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La Consolacion College - Manila

Manila, Metro Manila
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Reviews of LCC Manila graduates

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M. L.
◈ Studied AB in Mass Communication major in Broadcasting
◈ At LCC Manila
◈ Graduated 2010

list bulletAbout LCC Manila: My school has a relaxed environment (Even if the location is near Mendiola peace arc where some people protest there. The school is secured though).

Friendship is one of the foundation why its unique. I became so active in my organizations because the environment is very inspiring and friendly. My crafts complements my studies through extra curricular activities but of course, I still attend my classes and submit projects. Learning is not just between the corners of the classroom, it is also great to explore on organizations.

My favorite place in the campus is the Nipa Hut in the field. You can study, eat, hang out with friends, or even sleep (if you can). Facilities are updated and elegant.

On my course, we lack of professors on major subjects. Sometimes 1 prof handles 2 of my major subjects. Worse case is when you see him giving lectures in your entire day because he's the professor in all of your subjects for the day. Worst is when you are the only student who enrolled on his subject.

list bulletMy current job: I'm self-employed. I own and manage online business. I'm also the filmmaker on my Youtube account.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: It didn't take too long because when I was still a student, I was a volunteer of an artist collective until after I graduated, they asked me to work for them. Afterwards, I started my own business.
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J. L.
◈ Studied BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management
◈ At LCC Manila
◈ Graduated 2000

list bulletAbout LCC Manila: The atmosphere of my school really attract when I took my entrance exam. It was green, peaceful and my family wants me to stay in exclusive for girls. The professors were great, I did have smart, inteligent professors who helped me to build my confidence. Happy to graduate to experience exemption in final exam and flat 1 because we won a competition in Chef on Parade before graduation. One of my achievement I never forget. The facilities was excellent for me they have everything.

list bulletMy current job: Just when I finish my OJT my parents wanted me immediately to travel to Portugal. (Afraid of getting married at early Well, it is one of my dream to come to Europe and explore so I consider this opportunity as my priority.
It is in a good timing when I arrive in Portugal because they hosted the FIFA and International Congress so I get immediately a Job in Hotel as receptionist though I am learning their language at the same time. It was fun!

Then I change to work in Embassy organizing function and it was a good timing Mr Reyster Langit (still alive that time and that is their last interview outside the country before he died) and his father Rey Langit came here in Portugal for their documentary film Biyaheng Langit. I have again an opportunity that time to be interviewed and it was viewed in Philippines about different story of filipinos abroad and it happen that I am the president that time of a filipino association. I finish 6 years term contract in embassy. After that I went to U.S. In Maryland and washington and again it was a blessing doing serving functions to VIP people.

I really enjoyed and I like what I am doing, I comeback to portugal 2008 and tried to have a business. I manage to have Diplomat Cafe and restaurant but sadly to say it didn't work. I dont give up.... I close it before I see myself on the ground and transform to something that I can recover from financial losses.

Right now I am a Functions Organizer/ Coordinator.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: Immediately
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◈ Studied BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management
◈ At LCC Manila
◈ Graduated 2005

list bulletAbout LCC Manila: Nice and very educating.

list bulletMy current job: Payroll Officer.
No actually,
I decided to change career cause I wanted to experience office base rather than service.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: After 4 months I was able to find a job that suit to my education.
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S. S.
◈ Studied BS in Nursing
◈ At LCC Manila
◈ Graduated 2009

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: Because my brother's friend studied there. But my first choice was UST, I passed Journalism there.

list bulletAbout LCC Manila: Atmosphere wise, well it was a very good place to study because it's quiet. Professors, were good as well but not that good and the facilities, we had a nursing building so we can study better.

list bulletMy current job: Well unfortunately I'm a call center representative. We are taking in calls to fix customers issues about there cable.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: After 3 months.
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