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Testimonials of AB in Mass Communication Graduates from the Philippines

L. F.
◈ Studied AB in Mass Communication
◈ At La Salle University Ozamiz
◈ Graduated 2008

list bulletAbout my college education: Studying math contributes to "the difficult" portion while language provides enjoyment. What's interesting is knowing that the hard work has been paid off after graduation.

list bulletMy current job: College Instructor.

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: Yes, I do. It is by teaching the English language with the aid of mass media as an attempt to allow learners to actualize the theories they find in books.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: Almost two months.

list bulletDo I recommend studying Mass Communication: I took the course because it is interesting. I believe it is always important to be inspired while you study because it gives you that PUSH to graduate without delay. Since it deals with communication, in gives you a wider avenue to "shop" for jobs. You can find jobs related to Public Relations, Advertising, Journalism and Broadcasting or even in the most popular industry - Business Process Outsourcing.

Personally, I opted to take a graduate course on education to live the family legacy - teaching.
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P. R.
◈ Studied AB in Mass Communication
◈ At Bulacan State University In Malolos City
◈ Graduated 2014

list bulletWhy did I choose Mass Communication: I took up Mass Communication because someone told me that this course has a lot of job opportunities. I want to be a flight attendant at that time when I was still thinking about what course I should take. With that, I should have chosen Tourism as my first choice during the entrance examination. However, I thought that I would learn communication skills more effectively in Mass Communication. So it turned out that it has a larger advantage over Tourism.

list bulletAbout my college education: Mass Communication involves a lot of productions, days without sleep, and tons of disagreements. So, anyone, and I mean anyone, who dares to take up this course will definitely learn how to cope up with stress so as to pass the subject, to become very flexible as there are a lot of unexpected situations and unwanted scenarios, to deal professionally with the people you dislike and to enjoy while learning. Unlike the other courses which usually requires a student to memorize terms and formulas, Mass Communication pushes the students to learn during their exposure. We learned through our failures and our quarrels over clashing ideas.

The most difficult I guess is those projects in which your group mates are not the people you most likely to be with. As I said, this course is mostly about productions like news programs, entertainment shows, documentaries, magazine shows, programs, concerts, and film makings. So if it happens that the people whom you like the least are the ones you have to deal and work with, you will find it very hard to enjoy the whole experience.

The most enjoyable part of being a Mass Communication student is when you are pushed to do something which you haven't tried before. There are times when you have to explore a cave so as to present an adventurous show, or to eat something which is not usually eaten, to talk with people you've never met in your entire life, to try scary rides to tell the viewers how it really feels, and so on. That feeling when you have done something you never thought you can is the most satisfying part of it all.

Of course there are students who fail to pass some of the subjects as they were not able to study well or to give the necessary requirements. There are repeaters in this course just like in any other.

Mass Communication demands a huge amount of patience, hardwork (literal hardwork) and professionalism. You can't please everyone and you won't be pleased with all of them either. But you have to work with them. You have to accept that all of you are different in one way or another. You can never be picky for if you do, you'll never get the work done and you'll most likely to feel annoyed every time. You need patience because every single second of a clip you show requires a lot of brainstorming and working. You should never feel lazy. You'll never know what may happen tomorrow so you've got to do all that you can in a day. You don't need to be a nerd or a genius to get that diploma with this course. You don't need to be the one who brilliantly thinks of super creative ideas for such talent can be honed through this four year course. You just have to have these values so that you may become successful in this field. I don't have these traits when I started in this course but I realized that I need to develop these if I would like to spend my college life enjoying every bit of it's moment.

list bulletMy current job: I am still in the application process as a Speaker for the ACRO group of companies.

list bulletAdvice to people who are thinking of studying this course: They say Mass Communication are for those who dislike science and math. But being in this field demands you to know everything about life. Some say that Mass Communication is like "Mas komportable". But that is a complete and foolish lie for Mass Communication students are always out there in the field, sacrificing the comfort of being in bed or being with the family just to get that desired shot. This is not an easy course. It is actually one of the hardest for it not only requires brains but also good social skills. Mass Communication does not only teach you what is written in any book. It hones your character which will always define who you are as a person. If you think you can, do it. Take up this course. Don't let your mind become polluted with the lies they say about this. There are a lot of surprises waiting for any student who wants to study Mass Communication, surprises that you haven't yet got in you life.
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L. A.
◈ Studied AB in Mass Communication
◈ At Far Eastern University
◈ Graduated 2013

list bulletWhy did I choose Mass Communication: Choosing what degree to take in college has always been a dilemma for many graduating high school students. Peer and family pressure may instill a 'required feeling' of what degree to pursue. But while many students go with the flow of what supposed to be 'the most popular degree' and take up courses that their loved ones think would best benefit them, I decided to take the road less travelled, and in this sense, I decided on my own. Although many suggestions have been given to me prior to graduation, I still chose AB in Mass Communication. I never feared choosing this degree despite the fact that I was the only one who took it in our class. I spent many days thinking if I'm doing the right thing, then everything was validated when our NCAE results were given. The results that I got fell under the Artistic Interests which pointed out the skills that I possess especially in the creative field.

list bulletAbout my college education: Mass Communication covers a lot of fields such as television, radio, print, film, photography and other creative industries. Through our generalized curriculum, we were able to have a grasp of these different areas and find out where we excel the most. I learned a lot in my degree, especially real life teachings that I can apply in my future career. Aside from the lessons that I learned in the areas of photography, film, print, radio and television, it's principles and techniques, I also had a chance to try and apply what were written in the white board through the hands on training that we had. Some of these include television production, radio drama, advertising and marketing strategies applied, theater production, photography exhibit and film production. In these activities, I was able to experience a glimpse of the real media industry.

I find most difficult in my course would be our Investigative Journalism, Film and TV Production and Communication Research subjects. In each subject, we were required to produce final output based on what the subject is all about. For example, in our Film Production subject, we were required to produce a 20 minute film by the end of the semester. The most challenging part in every requirement is the ability to balance physical, emotional and creative strength. Being subjected in such activities requires much patience because we needed to collaborate with each other. Handling pressure and stress was also challenging especially in terms of meeting deadlines.
There are a number of useful things that I learned from my degree. First was that you can always be a better person every day, you can discover new things about yourself and develop new skills that you’re passionate about. Second was about being independent. Studying in college would be a whole lot different than high school. You can never really depend on others to pass a subject, just like in life, you need to stand up on your own and create your own destiny. Third was that pressure and stress are inevitable. Meeting deadlines and working with colleagues are just a few faces of the real industry. Stress management is very important especially in mass media where information is overflowing.

