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Manila Central University

Caloocan City, Metro Manila


• Over 110 years of existence
• First Filipino-run school


  • Type: Private University

  • Entrance exam: Required

  • Religious affiliation: Non-sectarian

  • Term structure: Semester

  • School year: starts in June

Tuition Fees

Bachelor's degree:

₱ 80,000-90,000 per year

Master's degree:

₱ 36,000 per year

Courses Offered


Based on the Weighted Board Exams Ranking

Rank in Metro Manila 25th out of 47 schools View
Rank in Philippines 109 out of 273 schools View

Centers of Excellence

Board Exams Performance

Displaying the passing rates of First Time Examinees only.

Based on the results of the past 4 exams of each board exam.

Exam Passing Rates (First Timers) Rank in Philippines


• Educational Facilities:

- Air-conditioned classroom
- Library
- Computer Laboratories

• Sports Facilities:

- Centennial Gymnasium
- Purple Owl Complex
- Swimming Pool

• Facilities for Activities:

- Tanchoco Auditorium
- Helix Vertical Auditorium
- Student Activity Area
- Gazeebo
- Court Yard

• Other facilities:

- Canteen
- Dormitory

Industry Affiliations and Connections

• Dentistry

- Philippine Association of Dental Colleges (PADC)
- Southeast Asian Association of Dental Education (SEAADE)
- Masan University, South Korea
- School of Medicine and Dentistry, Niigata University, Japan
- School of Dentistry, National Yang Ming University, Taiwan
- University of the Philippines Manila, College of Dentistry

• Pharmacy

- Federation of Junior Chapters of the Philippine Pharmacists Association

• Psychology

- Philippine Mental Health Association
- National Center for Mental Health

• Nursing

- Institute of Continuing Career Advancement (ICCA)
- MCU-FDTMF Hospital
- San Lazaro Hospital
- National Center for Mental Health (NCMH)
- Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Center (AFPMC)
- Philippine Orthopedic Center (POC)
- Caloocan City Medical Center (CCMC)
- Caloocan City Heatlh Department
- Quezon City General Hospital (QCGH)
- Angel Care Custodial Service
- St. Peter – St. John Clinic (SPSJ)

• Optometry

- Asia Pacific Council of Optometry
- Student Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity

• Physical Therapy

- East Avenue Medical Center
- MCU-FDTMF Hospital
- Philippine Orthopedic Center
- Philippine Center for Sports Medicine
- The Medical City
- Veteran’s Memorial Medical Center
- Fe Del Mundo Hospital
- Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center


Address: Manila Central University, Epifanio de los Santos Avenue Caloocan City, National Capital Region

Scholarships at MCU

1. Filemon D. Tanchoco Scholarship

Students from all colleges may apply for Full or Partial Scholarship under the Filemon D. Tanchoco Scholarship Program.

• Full Scholarship – 100% free tuition fee for one semester; Grades with 1.25 GWA with no grades lower than 1.75
• Partial Scholarship – 50% discount on tuition fee for one semester; Grades with 1.60 GWA with no grades lower than 2.00
• Partial Scholarship – 30% discount on tuition fee for one semester; Grades with 1.75 GWA with no grades lower than 2.00

2. Grade 7, 11 and College Entrance Scholarship

Incoming College students apply for Full or Partial Scholarship under the Entrance Scholarship Program. This program is for the improvement of the MCU Student Profile, to invite students with good scholastic performance.

10% to 100% Tuition Fee Discount for incoming Grade 7, Grade 11 College Freshmen students. Recipients of With Honors, With High Honors and With Highest Honors must come from schools with at least 50 graduates/completers.

3. MCU Loyalty Discount

Incoming college students who studied at MCU from kindergarten up to Grade 12 can avail 10% discount on tuition fee all throughout college level under the MCU Loyalty Discount Program. This is to encourage students continue their college at MCU.

4. MCU Basic Education Department Top Honors Discount

MCU student/s with Highest Honors Award and with highest GWA among his/her batch in Basic Education Department may avail 100% tuition fee discount under this program.

5. MCU Continuing Student Discount

Grade 6 graduates, grade 10 completers and college alumni can avail a one-time 10% discount on tuition fee once they continue their basic, tertiary, and graduate studies in MCU.

6. MCU Alumni Discount

Incoming Grade 7, grade 11, and college students who are a son or daughter of an MCU College alumni can avail a one-time 10% discount on tuition fee. An endorsement letter from the President of MCU Alumni Association must be submitted to the Dean of Office of the Student affairs as part of the application requirements.

7. Sibling Loyalty Discount

Siblings of a Basic Education and College student can avail a Sibling Loyalty Discount upon the application of their parents. 10% discount on tuition fee will be given to 2nd child and 5% for the 3rd and onwards.

8. Presidential Decree 451

Students from all colleges and basic education department can avail a 100% tuition fee discount under the PD451. Combined earnings of parents should not exceed to Php150,000.00 per annum. College and basic education department must have 500 Student population to have 1 Scholar

9. Presidential Decree 577

Students from all colleges and basic education department who are dependents of military personnel who died or become incapacitated in line of duty can avail a 100% Free Tuition Fee.

10. Creative Arts Group

College students who are a regular member of MCU Creative Arts Group (MCU Chorale, MCU Dance Troup, Dulaang Centralino, MCU Visual Arts Guild and MCU Band) may avail a P3,000.00 tuition fee discount.

11. College of Medicine Lifetime Alumni Discount

Incoming and continuing students who are a son or daughter of an MCU College of Medicine Alumni can avail a 10% discount on tuition fee from 1st year up to 4th year.

Student Organizations and Clubs

• Dentistry:
- Philippine Dental Student Association (MCU Chapter)
- KATUWANG (KAagapay TUngo sa WAgas na PagtuloNG)

• Pharmacy:
- Klubba Scientia
- Federation of Junior Chapters Philippine Pharmaceutical Association

• Medicine:
- Gabay Medisina
- Upsilon Sigma Rho
- Pax Romana
- Medici Omnes Duciens

• Nursing:
- Nightingale Mission
- Pax Romana

• Medical Technology:
- Junior Medical Technology Organization
- Klubba Scientia and Humanties Guild

• Accountancy:
- Junior Philippine Institute of Accountancy

• Marketing Management:
- Junior Executive Marketing Society

• Operations Management:
- Junior Executive Management Club

• Computer Science:
- Junior Philippine Computer Society – MCU Chapter

• Creative Arts Group:
- Dulaang Centralino
- MCU Dance Troupe
- Visual Arts Group
- MCU Chorale
- MCU Band