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Cebu Normal University

Cebu City, Cebu
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Reviews of Cebu Normal University graduates

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E. K.
◈ Studied BS in Nursing
◈ At Cebu Normal University
◈ Graduated 2014

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: I chose this school because it offers a high quality of education with lesser payment on tuition fees compared to other schools. And this is the only school that my grandmother can withstand the payments on a long term basis.

list bulletAbout Cebu Normal University: As you pass to the front gate, you will see a fountain that splashes water that relieves your anxieties and worries about schooling for awhile especially early in the morning where the sun is starting to set that glares your eyes as you focus your vision at the top of the building. Behind that fountain were trees that helping me to ease to breathe, a sort of shifting from the polluted gases outside the campus to fresh air.

Even though our campus occupied a small area of land, I did not considered it as a hindrance towards education and communication, instead, it brought us closer to other departments that smashed the stigma of "own world" which facilitates sharing of new and uncommon knowledge learned by their own courses.

The professors/ teachers, they were really are our second parents. They really did their best to deliver the topics or messages they wanted to convey to us even though their personal needs were not attained. They were so strict in implementing rules but logical and rational enough and kind-hearted to be flexible in order for the students to adjust and fitted in the new environment. If there were some unusualities or changes in the behavior or grades of a student, they really approached that student and asked what is bothering in the mind of that student. They not just treated us for the sake of grades but also in molding our attitudes and values....the attitudes and values "must have" of a caring with knowledge and compassionate nurse.

The school provided us equipment which really helped us during discussion... Built in attached flat screen tv instead of projector and complete set of sound system which is also already present in every room.and they already have this "electronic room" that has most of the advance technologies in the world like touch screen white board, etc. They also have this nursing arts and laboratories that shows different settings in the hospital (ER, PEDIA, LABOR and DELIVERY ROOM, etc) for simulation and for demonstration and return demonstration. The laboratory also have this "pseudo-human being" a robot controlled by a man at the back of the window glass, acting as our patient. The halls were fully air-conditioned and can occupy our whole population of our department. The library was upgraded. It has enough space for reading, a bell that rings when there is too much noise and a separate room for computers with free WiFi :D. For places to rest and socialize, they have this newly built cafeteria and "airports"..we call these ""airports" because most of the chairs were similar to that in the airport with matching sound of music (tandan.dandan) produced before any announcement made in the whole campus. You can have all the freedom to choose places to study. You can have it under the trees or even at the rooftop :D but our class chose to study inside the classroom which motivate us to study harder. The closer. The lovelier. The happier. The brighter we can be.

list bulletMy current job: Right now, I'm still waiting for the result of the board exam.
I'm still on the process of finding a job. It been a hard time finding a job not related to my course because most of the company wanted to have an employee who will work in a long term position.

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R. J.
◈ Studied AB in English
◈ At Cebu Normal University
◈ Graduated 2012

list bulletAbout Cebu Normal University: Cool atmosphere & calibrated professors. It needs more improvement on facilities but the good thing was both students and faculties were able to utilize all available resources to produce quality education

list bulletMy current job: Payroll-Specialist

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: 1 week before my graduation
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K. B.
◈ Studied BS in Nursing
◈ At Cebu Normal University
◈ Graduated 2014

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: I honestly hadn't heard about Cebu Normal University back in High School, but my father strongly recommended it to me due to it's high standard for education as well as it's good performance during the licensure examinations.

list bulletAbout Cebu Normal University: The first week I spent in CNU, I was definitely in for a culture shock. It seemed like academics were taken a lot more seriously by everyone, and studying hard had become the norm - something I definitely wasn't used to. Also, coming from a private school, I was used to being 'pampered' - which was definitely not the case in CNU. We cleaned up our own messes at the end of each day, and if something was wrong with any of our rooms (e.g. Broken blackboard, broken fan, no chalk) - we dealt with it. Period. Academics were the first priority, and everything else takes a back seat.

Initially, it surprised me how much more casual the student - faculty relationships were in the university. It had me feeling slightly uncomfortable at first because I had never regarded my teachers as 'friends' or 'buddies' outside the classroom - but I later on learned how much this more relaxed type of relationship helped me. No, it had nothing to do with cheating or what not. I only mean that, for example, if I had a question in class or there was something I didn't understand - It wasn't as scary or as intimidating to actually ask it. Also, by being more open with our teachers, we were able to learn about their experiences related to the course and take some of their advice, which usually turn out to be very helpful.