Examinations in Mass Communication are far different from the usual examinations that we take. Our exams mostly depend on specific subjects and areas of communication. We usually take up hands on examinations to test whether we know how to apply the lessons that we learn. For me, all of our examinations were not difficult, they’re just challenging. Challenging in the sense that we needed to overcome our stage fright, speak in front of a number of people, act while cameras are rolling and write as concise as possible. These exams developed my whole personality because I was able to open myself more into the real world.
A number of students fail their examinations because of the following reasons: lack of preparation, lack of confidence and lack of motivation.

Only a few students shift to other courses. Only those who aren’t as confident as they thought they were. If a student is determined enough to grow as an individual, he will definitely survive this course. Being able to see oneself as a future media practitioner will also help one succeed. I learned in my 4 years in this course that confidence and passion works along really well. If you are passionate enough in what you’re doing and confident that you’ll succeed someday, you’ll surely succeed.

list bulletMy current job: I’m currently working as a part time Marketing Manager for a travel business. My responsibilities include handling all marketing needs of the business, from closing deals with different travel agencies, hotels and resorts to creating marketing strategies to help boost our business’ sales. Also, as the head of Marketing, I am tasked to build a brand for the business and instill to people what we can offer to them. I am also tasked to create collateral such as brochures, flyers and website. Overall, being a Marketing Manager requires a lot of skills in order to persuade and build a targeted market.

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: Since Mass Communication is a very hands on course, I was able to develop skills that I am currently applying in my work. Some of these include proper communication with clients and partners, website development, photography and editing skills. I can say that since our course is diverse, I was able to adapt set of skills that I can use in varying situations and careers.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: Right after graduation, I decided to take a break for 3 months since I’ve been studying for quite a long time. I tried freelance tutoring and it lasted for 2 months. Then by October of 2013, I was invited by my dad’s colleague to become a Marketing Manager for their business. I grabbed the opportunity since I saw it as a chance for me to put my skills to the test. As of today, I’m still working for them and hopefully, I’ll be able to grow professionally in the years to come.

list bulletDo I recommend studying Mass Communication: I would definitely recommend it because having a course as diverse as AB in Mass Communication can provide a number of opportunities after college. Since there are a number of fields included in our curriculum such as in television, radio, print, advertising, marketing, photography, film, theater and creative arts, the chances of landing a great career are affluent.

Salary depends on what level of expertise an individual has. For fresh Mass Communication graduates, starting from below is really a part of the process. Most of the time, fresh graduates can't expect a salary of 30,000 per month since they lack experience. Usually, salary ranges from 12,000-20,000 depending on what company and position to consider. More experienced employees can expect higher pay since they have already acquired the necessary work experience and skills to take their professions into a whole new level.

More than the salary level in every career, it is more important to keep in mind that growing as a professional should be the top priority. Learning through experiences can help shape people. Experiences shape life, and life as a whole is a never ending process of learning.

Choose a course that you're passionate about and you'll become what you wanted to be. Good luck to everyone! :)

list bulletAdvice to people who are thinking of studying this course: Each of us has one goal in mind, which is to become the best that we can be someday. To those graduating high school students who are considering AB in Mass Communication as their college degree, I would just like to point out a few things that will help you enjoy and love it:

Confidence is the key. Be confident of your own talents, flaunt them. Discover your potentials; you will definitely need them in the future.

Never be afraid of what the outcomes would be, may it be a simple project or a final requirement, as long as you give it your all, you’ll be great.

Learn to handle stress very well. This course requires patience and a whole lot of stress defenders. Try to loosen up a bit when you feel like breaking down.

Don’t procrastinate. Do things now or don’t do things later. Mass Communication is a very demanding course. Every second is a treasure.

Never stop learning. Lessons are just a glimpse of what the real world looks like. Grab eve
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A. M.
◈ Studied AB in Mass Communication
◈ At Cavite State University - Indang Campus
◈ Graduated 2006

list bulletWhy did I choose Mass Communication: I chose this course because I wanted to be a newscaster before. Little did I know, my career path would change a few years after 2006.

list bulletAbout my college education: "You must speak the English language fluently." That's the first comment I hear from people whenever I tell them that I took BAMC. This course is for people who are into interacting with others. Mass Communications would be a breeze for extroverted people. A piece of cake for most of artistic and creative beings. While for introverted people, Mass Communications would be a challenge but the results are worth it.

I was in the second person. Most times I make an effort to get along with people and any activity that would require me to approach people, I used to struggle. This course helped me overcome my fear of people.

If a student listens well to their professor, a student will succeed. You would need to be confident if you want to complete this course. From the course itself, Mass COMMUNICATION, you must be open to interacting and approaching people.

list bulletMy current job: I am a full time Digital Marketing Manager and a part-time Executive Assistant to business owners in the U.S.

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: Most of the information I needed for social media management I learned from online resources. I self-studied the principles of SEO, Digital Advertising ROI and Content Production for different social media channels and various websites.

A big chunk of what I use for work now is my enhanced communications skills. Without it, I don't think it would be possible for me to converse with clients in my second language on a professional scale.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: I was a working student, so looking for a job was not that hard. I worked as a waitress in a five-star Japanese Restaurant. After that I worked in a BPO as a customer service representative. A few years after my BPO stint, I decided to focus on jobs that would let me learn everyday. I learned that a friend needed a Social Media Manager for their company, I went for it and landed the job.

list bulletDo I recommend studying Mass Communication: I would recommend this course to people who want to enhance their skills in communications. If you have the skills to converse well with others, choose another course like Marketing/Advertising or Psychology. This course is like a four-year workshop for people who needs to boost their confidence.

Based on experience, if you don't get out of your comfort zone, you won't be able to explore different worlds and dimensions in life. I needed to step out of the BPO industry because I was not satisfied with what I am earning and because I was not satisfied with the every day tasks at hand. In Digital Marketing, I earn twice as much in the BPO industry while doing what I like most. My current job allows me to be creative, mature and have fun at the same time.

