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Testimonials of AB in Social Science Graduates from the Philippines

K. D.
◈ Studied AB in Social Science
◈ At Ateneo De Manila University
◈ Graduated 2012

list bulletWhy did I choose Social Science: I found it really fascinating that the different ways of social connections between people hone societies and thus, give birth to different cultures, perspectives and interactions that set our uniqueness as a country.

list bulletAbout my college education: AB Social Sciences is a broad coarse that studies sociology, anthropology social statistics and social research in the scope of the social sciences. I learned a lot about the connections that people build through socializing with one another and the impacts and consequences of the actions of individuals and groups of people on the whole of society. Understanding and interpreting the works of Marx, Weber and many other great people were certainly difficult due to the fact that you have to view it from the perspective of the writer, interpret it according to the period it was written and find meaning that is relevant to your own reality.

The exams were not so difficult as studying this field requires subjectivity and one's own interpretation which cannot be thoroughly judged as correct or incorrect as compared to a "1+1=2" kind of question. We were not many in the course, it was not as popular as taking up business, which meant the professors had more time to focus on each and every student in our batch.

The traits and attitudes required to succeed is to keep an open-mind as well as to put oneself in another's shoes, looking for answers in different perspectives and thinking outside of the box that you were initially placed into.

list bulletMy current job: I am a market researcher and this is really what I am passionate about. First, for a British market research company and now for a German market research company. We deal with research studies that aim to answer specific business-related issues of our clients such as before they launch a product, the profile of their customers, what their customers want, need and will need in the future, their sales and strength as a brand, their positioning against competitors, etc. Market research aims to help clients grow their brands and sales through fact-based research straight from the market that answers their business issues.

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: I mainly used what I have learned in social statistics and research for my current and past jobs in market research. I also took other helpful courses in college such as presentation skills, which now helps me with my client presentations as well as organizations that I joined in the university which was the Ateneo Statistics Circle, it gave me hands-on experience on market research even before graduation.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: Actually, I signed my first job contract 2 weeks before my graduation.

list bulletDo I recommend studying Social Science: Employment opportunities will never run out for those who worked hard and put their hearts into their activities with a clear goal in mind. For AB Social Science graduates, you have a clear opportunity to enter into Human Resources, Administration, Social and Market Research but I do have course mates before who are now also product managers, logistics managers, studying law, studying film and so on.

As for the salary, it depends on the company but around Php 20,000 is possible and is a good start for entry level/fresh graduates.

list bulletAdvice to people who are thinking of studying this course: Put yourself into it and immerse yourself in the lessons, apply theory to reality and you will achieve understanding whether it be in school, career or your personal life.
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C. G.
◈ Studied AB in Social Science
◈ At University Of The Philippines Baguio
◈ Graduated 2008

list bulletAbout my college education: Studying in the University of the Philippines is one of the best things that happens to any newly graduated high school student. The UP Education is the best in the country in all aspects, more importantly in academics and extra-curricular activities. Being a graduate of a public high school in the province, it was a glaring light for me to have been accepted in the most prestigious university in the Philippines. At first, it was quite difficult adjusting because of the notion that all UP students carry prestige and excellence in everything they do. Moreover, it was difficult for me to adjust as I didn't know anybody during my freshman year. However, after some months, I found some friends that would help me get by my difficulties in company and academics. As challenging as it may seem, I was able to pull it off and survive the college journey.

Given these excitement, challenge and enjoyments, I was able to carry on with my course and graduated with a degree of BA Social Sciences, Major in Social Anthropology. In this course, one needs hard work and enthusiasm to keep the fire burning. Interpersonal skills is a must in order to uphold the title of being a social scientist.

Lastly, being in the University of the Philippines, one is able to develop his/her critical thinking, problem solving and creativity as all subjects and aspects of your stay at the university exercises one's rationality, honor, and integrity.

list bulletMy current job: At present, I am a University Researcher in one of the academic institutions here in the region.

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: Being a researcher for five years now, all my knowledge and experiences during my college years are what practically make up my career now. Aside from my everyday experience, it is my upbringing in the university that defines who and what I am now.

All the research experience and the knowledge I gained in my Social Science subjects are being applied everyday. Being molded by the university through critical thinking, it is my rationalization that I use in every decision making that I make at present.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: I found my first job just 4-5 months after my graduation. I personally planned this to take a break for some time before setting sail to my new journey as part of the country's work force.

list bulletDo I recommend studying Social Science: With all my experiences and knowledge, I recommend that new generation should look into taking up Social Sciences as their course in college. The subjects, the practice and the applications of the course would definitely develop a person's character and skills which could be used in the every day world.

In terms of employment opportunities, there is a wide-ranging market that caters graduates of Social Sciences. There is always the teaching career, social work, research undertakings and many other endeavors that could be fulfilling to a social science graduate. Opportunities in the country as well as outside open regularly. And if one does not end up working in a government agency or private institution, it is always good for a social science graduate to conduct and write researches, as this could give him/her an opportunity to reach out in other fields.
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G. M.
◈ Studied AB in Social Science
◈ At University Of The Philippines In Mindanao
◈ Graduated 2001

list bulletAbout my college education: Our course back then was basically one of the four pioneer courses that UP Min established primarily to prepare the students towards eventually aiding the people of Mindanao. It was interesting knowing society in a macro level and in a sense micro as most of our laboratory works were applied in the surrounding community of the College. It was challenging and sometimes frustrating as it was in the experimental stage during our batch. We were tagged as lab rats as the administration would adjust every semester to the difficulties, failures and mishaps the program had caused. Eventually, the course was dissolved or shall I say replaced by BA Anthropology in the year 2006 as it was very wide in scope, an issue that I personally experienced and have wanted so much to express to the Chancellor then.

If the course was still present now, I believe the skill a student must possess to succeed in it is to have a good sociological imagination or the ability to feel, understand, analyze and in essence be part of the society that you are studying but doing all of it in an objective manner. Another is for you to have the patience and the discipline in reading lots of materials. Being open minded is also one thing as one has to learn different theories and ideologies which may not be consistent with one's beliefs.

list bulletMy current job: I'm an Assessment Psychologist

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: In a way it has allowed me to have a dual perspective that I use in my present career. I'm into psychology. Psychology deals with a person as an individual person and as a part of a bigger society. My course helped me in understanding more of the latter.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: A month after.

list bulletDo I recommend studying Social Science: I'd say yes as there are companies with offices for their Social Responsibility programs and Social Science degree holders are more equipped in manning this department.

In terms of salary, it may also compete with other careers, though high compensation are most likely to be found in internationally funded projects.
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