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ACLC - Gapan

Gapan City, Nueva Ecija
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Reviews of ACLC Gapan graduates

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A. M.
◈ Studied BS in Computer Science
◈ At ACLC Gapan
◈ Graduated 2003

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: I dropped out of de la salle due to a lot of absences, I was young back then and I was not thinking of the impact that it would make.

list bulletAbout ACLC Gapan: Well AMACLC was not that bad, atmosphere is quite ok professors are like buddies when not in school.

list bulletMy current job: Just resigned from a 10 year job at a well known call center.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: Not that long. I passed my resume at 4 companies in 4 days I passed for 2 companies and I chose 1.
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J. M.
◈ Studied Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Services
◈ At ACLC Gapan
◈ Graduated 2013

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: My mom made the choice.

list bulletAbout ACLC Gapan: The atmosphere is not what I've expected. It was located inside a mall. So, I had to pass by the busy atmosphere the mall offers. It doesn't really give out the atmosphere that makes you jump into books or make you feel at ease, like in UP, but it also has it's ups like having that "closeness" because of the small area.

Some educators from this school are not that equipped in the area that they're teaching. Honestly, I didn't learn a lot from my professors. Some of them are lazy and I feel like I wasted most of our money. The minor subjects, they let professors that doesn't know a thing about what they're talking about, teach. And in ACLC, the professors make students wait from 8am-8pm just so they can reject a thesis proposal that can be done in 15 minutes. Pitiful, if you ask me.

When I was studying, they lack a LOT of facilities. No canteens, gym, and there aren't enough classrooms. But I visited the school last week and I saw a huge improvement. So, I guess it's better now.

list bulletMy current job: Currently underemployed. I'm working with my mom in her business.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: Days.
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