But to be honest, it doesn't matter what course you take. What matters is what you have passion for in life. If you work in an industry you have passion for, it wouldn't be work.. It would be life.

list bulletAdvice to people who are thinking of studying this course: If you want to become a news anchor or work in a network, you need to make sure your grades are par with the company. Complete the course, work for at least two years and take masters afterwards. This will not only look good on your résumé but will surely provide you the extensive information you will need to up the corporate ladder.
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L. L.
◈ Studied AB in Mass Communication
◈ At Lyceum Of The Philippines University
◈ Graduated 1991

list bulletAbout my college education: There were some subjects that were difficult, some were interesting.
To be honest, I think they did not have a good curriculum in College of Arts and Sciences then.
I didn't understand why we had to take 18 units in Natural Science, including Biology and Chemistry with laboratories, and only three to six units of each major subjects, such as, Creative Writing, Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising, and Broadcasting.
Don't get me wrong, I was okay with 18 units of Natural Science. However, I thought the university should put more units in our major subjects so we can learn extensively and give us more options on what career - aside from being a newspaper reporter and TV/radio broadcaster - we want to pursue after college.

If you are taking Mass Communications or Journalism, it is expected of you that you have communication and writing skills and great interest in reading. "A good writer is a reader first, " as what my professor used to say. If you know how to write, then you make good in print or in broadcast. Communication skill commands authority, influence, credibility and establishes good interpersonal relationship with others - important "ingredients" to be an effective journalist.
if you think you don't have those skills, don't worry. Some of it will be taught by your professors and most of it will be taught by experience.

list bulletMy current job: I am currently a freelance writer. I write news and feature articles for an online community news in Pasadena, California.

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: I put to good use the writing skills that I learned in college. I have more than 12 years of solid experience as journalist. I used to write in one of the news dailies in Manila.
I would say yes. It was very useful. Writing is a kind of job that you can do not only in the confines of your office. You can do that anywhere - when you go home, in the bus while traveling, or practically anywhere.
If you are employed full time in a newspaper, you can still accept writing jobs anywhere just make sure that you are not accepting assignments from another news publication. Your boss will fire you right away!
You can accept writing gig from a magazine, from a TV productions, or online writing.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: About a year.

list bulletDo I recommend studying Mass Communication: When I finished college, I only had limited opportunities. TV, radio, print/newspaper were the only way to go to to start your career. However, not all firms from these Tri-Media had the luxury to accommodate and hire and give opportunities to new graduates. It was a neck-and-neck competition.
Enter the Age of the Internet, it gave almost endless options and opportunities to a lot of people, especially to writers. For a writer, the Internet makes the world smaller. One can look for a job, not just in the Philippines but also abroad.

In terms of fulfilling and interesting career:
My World-Peace-type answer: Being a journalist is fulfilling. You have a privilege to witness a history in the making unfolding before you. One quoted saying "A bullet can destroy a cranium, but a pen can destroy a nation. " It means media has the power to shape the nation. It is very fulfilling and interesting career because you have the power to contribute for the betterment of the society or destroy it. It depends on everyone's perception.

The Reality: If you catch yourself in the middle of a cross-fire, you will ask yourself why did you choose this career. When you survive that incident, while writing the story, while trying to beat the deadline, and in between breath you find yourself cursing your editor for putting you in a dangerous situation. The day after, when you see the newspaper that prominently carries your story with your byline, you forgot that you hate your editor and you will laugh at yesterday's harrowing experience. If the editor handed you another assignment, you bet it's a little bit hazardous, and you still gladly do it. Of course, not everyday is a hazard day for a journalist, unless you are given the assignment in Mindanao. There are also beat/assignment that are not dangerous.

Working in the media is generally exciting. You get to meet and probably rubbing elbows with the Who's who. This job may look glamorous but most of the people in the media are underpaid, overworked, and "over-boozed."
In broadcast media, they are well-paid. In print, they are freeze-hiring right now. You can still get employment in the newspapers but payment is per story. Usually, a publisher will offer P100 per story. I heard there are some who are offering less than that. In online writing, it's a quick money, most foreign editors and publishers look for writers in the Philippines because it only cost them a few dollars. But there are some who are abusive and will offer you $1 per 500 words, plus you do the research too. Don't sell yourself short. Even if you are a newly grad and lacking experience, you deserve more than that. Don't be afraid to let it pass, there are hundreds of writing sites that are offering writing jobs. You get to choose who to work for. All you have to do is present them an impressive resume.
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I. N.
◈ Studied AB in Mass Communication
◈ At Maryknoll College
◈ Graduated 1989

list bulletAbout my college education: Mass Communications became my line of interest because of 2 things. I'm just being honest to myself. First, I am not good in Math. Second, I really like TV and communicating. So then, I decided to take this course. I was a nerd. I remember during my very first day in school, a group of girls approached me at the far back end of the classroom and sat beside me. They confessed to have done this because I was carrying a portable typewriter then. It was the 80's version of a laptop back then. These girls were curious about me and they thought I would be an asset to them. Which I guess I was because they are godparents to my eldest daughter, and we are still close friends until now. I'd say college, my course, my school and friends made my college experience a blast. Time went on and on, no back subjects, no failing grades, a lot of breakthroughs and happy memories. To mention a few is our memorable play entitled "SIKLO". I portrayed the role of an insane-rape victim in jail. At the peak of youth, believe or not? We rolled this play out in Ateneo. The best if not the most popular male school then. That was quite a revealation but nonetheless memorable. It surely made college a history worth telling. All those sleepless rehearsals and memorizations of scripts. Yelling and crying over directors coaching. It was truly fun. And just to prove how worthy my college was for me? In third year 2nd semester I kinda got pregnant. For moral reasons, I got married and bore my eldest daughter 2nd semester. I was driven that much that I didn't stop schooling. Didn't get embarassed to wear the very first maternity unfiform. And proud to say, I graduated on time. That is how much college meant to me. And I have no regrets to this day. In fact with the skills I have learned in this course, I have become a TV host in channel 4 "Motoring Today", Business and Leisure" and "Auto Focus". I also wrote my 1st book "Mother in Self-Exile A Journey to Life" and I was editor-in-chief of "BRAT Mega Designs". And now I am a Certified Meta-Coach member of International Society of Neuro Semantics. Theses achievements pretty much say my college was all worth it.

list bulletMy current job: I am currently a Meta-Coach. Certified by the International Society of Neuro Semantics and Meta-Coach Foundation. You may think its psychology and not quite related to Mass Communications. I'd say it is related. Because Meta-Coaching is all about a conversation. A ruthlessly compassionate conversation between a coach and a coachee where facilitaion to the highest goal of the coache is the main objective. The coach simply asks well formed outcome questions to help the coachee self-actualize in achieving his or her highest potential. I love this job and it is still completely alligned to my goals prior to entering college, which is communicating. But this time around it has a higher purpose. It is helping people reach their grandest and greatest version.

