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MATS College of Technology

Davao City, Davao
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Reviews of MATS College of Technology graduates

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G. W.
◈ Studied BS in Aircraft Maintenance Technology
◈ At MATS College of Technology
◈ Graduated 2013

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: Aside from MATS being near to my house, the school offered scholarship grants for those who wanted to take up Aircraft Technology. The scholarship covered 100% of my school tuition fees so I only had to pay the miscellaneous fees. Thus it was all a perfect fit for me, considering that I came from a family who belongs to a low-income bracket. Also, MATS was the only school in Davao City which was known to offer courses related to the Aviation industry.

list bulletAbout MATS College of Technology: Atmosphere - The atmosphere is unique in itself. It’s not the like the typical ones where you just need to sit and listen in a classroom the entire day. For this, you had to be dynamic and always up for activities since you’d often be studying in the workshop, doing some mechanical stud. You have to be ready to dirty yourself once in a while but no worries, really. But you can enjoy all you want doing your own stuff at the open-field where you can sit on soft green grass and laugh your stress out with classmates.

The professors, when it comes to teaching, are all good. But I always thought they didn't have a life outside the school since they always talked about air-crafts and seldom shared interesting facts about their life. I wish they could’ve been more outgoing rather than serious; nevertheless, I learned a lot from them.

Facilities - Great. All the essential stuff are there. Everybody has access to all the school’s facilities. The only thing I could complain about is the “poor” internet connection they have. My experience as a student taught me that having good or bad internet connection will greatly impact your academic and yes, even social life.

list bulletMy current job: For the meantime, I am an apprentice with allowance practicing as an aircraft mechanic at a private hangar. I assist in the maintenance of a few types of aircraft like helicopters and ultralights as well as preparation of these vehicles before flight or operation.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: About 6 months.
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