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Benguet State University

La Trinidad, Benguet
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Reviews of Benguet State University graduates

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L. M.
◈ Studied BS in Agriculture major in Agricultural Economics
◈ At Benguet State University
◈ Graduated 2013

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: Circumstances influenced my decision.

list bulletAbout Benguet State University: BSU is a public school. That said, the facilities are a bit lacking compared to other private universities in Baguio. Do not be dismayed though, I had excellent instructors. In fact, BSU Agriculture is competitive in research and development. There are many agencies and private individuals who tie up with BSU for the knowledge that the school can contribute in various subjects. BSU has a lot of government programs and community involvement. Also, there are so many scholarships you can avail so you can study for free, just like me. It has a modern library, parks and open lawn for relxation, a big gymnasium and an oval for different sporting activities like running, baseball, football, etc. Private or public, your success is defined by your actions. If you decide to study in BSU, dont worry, it is developing and improving every year. In fact, the College of Agriculture alone has undergone a lot of renovations recently. I think you will be able to see more of BSU now.

list bulletMy current job: I worked as an Agriculturist and a Marketing Associate. Currently, I am studying.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: A month after graduation.
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H. A.
◈ Studied BS in Information Technology
◈ At Benguet State University
◈ Graduated 2014

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: It's a public school and the fees are cheap compared to private schools which offers the same course. We are from a poor family and I believed that knowledge is earned by one's interest and not by which school he attended to.

list bulletAbout Benguet State University: Our college is quite creepy due to the lack of lighting along the hallway. It looks like a haunted building and I believe that there are supernatural beings residing in that building. Many students won't notice it but someone who stays in a classroom alone and quiet know that he is not alone.

We have ten IT instructors in total and only half of them are capable of teaching the basics of IT. There was this one instructor that I admired the most, he showed his passion in learning different computer languages and sharing it to us with a smile on his face even if most of his students are not interested - some are even sleeping but he still continued sharing his knowledge.

On the other hand, there's this one instructor who is kind of sadistic who likes to see his students suffer, he made us dub a movie without any idea what technologies to use and how to do it. I'm just so glad that he was removed from the IT department after bringing chaos to the school for more than 5 years.

Our classrooms are the typical public school classroom type - windows with steel bars, peeling wall paint, only one ceiling fan per classroom, and dirty white board.

The computers are old and are running windows xp with old versions of software installed. I even pity those students who plug their flash drives in those infected computers.

The library is well maintained. It has a discussion room, books are well organized, separate comfort rooms for male and female, and it has it's own security system.

There are many places to rest in our school - we have the Shimumora Park, football field, gymnasium, covered court, and the long grassy area along the school campus.

list bulletMy current job: My current job is a freelance programmer. I develop paperless systems for small companies.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: It took me 2 months. I realized that my skills are below average so I decided to improve my skills before finding jobs. I posted an ad online and someone got interested in my skills and hired me.
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R. B.
◈ Studied BSEd in English
◈ At Benguet State University
◈ Graduated 2008

list bulletAbout Benguet State University: The professors are hands off unlike when in high school when teachers check uniforms, attendance and homework but to me I see this as a challenge for me to go the extra mile, submit to authority and comply with requirements diligently.

The atmosphere is so amazing with all the free spaces, parks, cool breeze and tall trees. When I look out of the classroom window I always find myself relaxed before going back to the intensive learning inside the classroom. It was never hard to be myself in the kind of atmosphere that the school has.

The facilities are adequate and are maximized all the time.

list bulletMy current job: Full Time Pre School Teacher, Part Time On- Line Outsourcing, Part Time Marketing Coordinator, Part Time On Line Writer and Blogger.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: 1 Week
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D. M.
◈ Studied BS in Nursing
◈ At Benguet State University
◈ Graduated 2010

list bulletAbout Benguet State University: The University I have graduated is a public university situated in La Trinidad, Benguet. The University is a wide school which almost stretches to 3-4 km along the main road. The atmosphere is generally peaceful and of course, beautiful. Having a well-maintained path for vehicles and people with trees and flowers that surround you. Honestly speaking, I also choose the University since it has 'a walk-to-the-park' feel into it rather than the boring tall buildings of most of the other colleges here.

The facilities are somewhat average in my level of satisfaction. It may have the basic needs of a university but catering to a lot of students can also have its ups and downs.

list bulletMy current job: I am currently working as an online freelancer. I do not consider being a volunteer nurse as a job, which I am also currently in, but rather a program to gain experience.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: After a year, since here in the Philippines a graduate nurse has to pass a board exam before becoming a full-pledged nurse and be accepted for employment to hospitals. It is like reviewing for the board exam for 2-3 months and waiting for the results for 3-4 months and then waiting for your professional ID for another 3 months (the months I have indicated are only estimations).
Since I am working online and it only needs few job descriptions I was able to be employed.
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J. F.
◈ Studied BS in Biology
◈ At Benguet State University
◈ Graduated 2005

list bulletAbout Benguet State University: The university I came from was a bit backward in a way. It lacks supplies, updated facilities and equipments. Despite that, the environment is encouraging for learning.

list bulletMy current job: I am currently a planning officer. My job is slightly related to my education since I graduated Bachelor of Science in Agriculture which is not included in the selection above. I handle matters on policy for agriculture and biotechnology.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: It took me four years to land in a job.
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