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: Oh yes! Writitng is definitely something I learned and I am still using efficiently until now. Writing is in my blood and I am glad I honed and harnessed that talent in college. So I guess? It is safe to say that you really have to learn who and what you are before going to college and choosing your course. Otherwise you will end up entering and shifting different courses if you don't what you are good at not to mention what you are passionate about. Passion is fire burning that brings out the best in all of us.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: I got a job right away because my school was highly reputable. It also helped that I had the drive and the personality. Determination plays a great role too. Do not be disheartened by rejection. Remember that in 10 "NO's" 1 "YES" is about to come your way. It is also very important to choose the right company and right environment for you to be able to stay a long time in that company. My first job was indeed lovely. In fact I stayed there for 7 years and I am still friends with my officemates there even after 25 years. Maryknoll and college indeed trained me well.

list bulletDo I recommend studying Mass Communication: As a coach? Ask yourself these questions:
What do I want?
If I get it? What good will it do for me? My family? My finances?
Why is this important for me?
How bad do I want this?
And if I don't get it what now?
Do I have the resources to do this?
If not? What support do I need? Who do I talk to?
Is this ecologically beneficial?
When do I want this?
What are my plans?
And when I achieve this? What will it do to me?
What is my belief on money? What value will my salary give me?
In the future when I get all these what do I see? feel?

And based on your honest answer believe it or not you will be what you envisioned yourself to be. So dream big. Dream realistically. Make it measurable. Make plans. Follow it and don't let anyone tell you that you cannot. Reach your highest potential.
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A. D.
◈ Studied AB in Mass Communication
◈ At University Of San Agustin
◈ Graduated 2014

list bulletWhy did I choose Mass Communication: I chose to study AB Mass Communication because when I was still young it has been one of my dreams to be a TV News Anchor and I know that this is the course that would help me and would train to be ready in achieving that dream.

list bulletAbout my college education: Studying AB Mass Communication was a blast. It was really fun, at first I thought it would be boring because we studied all the theories before going to the practical side of it. But when we did arrive to the practical side of it, with all the productions, may it be TV, print or radio productions, I really had so much fun doing all my assignments and production work. There was never a dull moment in the room, because it's simply mass communication. I have to be outspoken, we dealt with the current issues may it be local or national, what would a media practitioner do in a certain situation, what are the laws and ethics to put in mind in a particular issue especially in dealing with human rights. It would be very complicated at first because you could not help but to put your own opinion into the issue which is not supposed to be, but as time goes by, I learned and with constant practice I actually able to do it.

The most difficult assignment I think that we did was our research project which is our final requirement for graduation. It is a group work and for me it's more difficult to work in a group than as an individual because you have to consult everyone to make a single decision but it made me also learn to work and adjust with other people and I believe it would really help me when I work in a big company later on.

Passing exams in not that difficult for as long as you do prepare well, like in my case I really study ahead of time and when you like what you're doing it's not that heavy for you to do something for it, to give extra effort into it.

To succeed in this course, you should be very determined, very patient, resourceful and you just have to really love your job. In productions sometimes it would really be expensive especially if you don't have the materials needed, sometimes you just have to be resourceful. Make do of what is available and just do your best.

list bulletMy current job: Now I'm training to be one of the Segment Hosts of ABS-CBN's morning TV show Sikat Ka! Iloilo. It is aired live on weekdays from 6:15 to 7:00 in the morning. Well, it's a morning show and my job is to host the program, talk about issues, give insights about things, perhaps give advice to people, be an inspiration, etc.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: Actually, I didn't look for a job. The job found me. It was really an amazing experience, I was able to join in a competition hosted by ABS-CBN Iloilo and I was able to get in to the top 3 of the regional competition and that opened the opportunity for me. After that I was asked to train for them and turned out to be my On-the-Job-Training/ Internship program and after I finished my number of hours with the company, they offered me the job. I was just so blessed.

list bulletAdvice to people who are thinking of studying this course: My advice would be, if you choose AB Mass Communication make sure that your heart is really there for it and it's really something that you like and want to pursue because if you're just doing it for just the sake of having a degree or your parents asked you to do so or your friends would be taking it up, then maybe you should think twice and think harder.

Not that I'm not promoting my own course but this goes to all the courses available you really have to think of your future, what your goals are and what makes you happy because I believe it really contributes a lot to your success.
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V. A.
◈ Studied AB in Mass Communication
◈ At St. Paul University Quezon City
◈ Graduated 1999

list bulletWhy did I choose Mass Communication: I have good communication skills. I write and speak well. I relate well with people. I am an extrovert. I took up this course to further improve my communications skills and land a job in the field of Mass Communications.

list bulletAbout my college education: The start of anything is difficult. On my first week I had to adjust to the new environment. I came from a coed school that didn't have nuns. It was a more conservative learning environment. What was difficult about Mass Communications, I had to learn different theories of communications and memorize them. My thesis was difficult to do and I had to defend it to panelists.

What I found enjoyable was that I learned from teachers who also continued to work in the field of mass communications. They shared their experience with students. I also found the internship enjoyable. I went to GMA-7 and learned first hand how they did news reporting on TV. I enjoyed every second of the learning experience.

Mass Communications taught me better communication skills. I learned so much in those 4 years and developed into a much better person, and communicator.

Traits and attitude that are needed would be: openness to learning, willingness to work hard, being present during lectures, doing well in exams.

list bulletMy current job: I am a freelance writer for print and online. I write copy for companies. I also dabble into the field of fashion.

