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De Ocampo Memorial College

Manila, Metro Manila


  • Type: Private College

  • Entrance exam: Required

  • Religious affiliation: Non-sectarian

  • Term structure: Semester

Tuition Fees

Bachelor's degree:

₱ 40,000-42,000 per year

Courses Offered


Based on the Weighted Board Exams Ranking

Rank in Metro Manila 40 out of 47 schools View
Rank in Philippines 233 out of 273 schools View

Board Exams Performance

Displaying the passing rates of First Time Examinees only.

Based on the results of the past 4 exams of each board exam.

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Address: De Ocampo Memorial College, 3222 Ramon Magsaysay Blvd., Sta. Mesa, Manila

Scholarships at De Ocampo Memorial College

1. Entrance Scholarships

A.Granted to High School Graduates:

(a) Full Scholarships – Free full tuition fee to Valedictorians of any duly recognized public or private school who belong to a graduating class of not less than forty (40) students.

(b) Partial Scholarship – 50% tuition fee discount to Salutatorians of any duly recognized public or private high school who belong to a graduating class of not less than forty (40) student.

To maintain their scholarship, the scholars must not get a grade less than 2.5 in any subject. Full scholars must maintain a general weighted average of 1.5 and the partial scholars a general weighted average of 1.75; otherwise their scholarship will be forfeited.

A student applying for collegiate entrance scholarship must submit:

(a) A letter of application for scholarship in triplicate.

(b) Certification of honor (valedictorian or salutatorian) from the high school principal from where the student graduated.

(c) High school report card of Form 138

(d) Three black & white 2×2 pictures

(e) Certification of Good Moral Character from Principal or guidance Counselor

(f) Birth Certificate (original and Xerox copies)

(g) NSAT Result (original and Xerox copies)

2. Department Scholarships

A student who qualifies within the quota for department or college scholarship may avail of any of the grants provided he/she satisfactorily meets the requirements for the grant applied for.

(a) Free Full Tuition Fee

• Regular student with full load according to department/college curriculum requirements

• Has completed one year residence.

• Has a general weighted average of 1.5 with no grade less than 2.5; has no Inc., DR, or F in any subject. This covers ratings from previous school (s) attended, if any.

Students who qualify for any of the grants must submit:

(a) Letter of application for scholarship in triplicate duly recommended for approval by the College Dean or Department Head concerned.

(b) Original and Xerox copies of grades

(c) Computation of grades certified correct by the college/department clerk-in-charge noted by the Registrar

(d) Three 1×1 black and white pictures.

NB. The total enrollment of the Department/College should not be less than 100 and the class to which the applicant belongs must not be less than 40 students.

3. Varsity Scholarship (athletic)

Granted to sports-inclined students who manifest a promising ability in basketball an/or volleyball.

Free full tuition fee or partial free tuition fee (50% tuition discount) will be granted to qualified students subject to academic achievement and very satisfactory performance in chosen sport.


(a) Must have a residence of at least one semester.

(b) Must pass in all his/her subjects

(c) Must be in good health as certified by the School’s Physician

(d) Must be recommended by the Dean of College where student is enrolled to be approved by the Athletic Coordinator.

Varsity scholars must maintain their outstanding sports-performance, must have no F, W, or Inc. Remarks in any subject, otherwise the scholarship grants will be discontinued.

4. PVAO and USVA Educational Benefits

Students who are eligible for financial aid and under Republic Act No. 65 are admitted in the College upon presentation of the certificate of entitlement.

5. State Scholarship and Study Grant Program

6. P.D. 451 Scholarship