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Cebu Doctors' University

Mandaue City, Cebu, Central Visayas


  • Type: Medical University

  • Entrance exam: Required

  • Religious affiliation: Non-sectarian

  • Term structure: Semester

  • School year: starts in June

Tuition Fees

Bachelor's degree:

₱ 76,000-90,000 per year

Master's degree:

₱ 20,000-44,000 per year

Courses Offered


Based on the Weighted Board Exams Ranking

Rank in Cebu 2nd out of 11 schools View
Rank in Central Visayas 3rd out of 18 schools View
Rank in Philippines 38 out of 273 schools View

Board Exams Performance

Displaying the passing rates of First Time Examinees only.

Based on the results of the past 4 exams of each board exam.

Exam Passing Rates (First Timers) Rank in Philippines


Address: Cebu Doctors' University, 1 Dr. P. V. Larrazabal, Jr. Avenue, North Reclamation Mandaue City, Cebu

Scholarships at Cebu Doctors' University

A. Cebu Doctors' University Scholarship Program

1. Entrance Scholars

• Valedictorian - High School valedictorian is given 100% discount on tuition fees for the semester.

• Salutatorian - High School salutatorian is given 50% discount on tuition fees for the semester.

• 1st Honorable Mention - First honorable mention of a graduating class of not less than 200 students is given 25% discount.

2. Academic Scholars

• Full Scholarship

100% discount on tuition fees for students who obtain weighted averages of 1.0000 to 1.1999 with no grade lower than 2.0 in any subject, and an academic load of not less than 18 credit units for the semester

• Partial Scholarship

50% discount on tuition fees for students who obtain weighted averages of 1.2000 to 1.35 with no grade lower than 2.0 in any subject, and an academic load of not less than 18 credit units for the semester

The rating of Physical Education and NSTP-CWTS shall be included in the computation of grades for scholarship privilege.

3. Working Scholars

• Children of CDU employees (teaching/non-teaching) with 5-10 years of service.

• Sister/Brother of CDU employees (teaching/non-teaching) with 5-10 years of service

• Children/Sister/Brother of CDUH employees with 10 years-above of service

• Children/Sister/Brother of CDUH employees with 5-10 years-above of service

• Distant relative of the above-named employees

• Case to case basis recommendations


1. Private Education Student Financial Assistance Program (PESFA)

This is a study grant for qualified and deserving college freshmen who intend to enroll or are presently enrolled in priority courses in selected HEI's. Financial Assistance = P7,250.00/sem (Tuition fee 4,500; Stipend 2,500; and Book allowance P250.00).

2. Regional Scholarship Program (RSP)

This is a scholarship program of CHED with a scholarship grant of P12,000.00 per semester for the entire course; provided the scholar has no failing marks.

3. Special Study Grant Program for Congressional District (SSGPCD)

This special study grant shall be opened to poor but deserving college qualifiers from the 240 Congressional Districts of the country to enroll in a course and in any curriculum year in public HEI's-SUC's and CHED Supervised Institutions (CSI's). Financial Assistance = Pay total school fees for the entire course.

4. State Scholarship Program

This is one of the traditional scholarship programs of CHED. Screening of applicants shall be done at the CHED Regional Office (CHEDRO's). The CHEDRO's shall send the ranklist of qualified applicants to OSS (Office of the Student Services-CHED). A Scholarship Committee composed of personnel from OSS shall send to the CHEDRO's the list of new scholars together with their award numbers immediately after the selection process. Financial Assistance is Php15,000.00 per semester.

5. National Scholarship Program

The same with #4 with a financial assistance of Php 15,000.00/semester.

6. PGMA Higher Education Loan Program

Note: Priority of loan shall be given to the victims of the College Assurance Plan (CAP) and other failed pre-need educational plans.

This Program was created by virtue of the Commission en banc Resolution No. 330-2006 dated May 8, 2006. Due to the tremendous demand for financial aid from students a the higher education level particulary those studying in private colleges and universities, the Office of the President released funds for student loan. CHED delegated to participating private colleges and universities the functions and responsibilities of implementing and managing this student loan program. The partnership between CHED and the participating HEI's was formalized through the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (CDU MOA signed last July 17, 2006).

Types of Loan:

• Short-Term Loan - The loan is payable within a period of three (3) months to ba availed of by qualified bonafide students of HEI who cannot possibly pay their tuition on time because of force majeur.

• Long-Term Loan - The loan is payable within a period of fivce (5) years after graduationof the borrowers to be availed of by qualified students at the 3rd, 4th, and 5th year curricular year levels.

Loanable Amount

Shall cover TUITION FEE only. The maximum loanable amount shall be determined by the HEI, provided it shall not exceed the amount billed by the school for the TUITION FEE during the semester.

(Refer to CHED MEMO ORDER No.25 dated May 26, 2006 for implementing guidelines)


1. Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA)

The OWWA, an attached agendy of the Department of Labor and Employment, tasked of protecting the interest, promoting the welfare and well being of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW's) and their families; provides scholarship to the OFW's dependent's with a financial assistance of Php 30,000.00/semester for the entire course to be paid directly to the school. OWWA reserves the right to suspend or terminate the scholarship for failure of the scholar to maintain the prescribed grade and other requirements or to comply with any of the terms/conditions stipulated in the Scholarship Agreement.

2. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

This is a scholarship granf of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Education Program to the dependents or beneficiaries of the U.S. Veterans. Financial assistance is $400/month for the entire course.

3. Compassion International's Leadership Development Program (LDP) in the Philippines

Compassion International is a Christian Ministry organized for the purpose of helping children in poverty. One of it's programs is the Leadership Development Proram (LDP), which aims to develop potential leaders from Compassion's assisted youth through training, monitoring and university scholarship. LDP Scholarship covers 100% tuition fees, books, uniform, and all other school related expenses for the entire course.

4. Philippine Veterans Association Office (PVAO)

This is a scholarship grant offered to the dependents of the veterans of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Educational Benefit System Office. The PVAO pays directly to the school.