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: Yes, I've applied my learning from college to my jobs. I was the editor in chief of our college newspaper. I've learned how to be responsible for all the copy I produce.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: Two months after graduation I landed a job with a respected magazine as a writer and photographer.

list bulletDo I recommend studying Mass Communication: Yes, I highly recommend Mass Communications if communicating with other people is already your passion. If you love what you do and you're good at it, you'll be given more opportunities and higher salary.

list bulletAdvice to people who are thinking of studying this course: Study Mass Communications to learn how to be an effective communicator. People might think it's an easy course to have in college, but it's not. There are so many things to learn. If you don't love the field of Mass Communications, opt to study instead a course that is close to your heart.
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M. M.
◈ Studied AB in Mass Communication
◈ At Dominican College
◈ Graduated 1997

list bulletWhy did I choose Mass Communication: I chose to study this course because I was so much into communicating with different kinds of people and always felt I can easily relate to people.

list bulletAbout my college education: Studying masscommunication was something I have never regretted. It wasn't only because I admit being talkative and enjoyed communicating with people that was after I got out of my shell during my high school days. It was there when I have discovered my potentials and the use to be shy me have transformed into someone who became always ready to accept challenges. Being a high school student then, it was all first for me and all those first experiences made me to what I am today. It wasn't only because of me that I have come to discover my potentials that I didn't think I have. My friends, classmates, teachers and school mates were all part of what made me who I am today. Never really had the chance to thank them:) but in my heart I am very thankful to those who became part of my past, good or bad.

It wasn't all easy being a college student. The fun and excitement I used to have in high school became the pressure and stress in college. I didn't want to disappoint myself the more my family. My routine as a teenager completely changed. I had to be serious. So, I thought I can be serious with my studies and at the same time enjoy. Took one day at A time and learned to appreciate each day. Met new friends and got busy with my academics and school activities...Oh reminiscing again*^O^*. The most enjoyable part in my college days was when I got the chance to do what I really wanted to do and that was being part of a big stage play written and directed by Father James Reuter. I played as a nun in the play in which I have somehow felt what it is or how it is to be a nun. It was a great experience that is hard to forget. The people I was with, the places we've staged the show and the audiences we have entertained. Oh wow! No amount of money can be trade for it.

I don't recall having any problems with my subjects way back though I must admit Mathematics wasn't my cup of tea. Hehehe. Had to work harder to pass the subject. I would hear some of the people I know who had to repeat at one point. In my years of college I have learned to balance studying and having a bit of fun along with it. Doesn't hurt to once in a while have fun so long as you know your limits. The will to achieve once goal depends on the person and so I have combined all the positive things I have discovered about myself, gave less importance to my weakness and pushed myself harder having the the thought of others can and so can I. I also added more effort, patience and determination. It was the formula I used and still is using today, tomorrow and for more years to come.

list bulletMy current job: I am an English Instructor.
I teach English online to Koreans.
I help students improve their listening and speaking skills. I give corrections if needed. Helps them to improve their communication skills.

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: Learning how to deal with different kinds of people from different walks of life.

list bulletDo I recommend studying Mass Communication: Why not? If you think you have what it takes to be of help to others by being sensitive of their needs and by being understanding and compassionate.

list bulletAdvice to people who are thinking of studying this course: Be clear as to what you really want. Be ready to face challenges and never say I can't do it because you can. Be objective and be positive.
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N. J.
◈ Studied AB in Mass Communication
◈ At Saint Louis University
◈ Graduated 2012

list bulletWhy did I choose Mass Communication: The course description was catchy and with that I thought it would be fun to take MC. I also like to do public speaking and do socializing activities where I can provide my assitance to any person needed it

list bulletAbout my college education: I’m not gonna lie, it’s VERY DIFFICULT but at the same time it’s fun. Pushing yourself to do better and exceed your limits is what makes it difficult but it's results are always fulfilling. The process of doing things is the fun part. To succeed in my course you need PATIENCE, CREATIVITY, RESOURCEFULNESS, GUTS and well everything else in between that. ;)

list bulletMy current job: I am a News editor.
I Edit news that are reported on air (radio/television). It is an Easy Job specially for beginners and a good one to earn experience

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: Yes, everything that I have learned in College is practical.
Things like Editing Formats, Correct ways to create articles, correct punctuation marks and indentations for a News Article and the Idea on how to make an Interesting News Article.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: Three months after I graduated. Actually I had job interviews before, but I chose this job because I love News Editing.

list bulletDo I recommend studying Mass Communication: Employment opportunities - yes. There are lots of News reporting Jobs, News Article writing and Journalism as well. As technology advance lots of broadcasting company rises which gives a big opening for every Communications Graduate.

Salary level - yes. High Salary Level for Graduates.

list bulletAdvice to people who are thinking of studying this course: Never give up. Even if you’re ideas get rejected more than once it’s for your own good. Instructors are there to bring out the best in you. NEVER SETTLE FOR ‘PWEDE NA’, GIVE YOUR BEST.
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D. V.
◈ Studied AB in Mass Communication
◈ At Far Eastern University
◈ Graduated 2012

list bulletAbout my college education: All courses are difficult meaning going to college isn’t as easy. So whenever someone used to say that “madali lang ang Mass Comm”, I would sort of get mad. I think it is an unfair comparison when you are comparing Mass Comm with Engineering or Nursing for that matter. In what course do you get to learn about journalism, radio, acting, film production, advertising and television all in one? An arts student will have the time of their lives creating shows, writing scripts, memorizing lines and conceptualizing big ideas. One doesn’t need to be the smartest but one just needs to be willing to learn, hard working and has to be willing to go outside their comfort zone. Skills like time management, analysis and confidence follows once one is able to juggle acting in a production, writing a newspaper, directing a movie or a play all together.

list bulletMy current job: I am currently a trainee Copywriting and Strategic Planning at Gallardo and Associates Inc.

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: Theoretically, I was prepared for everything that I learnt from college. Applying them was the major challenge. When it was back in academics, it was all being taught and more or less applied as concept. But when it came to work, it was the test. Although some of what I learnt aren’t being applied, the ones that I am using now are being maximized.
Copywriting, critical thinking and time management are my most important skills that I am using right now.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: It took me 3 months to land me my first job that lasted for 3 months also. It took me 3 months again to finally land my dream job.

list bulletDo I recommend studying Mass Communication: As long as the person is into the arts, I would suggest and motivate this course. There is so much to learn about the media today especially in the digital realm and only in a communications perspective can this be best analyzed and view. There are also so many careers to flow right into after graduation. The pay may not be as high but eventually, it all pays off. Big time.
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G. F.
◈ Studied AB in Mass Communication
◈ At La Verdad Christian College
◈ Graduated 2008

list bulletAbout my college education: It had given me the chance to know myself more as a person. It helped me set myself apart from the others. Apart from these, the knowledge that was let known to me is priceless as it is wisdom based on the truth only.

One thing is evidently needed upon taking this course. You have to have confidence, either in writing, telling news, or giving your opinion. You must develop the belief that you have all means to be respected. Earn it and let yourself be understood by others. We all are entirely different individuals who grew up in various cultures, therefore we must possess confidence to let ourselves be heard.

list bulletMy current job: I currently work for a leading and well-known bank in Australia.

