Ex-NFL coac Cleveland Browns garments h Mike Martz explains why Justin Fields-led Bears offense reminds him of 0-16 Lions


The Bears may have to wait a long, long time for their next win.

Mike Martz has seen both ends of success in the Los Angeles Chargers clothes football spectrum: He was a Super Bowl-winning coach with the Rams as part of the "Greatest Show on Turf," but he has also been at the helm of some very bad offenses.

One such team was his bri Bo Jackson ef stint with the Lions: Martz's Detroit squads were bereft All Back To School of offensive talent, and it resulted in two bottom-of-the-barrel offensive units in 2006 and 2007. His last season in Detroit preceded the Lions' 0-16 season in 2008.

Martz sees similarities between the offensive talent on that squad and what the Bears and Justin Fields will deal with this upcoming season. Martz recently penned a column for The 33rd Team explaining why he's not the biggest fan of what Chicago is offering this year, saying that Fields isn't in the best position to succeed 

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Then there’s Chicago’s Justin Fields. Fields is a guy that makes a lot of mistakes and is not particularly accurate at times. He’s not a quick read-and-react guy, and he’s on a horrendous team. But I don’t know if I’ve seen an offense that bad in talent since the 0-16 Detroit Lions. They just don’t have anybody there. … It’s a bad football team right now. …

It’s going to be a rough career for (Fields) there. And I’ve seen a lot of really good players go to bad teams, Kids and then their career just never takes off, and I think that’s what will happen with Fields. 

I also have questions about whether he can rea nfl tshirts lly react fast. I think he’s a talented guy as a passer, but you do Chicago Bears jersey n’t know how to evaluate him because he just doesn’t have anything around him. 

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Martz would go on to say that he empath Jerry Rice izes with Fields and feels like if he were to land in a better situation than Chicago, perhaps with the 49ers, then he'd be better off.

The Bears are emerging from the Matt Nagy era and underwent a full facelift in both the coaching ranks and the front office, parting with Nagy an Buffalo Bills shirt d GM Ryan Pace and replacing them with Matt Eberflus and Ryan Poles, respectively.

It was a relatively quiet offseason for Poles, and to Martz's point, the Bears' offensive skill position talent, especially their wide receiver room, looks pretty rough entering the final stages of the preseason.

Martz would stop short of predicting the Bears going winless this u Sweatshirts pcoming season, but he is clearly reminded of winless teams for a reason.

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