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La Consolacion College - Bacolod

Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
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Reviews of LCC Bacolod graduates

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N. E.
◈ Studied Bachelor of Elementary Education
◈ At LCC Bacolod
◈ Graduated 2005

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: Honestly speaking, it's not because of "choice", since I got no option. It was a propitious chance to proceed to College, knowing that I came from below-poverty level-income parents with five siblings to consider.
It was because I finished my High School (Secondary Level) in this school, as I passed the school's Night High School Program for the qualified indigents. I earned awards and I was able to enhance and boost my academic and religious aspects because of the greatest teachers I met in this Educational Institution. Because of such achievements, the school recommended me to take the entrance exam (College) and I was accepted as Working Student assigned at the Student Affairs Office-College Department.

list bulletAbout LCC Bacolod: This Institution adheres to promote the significance and relative worth of Christian Living to every individual. It is run by the Order of Saint Augustine Sisters and is considered as one of the fundamental institutional upholding Catholic beliefs in the Country.

Based on the years I have stayed in this school (1997-2205), I have realized how important it was to put Christ as the center of one's life, and involvement into outreach activities will showcase the realities of paucity and deprivation for mankind. The school has exposed it's learners into several activities, such as Weekly Mass, Outreach Program, Community Immersion and the like, from kindergarten up to college.

Administrators, professors, utility and office personnel have been so accommodating, friendly and generous, regardless of what Course/Faculty/Department they belong. You would enjoy seeing them joining the Intramurals and Inter-Department Competition. They never failed to serve their purpose for their students, both regular and part time teachers were loved by their students warmly.

This is to note that it is situated cornered by three streets and located beside the certainly known San Sebastian Cathedral, causing it to acquire another building (for HRM and Tourism Students) few kilometers away from the school itself. Thus, immediate expansion would never be materialized due to it's current location. Nevertheless, the school has expanded to different sites specifically in Negros Occidental Province to cater to all needs and demands of their learners and to provide further quality education as needed.

list bulletMy current job: I am currently employed in a BPO/Offshore Company, as a Maintenance Administrator of Australian Company. I provide assistance remotely to Australian Director/Manager, manages all maintenance requests and monitoring of status for our clients (retails shops).

Personally, I loved my course. However I wasn't able to pursue it. I have only taken and passed the Licensure Exam for Teachers on August 2005.
I landed on difference office-related jobs, and I considered myself underemployed (haven't practiced my profession).

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: After I graduated on March 2005, I enrolled in a review center then took the Licensure Exam on August 2005.
I landed on my first job in a Rental/Transport Company on January 2006 here in Manila.
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V. B.
◈ Studied BS in Business Management
◈ At LCC Bacolod
◈ Graduated 2000

list bulletAbout LCC Bacolod: Despite of the many stairs that our school have, for me it's also a healthy way, the atmosphere is just enough for any student every area or department is accessible. The teachers are friendly and approachable, they make sure that the students are well guided despite of some failures, or personal problems may it be in the family or relationships, they do not discriminate your status of living or whatever work you have.

list bulletMy current job: Event Coordinator and Choreographer, small trades

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: Immediately
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