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: I am using what I have learned in College with almost everything I do. Communication skills play a big part on whichever job there is in this world. Being a Filipino myself, speaking to Australians whose origins are very diverse, I must say, my course helped me in cultivating the knowledge which I am using now, and imparting to everyone I came across.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: What is good about it is that it did not take me long to get a job at all. I must admit it never had to be hard for me. I was offered my job even before I was able to finish my studies. So it made perfect sense that I pursued my study all the more since I knew early on how it is to earn my own money.

list bulletDo I recommend studying Mass Communication: Yes. I have seen a lot of individuals who are now successful who either graduated, or some did not even get the chance to graduate, but still are successful. I will definitely recommend my school to anyone whose dreams would want to be fulfilled. It doesn't just depend on the school's publicity anyway. At the end of the day, it still depends on the student and the environment provided by the school.
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L. C.
◈ Studied AB in Mass Communication
◈ At Holy Cross Of Davao College
◈ Graduated 2011

list bulletWhy did I choose Mass Communication: So that i can interact with people.

list bulletAbout my college education: The most difficult assignment or project we had was to to create our own morning show ,which tackles about the present situation of the City and we need to invite guests from Government Offices who can answer all our concerns and questions. Boring subjects for me is Biology.

The most enjoyable part of my college days to to be part of the biggest event of our school. I was one of the staff trusted by the professor of handling the said event. It's an awards night for the the loyal employees who render 5 years to 45 years in service.

There are some exams that are difficult specially if you don't give equal time on different lessons and it is given that you will fail on some subject, specially on minor subjects because you put your full effort on the major subject.

list bulletMy current job: I am a recruitment and training officer.
I am task to look for a good applicant to be part of our company.

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: Being a Mass Communication grad gives me a lots of confidence in terms of dealing with people and how to handle different types of personalities. Marketing strategies is one of the most useful things I learned from college that I often use in my present job.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: It took 3 weeks for me to find a job after graduation.

list bulletDo I recommend studying Mass Communication: I would recommend BA Mass Communication because based on my experiences I easily got hired with a probationary level position.
In terms of salary, also based on my experiences, I can now asked higher rate that others.

list bulletAdvice to people who are thinking of studying this course: My advice to students who wants to take BA in Mass Communication is to make sure that you love your course and accept the difficult times because you will not appreciate it unless you survived.
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K. D.
◈ Studied AB in Communication (slightly different course)
◈ At University Of Santo Tomas
◈ Graduated 2007

list bulletAbout my college education: Studying Communication Arts was very interesting and enjoyable for me because there were so many channels to express my creativity and deepen my love for the arts. I was immersed to different fields and garnered adequate skills and valuable experiences in each one, making me a very well-rounded communications practitioner after graduating.

Back in High School, my favorite subjects were my English classes where I got to write a bunch of stuff and learn about great writers and their works. My journalism and literature classes in University of Santo Tomas (UST) did not disappoint as I was able to greatly improve both my creative and technical writing skills and read a lot of literary classics and got inspired by their authors.

But that was only the beginning: aside from learning how to write great copy for marketing materials, I also learned how to plan integrated marketing campaigns through our marketing communication classes, had equal experiences in being on-cam and working behind the camera and the studio in our media production classes, wrote scripts and acted on different short films through our film classes, became abreast in utilizing tri-media channels in building brands in our advertising classes, learned how to implement advertising strategies for free in our public relations classes, and learned how to take almost professional-quality photographs in our photography classes.

The challenging part was always to deliver excellent projects/requirements for different classes with similar deadline dates. Usually we had 2-3 different projects from different classes we had to submit per week. Although difficult, I believe the experience has taught me how to handle and overcome stress and pressure and deliver quality and timely outputs.

The fun part is many of the projects are group projects - meaning you would have to spend a lot of time with your friends and classmates. I remember we would always hangout in the university parks studying together, going to the library and researching together, shooting documentaries in different locations, sleeping over to write the thesis, etc. One part of my college life that I will always treasure are the bonds I’ve made with my friends which were formed all thanks to my university.

To do well studying Communication Arts, you have to be creative, expressive, determined, the ability to multi-task, develop your critical thinking, have good interpersonal communication skills, and at the end of the day, you just have to love and enjoy what you are doing.

list bulletMy current job: I am currently a Communications Officer for the Philippine Government’s lead agency that develops, implements and coordinates social protection and poverty reduction solutions for and with the poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged. Among my responsibilities include overseeing the Social Marketing component of seventeen regional offices nationwide, drafting project proposals, writing press releases, feature stories, talking points, clarification letters, fact sheets, web content, frequently asked questions (FAQs), scripts, advertorials, staging and documenting events, etc.

Before, I was an Advocacy Officer for a non-government organization promoting Fair Trade in the country and a Marketing Communication Specialist for a below-the-line advertising agency.

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: The communication skills I’ve learned over my 4-years at the university have helped me get jobs, perform well in my work and advance my professional career. I am proud to say that the university has molded me to become a versatile and well-rounded communications practitioner able to excel in different communication fields. The communication skills are already there, what I aim to do is enhance these skills in my profession for personal and career growth.

My creative and technical writing skills have always been at the forefront of my communications skills set and have been my selling point to hiring companies. I use my skills in marketing, advertising and public relations anywhere I go to plan and implement campaigns and stage events. My visual skills in photography has been frequently recognized in terms of documenting purposes.

I guess learning a lot of things in college also helped me to become easily adaptable to working environments and new skills. In my professional career, I’ve learned how to develop and maintain a website, become a graphic artist, a video editor and animator among others.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: After graduating, I felt like taking some time off to rest a little and enjoy the summer before going job hunting. It took me two months to get my first job. I graduated in April, started looking for a job in July and got a job in September.

list bulletDo I recommend studying Communication: There are a lot of employment opportunities out there for a Communication Arts graduate. You have a rich communications skill set that can be beneficial in the fields of marketing, advertising, public relations, journalism, media, etc. What matters is you pursue the career you really want. If you want to be a future news anchor, go for it. If you want to be a copywriter for a global advertising agency, go for it. The point is with your education: YOU CAN.