One of the great things about the CNU College of Nursing was that I got to watch it 'grow'. In my first semester in this university, we had nearly run down classrooms with broken boards and old, dirty equipment. Due to the high volume of students, we had trouble finding places to sit or study in between classes. However, throughout the course of four years, I watched my school have the classrooms renovated - allowing a more conducive learning environment, updating the facilities to be more technologically updated, and upgrading the equipment to facilitate efficient development of skills. Now, CNU has several simulators which allow us to test and practice our skills within the university, as well as an Electronic Classroom, keeping up to date with the nursing trend pointing toward technology in health care. Also, with our new classrooms equipped with it's own sound system and HD TV, we realized that we didn't need a lounge or such to socialize or study - we could do all those within the four corners of our classrooms. If we wanted to rest, we'd simply go to the back of the room, put our earphones in and put up our feet while catching a few Z's. In it's own way, CNU's facilities and equipment have grown to meet our every need.

list bulletMy current job: Currently, I don't have a job, as I have just taken the licensure examinations and am currently waiting for the results of said examinations.
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J. A.
◈ Studied BS in Nursing
◈ At Cebu Normal University
◈ Graduated 2014

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: I chose this school because based on it's track record, it produces a lot of topnotchers and for four consecutive years (Since 2010), yielded a 100% passing rate in the local Philippine Nurse's Licensure Exam. To top it all off, the school has one of the cheapest tuition fees. You only had to pay 15,000 for every semester with a 5,000-7,000 Php increase every semester (because of hospital affiliation fees of course). As far as I can remember, CNU also is affiliated with the largest government hospital in the Vis-Min region which is Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) which makes your training as a student nurse wider and a lot more hands-on.

list bulletAbout Cebu Normal University: The atmosphere:
Well, CNU is located within the heart of Cebu City. During my four years there, I would safely assume that the atmosphere there was not very conducive to learning because the school has been having a makeover project which means a lot of sounds from drills, to hammers, to back-hoes can be heard during class hours. But somehow, I managed to pass all subjects amidst the noise and ruckus. Also, it's hard to find somehwere to eat during lunch because of the limited canteen space. Overall, if I rate it with a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), I would give it a 7. Not too shabby for a government-run institution of learning, though.

The professors:
Well, we call them as "tormentors" because they are the REASON why we are having sleepless nights almost all the time. They give us loads and loads of requirements that have to be passed the next day and oh, they give quizzes UNANNOUNCED so you have to do a lot of advanced reading. Most of our professors were once staff nurses in hospitals so they are very much oriented to the clinical area. In terms of classroom lectures, they usually are the type to flash their powerpoint slides and ask you to copy ONLY the important parts. Despite of being "tormentors", our professors always monitor us and inform us of our deficits and give us chances to catch up. They are not the type of professors which require an appointment when you need them. You just have to go to the faculty room and find their table and leave a note. Overall on a scale of 1-10, the professors in CNU are rated 8. They are just the right mix of strictness, leniency intelligence, and mastery in the clinical area.

The facilities:
I can only speak of the facilities of the College of Nursing because I usually don't utilize other things outside of the college.
When it comes to the Virtual Laboratory, we have 2 fully automated manikins. It can be manipulated to have different kinds of chief complaints so that there is a simulation of a real patient. As for the Nursing Arts Laboratory, it is newly refurbished and equipped with new materials. We also have different simulator scenes like a mini OR, DR (Delivery Room), ER, ICU, and Community Health Nursing corner which is designed like that of the real thing. Also, all the labs are new especially the biology, physics, and chemistry laboratories. Moreover, each classroom in the College of Nursing is equipped with a 50-inch plasma TV with an HDMI connector that is compatible with a laptop, two large mounted speakers with a microphone and sound modulator. Overhead LCD projectors can be borrowed upon request at the office. On a scale of 1-10, I give them a 9. Very modern facilities.

list bulletMy current job: As of now, I am currently waiting for the results of the May 2014 Nurse's Licensure Exam. My plan is that when I finally get to pass, I will apply to hospitals here in Cebu.
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I. M.
◈ Studied BSEd in General Science
◈ At Cebu Normal University
◈ Graduated 2001

list bulletAbout Cebu Normal University: This is very intersting school in a way that we have to take the entrance exam and we have to pass it. There will be interview which you have to show your talents in speaking and acting. The school is very strict in this because we are called "Government Scholars" as they say :) .
To be in this school we have to develop mostly the skills mentioned above.
Facilities, they are improving on this each year.

list bulletMy current job: Teaching Science in an International School in Bangkok Thailand and at the same time I'm the Secondary Science Lab Technician.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: I got my first job right after my graduation. One school hired me before I got my Diploma on the Graduation Day.
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M. D.
◈ Studied BS in Biology
◈ At Cebu Normal University
◈ Graduated 2007

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: Because of it's credibility and prestige.

list bulletAbout Cebu Normal University: Cool ambiance and great professors

list bulletMy current job: Teaching in Elementary school

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: A few months
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