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Holy Cross of Davao College

Davao City, Davao


  • Type: Private College

  • Entrance exam: Required

  • Religious affiliation: Catholic

  • Term structure: Semester

  • School year: starts in June

Tuition Fees

Bachelor's degree:

₱ 30,000-40,000 per year

Master's degree:

₱ 11,500-23,500 per year

Courses Offered


Based on the Weighted Board Exams Ranking

Rank in Davao 10th out of 12 schools View
Rank in Philippines 151 out of 273 schools View

Board Exams Performance

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Based on the results of the past 4 exams of each board exam.

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Address: Holy Cross of Davao College, Inc., Sta. Ana Avenue, Davao City, Davao del Sur 8000

Scholarships at Holy Cross of Davao College


I. Scope of the Scholarship

1. The scholarship shall cover tuition fees of each semester/school year only.

2. It shall be open to grade School, High School, TVET programs and any college offered in HCDC.

II. Minimum Criteria

1. The applicant must be an alumnus/alumna or a child of an alumnus/alumna who is of good standing as member of the alumni association.

2. He/she must be an incoming grade I pupil/first year high school student/first year college student.

3. He/she must pass the admission requirements of the school.

4. His/her general average in the preceding school year should be at least 80%

5. He/she must be of good moral character and his/her family must be of good reputation (as certified by the GKK-PSL or Pastor)

6. The total combined annual income of his/her family for the past taxable year should not exceed Php 200,000.00

III. Requirements

1. Parents’ Income tax Return (ITR)/Certificate of Low Income from the Barangay Captain

2. High School Report Card (photocopy)

3. Certificate of Good Moral Character

4. Certification of Good Family Background from the GKK-PSL or Pastor

IV. Procedure and Criteria for Selection

1. The committee on scholarship receives the applications for scholarships and submits them together with the list of qualified applicants based on the school’s criteria for admission, to the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association on or before June 10. Priority is given to those applicants the highest general average, highest admission test scores and the lowest ratio of total family income to number of family members, applying the following formula:

20% is given to the applicant with the lowest ratio of total family income to number of family members, 15%, 10%, 5% to the other applicants, from lowest to highest.

30% is given to the applicant with the highest genera average, while 25%, 20%, 15%, etc. To the other applicants from lowest to highest.

50% is given to the applicant with the highest score in the college entrance test, while 45%, 40%, 35%, etc. To the other applicants from highest to lowest.

2. The committee conducts home visit when necessary.

3. The board makes the final selection from the list submitted by the committee after ascertaining (through appropriate procedure which includes interview of the applicants and their parents/guardians) the chances of the applicants to become effective family bread-winners and contributors to the community.

V. Retention/Responsibilities

1. The recipient must have a grade not lower than 80% in all subjects and a GPA not lower than 85% in each term (after each semester for college and TVET programs and after each year for Grade School and High School.

2. He/she must meet the academic requirements of the chosen program until he/she graduates in the curriculum/prospectus.

3. He/she must submit his/her final grades at the end of every semester to the Alumni Coordinator.

4. He/she must not be involved in any club/organization not recognized by the school.

5. He/she must assist/be involved in alumni activities.

6. He/she must conduct himself/herself as a student befitting the institution.

VI. Effectivity/Implementation

1. Implementation of the scholarship shall take effect beginning SY 2005-2006. (A MOA shall be prepared to this effect)

VII. Funding

1. The budget shall be taken from the fund allocated for scholarship.

VIII. Supervision of Scholars

1. The Alumni Coordinators shall monitor the scholar/s in their respective department.

IX. Composition/Functions of the Scholarship Committee

1. The scholarship committee shall be composed of the Vice-President and Treasurer of the association as well as the alumni coordinators of the grade school, high school and college/graduate school departments.

2. The committee shall screen and recommend the qualified applicants to the board who shall make the final decision.

3. The committee, together with the board members, shall evaluate the performance of the scholars for both grade school and high school on a yearly basis while the performance of the college scholars will be evaluated on a semestral basis. Should a scholar fail to fulfill his/her responsibilities, the committee and the board shall covene and decides on the matter immediately.