Salary is always commensurate to the skills and experience you have. You may not get that high-paying dream job of yours in your first crack at job hunting, but working your way up and developing your skills along the way will definitely pay dividends in the future, career and salary-wise.
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G. B.
◈ Studied AB in Mass Communication
◈ At AMA Computer University
◈ Graduated 2001

list bulletAbout my college education: Mass communication has been my dream course ever since. I've always wanted to have the opportunity to be a news anchor or something like that. With this education, I would discover on how to most appropriately deliver information through various types of media. Being able to do that, let's say with the use of the media of television, is very appealing to me.

We can't deny the influence of mass media at present time. Studying on how you can use communication to affect other people's view on certain issues is very interesting to me.

There are so many tools a mass communication student should be knowledgeable about in order for him/her to become effective. There's journalism, publishing, broadcast communication, etc. He/she should dynamically bring all of these tools together so that the information to be conveyed would be properly understood as much as possible.

list bulletMy current job: I'm currently a researcher and production assistant at a local broadcasting company.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: It took some time for me to find a job after my graduation. For one, there are really a lot of MassCom graduates in the country. Second, I really think that there is very little employment opportunities for all graduates. But after two years and a half.

list bulletDo I recommend studying Mass Communication: If you also dream on becoming a face of today's television news, I suggest that taking up Mass Communication as your college degree will give you the chance on that dream. You will learn how to present not only the information that you will be communicating, but also on how you will appropriately present yourself.
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F. M.
◈ Studied AB in Mass Communication
◈ At Lyceum Of The Philippines University - Batangas
◈ Graduated 2011

list bulletWhy did I choose Mass Communication: When I was in High School, I was fond of Writing, Public Speaking and English Subjects so I thought Mass Communication was the best program to enhance my Communication skills.

list bulletAbout my college education: Because AB Mass Comm was my choice, I had a very fun, interesting, and fruitful college life. In this program, one should be confident because every student taking up this course is competitive. I was overly confident and competetive that I was one of the top students in my class. There were things that I wasn't so good at, worse, things I've never had an idea, but I would always challenge myself to continue learning whether I already knew it or not. I never meant to be on top all the time, but I have earned everyone's trust because they saw how hard I studied and worked to achieve my goals.You don't have to be the best but you should be able to work under loads of pressure because there will always be battle of ideas, deadlines, and healthy competitions. A Mass Comm student must have a "deep interest" in all or any of the following: TV productions, Radio productions, Journalism.

list bulletMy current job: I was offered a position in the School Publication of LPU-B High School department and I'll be starting this June. In addition, they recently asked me to be a part-time English teacher.

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: I believe I have used the skills and attitude I have acquired from college when I stepped to the business world. I have mastered the art of working under pressure. With this new opportunity given to me, I am certain that I'll be using everything I've learned. I know my educational background was the main reason they hired me for that position. I have always been an excellent communicator, be it oral or written, and even after graduation I have been an active writer by wrting blogs. With my oral communication skills, English is not rocket science for me so when I went to the UK, I was at ease talking to Brits.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: Before I graduated from College, I was already hired as a Customer Service Representative in Convergys.

list bulletDo I recommend studying Mass Communication: I would recommend this course to people who have the same interests as me or who are into Media because that is what this program is all about. If you are sure that you want to be a communicator, or that Media world is where you belong, then I can say that, by working hard, there will be unlimited employment opportunities because there are so many people needed in this tough world. You can be a journalist, newscaster, radio presenter, scriptwriter, advertising staff, English teacher, editor, personal assistant, etc...

Lastly, in terms of salary, I guess we all know everyone starts with the basic pay so don't expect too much and just like any other job, as you stay longer, you get better, and you go higher, automatically, your salary will increase.But it's more than just the salary, it's the experience that matters in this kind of job.

list bulletAdvice to people who are thinking of studying this course: For aspiring Mass Comm students, always be prepared because we are the "always on the go" type of people; adventurous and creative.
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J. A.
◈ Studied AB in Mass Communication
◈ At Far Eastern University
◈ Graduated 2008

list bulletAbout my college education: Mass Communication in Far Eastern University is an interesting course because our curriculum has a little bit about everything that is ought to be learned for a holistic development of an individual to be able to survive the demands of the competitive world.

In terms of difficulty, I was able not to focus on this matter because I have loved and embraced the things that was tasked to us. The academic and practical things that were imposed to be done by our professors was way out of mediocrity but is manageable.

In my 4 years of college, there was almost no dull moment. everything was dynamic and fun. We had a lot of wonderful moments learning, working and sharing ideas. During our time and most likely until now, our course is considered as one of the most lively and happiest course to be part of.

Like any other courses, logical skills, math, language, hard work and all other desirable traits are of requirement. But what is really important in our course is to be resourceful, creative, and confident sealed with Fortitude, Excellence and Uprightness by which are the three values that F.E.U. promotes.

list bulletMy current job: Currently I am a Freelance Events Coordinator & Marketing Consultant and do some projects like Arts Festival, Social Events and others.

I am also a Political Strategist based in Baguio City. I have handled the 2010 for Liberal Party Baguio and will be part of the 2013 Liberal Party Baguio Campaign.

Currently also, I am Law student at the Cordillera College.

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: Yes, I am definitely using all my learning in my professional career.

The primary thing that I have learned is how to properly and effectively communicate with my audience or the person whom I am communicating with, in the simplest form of it, for the achievement of my purpose or at least close to it.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: Even before graduation, I already had several calls from companies who are based in Manila but I have turned down all the offers because I chose to manage our business in Baguio right after I graduated. I have also practiced and tried to apply the skills and knowledge that I have gained when I entered a family owned newspaper in La Trinidad, Benguet.

list bulletDo I recommend studying Mass Communication: Yes, I would definitely recommend this course to others because employment opportunities are really high. As a graduate of Mass Communication for half a decade know, I could strongly say that there are so many Industries that we could be part of, not only in the field of communication itself but almost in all fields (i.e. T.V. and film production, journalism, advertising, marketing, etc.).

It is a very interesting career because learning and growth as a person and as a professional communicator by which most of the time you get not only to interact with people but at the same time inspire them which is very rewarding and fulfilling.

The salary level, at first it is only at par with any entry level jobs. The salary level for Mass Communication graduates is primarily depends on what industry they would like to work in. Others, receive a minimum wage salary but receives much incentives when they do field work such as writers and agents. There are also some who receive really good salary and at the same time receive a bonus for a great performance of a project which is evident in the field of advertising and productions.

