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Colegio de San Gabriel Arcangel

San Jose del Monte City, Bulacan
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Reviews of CSGA graduates

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C. N.
◈ Studied Associate in Computer Technology
◈ Graduated 2014

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: Honestly I didn't want this school, the reason was my first impression is not good as what I expect since the first time I’ve been there. But the main reason why I was forced to like my school is because it was the only college in my town that offers a very cheap tuition fee, also it is very near from my house, very convenient in my part, then I also don’t have any option to choose since I’m only a child of single parent that does not have any work.

list bulletAbout CSGA: There’s a lot of things I want to share about my school, positive and negative side, this is my alma mater so I like to share the dark and bright side behind it.

First from the Atmosphere, you know I was so shocked the first time I entered in that school, cause it's atmosphere really looks like a children school, from it's colorful gate, colorful design of if it's landscape in front of flag pole, and it's very terror guard that no student can go outside if they still a class inside the campus, that was so epic but it makes me so secured also it refresh me from things that pollute my mind, and last the surroundings was so cool and very youth and eye friendly.

Second was the Professors, I really love the way mentors teach us base from their beliefs. Most of my professor are industrious, they are all pretty funny from the jokes that they share every time, so as a student I can easily catch what is our lesson is all about. They are so very professional and I would say that they really deserve a 5 star rating in terms of how they teach us perfectly and effectively. But in some how they use to be a terror and a kind of being bossy when they are in the bad mood, well nothing can change how I really salute all of my professors.

Third and lastly the Facilities, it never goes out in my mind to expect more in terms of their facilities, since it has a lower tuition fee rate aside from other and it's main mission is to give an affordable and quality education to those people that want to pursue their dreams without any hesitation, so I can say that their facilities is not so best as other rich school has, then if I’m going to rate their facilities 1-10 I will give them 6, they are trying their very best to meet our expectation from them.

list bulletMy current job: Well right now my current job is an office staff at Ramcar Technology Inc. It is a manufacturer of batteries of different machinery in our country, then I use to be the one who check our employee’s daily performance make some report deals with our production, encrypting some important and confidential records, coordinating the requirements and documents of our employees, now I’m looking forward for another things that I’m going to acquire.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: Since I graduated last April 12, 2014, I started looking for job opportunities that in line with my knowledge, it took almost 2 months of going everywhere before I got a job, it was so difficult to find a job but patience is a virtue so I did not take my failure change me but I take it as an advantage in finding my right job.
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