PCU are okay, not all of them are competitive. There are pretty competent professors in the university but maybe you can count them with your fingers, consider using both your hands and feet though. Most of the professors in terms of competency are okay, but there are also professors that will make you think “what are you doing here teaching?” It’s kind of not surprising since PCU’s tuition fee is not that expensive compared to other schools that is also part of the NCAA so maybe they can’t afford to recruit the top guns, and also education is not the specialty course of PCU unlike Philippine National University who specializes in the field of education, so more or less you can expect PNU to have pretty competent professors. What I don’t like about some professors is the fact that they participate in some political activities such as rallies and strikes. I don’t like it not because I don’t believe that you must fight what you think is right, what I don’t like about it is that it seems they almost complain about anything and always blame the government for everything.

First with the classroom, the classroom are air-conditioned, it has white board, okay chairs. But for the chairs you can see that there is some sort of discrimination, or I think I should call it as priority departments because if you go to the education department, the chairs are still wood armchairs, but when you go to the college of business administration, the chairs are brand new plastic arm chairs. The library is good and I can say conducive for learning, well it should be. But don’t try to compare it to the library of other big universities like UST, Ateneo, UP, or else you will be disappointed. The comfort rooms probably will be the biggest disappointment you will have when you go to PCU because some comfort rooms there are really filthy and smell bad. Hopefully they improve the comfort rooms now.

list bulletMy current job: I’m currently working as a high school Filipino public teacher at Polo National High School in Valenzuela City.
As a high school Filipino teacher, my job is to teach the students how to speak and write the language properly and with correct grammar. I teach them the importance of our national language Filipino and why they should be proud of it. As a teacher, we are also required to give out short and long quizzes every now and then to test the comprehensiveness of the students. Aside from the quizzes, we are also required to make exams for quarterly examinations. Then we are also the one who will compute for their grades. Computing of grades is something that every teacher should know. Grades must be computed with diligence and caution since parents often rechecked this grades by themselves to see if the computations are correct and that their children receive the correct grade.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: Even before I graduated in college, I started to look for potential schools where I can spend my few months before I take my LET exam. Then after a month I land my first job at Blessed Trinity in Las Piñas city.

To be honest, it’s not that easy to find a job if you’re not licensed yet since most schools are increasing the required qualifications. They say before that as long as you have good grades and no bad records, it is easy for you to get hired even though you’re not licensed yet especially in small private schools. Today, some schools not only required that you already have a license, they also require or at least preferred applicants who has Masteral degrees.

After several months in Blessed Trinity, I immediately look for another school that is near in our house since the transport time to Las Piñas is very long and traffic is so heavy. After a month I manage to transfer to Polo National High School in Valenzuela. For my second job, the hiring process was much easier maybe because I already have relevant experience. Experience is one of the most sought after qualification every school wants. The more the experience the better as long as you are gaining a lot of knowledge along the way. Still, perseverance is the key in finding your first job because honestly, nobody wants to hire a newbie or neophyte, but of course in the real world they need to hire the newly grads.
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V. R.
◈ Studied BS in Biology
◈ At PCU Manila
◈ Graduated 2011

list bulletAbout PCU Manila: Well Philippine Christian University a standard school that facilitates enough knowledge by exploring the reality of life.

list bulletMy current job: Quality Assurance

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: 1 month
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R. A.
◈ Studied AB in Philosophy
◈ At PCU Manila
◈ Graduated 1994

list bulletAbout PCU Manila: My mentors at school were like my very close friends. They were very approachable and down to earth. When something perplexing came into my attention, I usually got their most honest to goodness assistance in solving that situation. Way back then in 1994, our school still have limited access to the internet, unlike nowadays, so we have to do research in our gargantuan libraries wherein we must strive to locate and carry heavy books to find what we are looking for. But it was worth it because that taught us then, how to exert our best in finding the answers to the most mundane of questions.

list bulletMy current job: Presently, I am doing online jobs, working as a freelance researcher. I enjoy what I am doing, since writing and research are both what drives me the most and reading has been my passion whether reading a hardcopy or online. I was previously working in a local BPO here in my country and that gave me also a great learning experience in dealing with multi cultural environment as well as learning more about life itself.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: I was a working student during my sophomore years and I did not find it difficult finding any kind of jobs. My first job was a telephone operator then, when there were still switchboard panels still existing. Although the remuneration was less, the camaraderie among my colleagues was such that I really enjoyed my very first job.
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B. A.
◈ Studied BSEd in Physical Education
◈ At PCU Manila
◈ Graduated 2013

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: I've choose this school because they gave me a opportunity the be one of their Student-Athlete Program.

list bulletAbout PCU Manila: The ambiance was good, some of professors were strict and some were not, well that's a fact.

Actually the facilities of the school are not quiet impressive but they try to maintain the look of some of their facilities like for example their library, there are some place that you can socialize with and it is called "Boracay". want to know why? Because the form of ceiling in the shed is like an umbrella that you can find some of the beaches.

list bulletMy current job: A Physical Education teacher.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: 3 months
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S. S.
◈ Studied BS in Business Administration
◈ At PCU Manila
◈ Graduated 1980

list bulletAbout PCU Manila: The school in terms of the atmosphere I can say that it is close to nature because it has a lot of trees planted throughout it's surroundings.

list bulletMy current job: I'm a retired housewife
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