I strongly believe that Mass Communication is a competitive course in all aspects that should be considered and unlike any other courses, it never goes outdated.
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K. M.
◈ Studied AB in Mass Communication
◈ At Ateneo De Davao University
◈ Graduated 2007

list bulletAbout my college education: I graduated from high school unsure of what to take up in college. At first, I thought I'd like to major in Philosophy. But come enrollment time, I decided to take up AB Mass Communication. This was mainly because I strongly felt that I could develop my writing skill through it. Sure enough, I was able to accomplish what I expected to receive from my course. Although at the start, it was not exactly smooth sailing for me.

Before, I was quite a shy person and found it hard to mingle with other people. The Humanities Department where Mass Communication was classified under had students who are generally open, talkative, and outgoing. I quite found it hard to fit in.

But as days passed, I was able to know new friends and eventually come out from my shell. I excelled in most of my subjects and I helped my friends review our lessons every time exam week is approaching.

Students in this course must be fluent in both written and spoken English and Filipino. A lot of writing will be done, a thesis is required to be written and defended before a student can graduate. One must also be diligent enough to study since the minor subjects include the basics such as history, algebra, trigonometry, statistics and the like.

list bulletMy current job: I am Retail Operations Manager of the exclusive sub-distributor of Havaianas in Southeast Mindanao. My job requires me to oversee store operations, and think of strategies on how to grow the business.

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: One thing that is very good with Mass Communication is that it enhances your interpersonal skill, and technical skill in writing and speaking. These skills are very practical and will get you wherever you want to go. These are basic skills that all private organizations, non-profit organizations, media establishments, and government institutions are looking for in every applicant.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: Even before graduating, I already got accepted in my first job.

list bulletDo I recommend studying Mass Communication: Yes, I certainly recommend this course to others in terms of employment opportunities. The skills you learn from Mass Communication open a wide variety of career paths to choose from. You are not only limited to do media work.

I have always believed that the sense of fulfillment in one's career is dependent on the person's attitude and perspective in life. A person with the healthy and optimistic attitude will always find meaning regardless of what he or she does.

In terms of salary level, the companies I've worked for have all paid me above the minimum wage.
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R. L.
◈ Studied AB in Mass Communication
◈ At University Of St. La Salle
◈ Graduated 2011

list bulletWhy did I choose Mass Communication: This was actually my first choice but not my first course. I was forced to take up an Engineering course at first but since it wasn't my choice, I wasn't happy about it. I finished the whole year but I decided to shift and take the course that I really wanted, Mass Communication.

list bulletAbout my college education: At first, my purpose of taking this course was to pursue Journalism. I was very passionate about writing and I figured that Journalism was for me. As I continued to progress in my course, I started to fall out of love from Journalism and fell in love with Digital Art. This includes; Photography, Film Production and Multimedia. I chose this course with for a reason but I continued to pursue the course for a passion.

I have learned so much from my course. I didn't just learn techniques and theories. I learned that the real world is not a classroom. There is a lot of competition but how you deal with that can make or break you. I learned that in dealing with a lot of competition you have to have an open mind. It's good if you have your own ideas but sometimes those ideas might not be what's needed so it's important that you understand what is needed and be open to other people's ideas. You have to always look at your output with a lot of criticism so that you can continue to push yourself to make something good turn into something great.

The most difficult subject for me was Advertising. We had this project where we are given a client which was a Retreat Center. We had to make a full add campaign. It was difficult concept wise because we had to try many approaches until we got the client's "YES!" It took a lot of sleepless nights of planning, so many days of shooting, editing and putting everything together. I can really say that it was the toughest year of my whole college life, that was my 3rd year. In the end, all that hard work and heartache just made me a better person.

Our exams are hard because most of our exams are a practical application of what we've learned. However, it's not just simply enough that we deliver something to the table. It's not even enough that we deliver what was asked of us. We had to go beyond the simple task of making a documentary film about women peacekeepers. We had to find real live subjects and we had to make it spectacular in a way that if you were a TV producer, you wouldn't be ashamed of putting or product on air. I belonged in the department that only has very few students. There is always just one section composed of 30+ students every graduation for our department. The first year, usually has 2 sections. At the end of that year there is a screening where each student gets to sell him/herself to a panel and the panel will decide whether Mass Communication is the right fit for you or not. That alone cuts the population into half. After that, we only have very few fall outs.

In order to succeed in this course, you have to be thick skinned! You have to make sure that you take criticisms positively. You can't be whiny and you can't be so self righteous. You need to be flexible especially in making decisions. You need to be always on top of things because things could get messy a lot of times.

list bulletMy current job: Currently, I am taking a break from working. After graduation, I wanted to pursue a career in production but unfortunately for me there aren't a lot of openings in that field where I'm from. I wanted to go abroad but I had problems with my name in my NSO Birth Certificate that prevented me from getting a passport. However, all that is going to change because I have already secured a passport and I am going on my first trip outside the country. Hopefully I can shoot videos and take pictures enough for me to create an amazing portfolio.

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: I can't say that I was able to apply what I've learned in college in work because I wasn't able to work in that same industry. However, the values of hard work and good work ethics helped a lot when I was starting out. I was professional with the way I dealt with my co-workers even if I was just a fresh grad. My supervisors appreciate that I don't complain about a lot of things unlike my other teammates. I handled pressure fairly well which is why I was able to secure a supervisory role after 6 months.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: It actually just took about a month for me to find a job after graduation. It wasn't my dream job but I had to find work because I promised my Dad that I won't let him support me after graduation. So I landed a job in a call center. I started out as an agent and then worked my through becoming an English Trainer.

list bulletDo I recommend studying Mass Communication: People who want to pursue a course in AB Mass Communication and eventually pursue a career in that field are people who work with passion and heart. Most of the people who take that course are artists. If you are not patient enough or persistent enough then you will not go places in this industry.

Post graduation will not be easy in terms of employment opportunities and earning a living, especially where I'm from. However, it might be slightly different in other places. One thing is for sure though, if you want to take this course and a pursue this career, you have to be prepared for the worst. Trust me, it will make your life easier.

list bulletAdvice to people who are thinking of studying this course: If you are planning to pursue a degree in Mass Communication, you have to prepare yourself for a lot of failures. You will often be criticized and you will feel intimidated a lot. All you have to do is take all the bad stuff and believe that the bad stuff will make you great. If an instructor tells you that you didn't do good enough, don't beat yourself up and focus on what he/she said. Instead, you should tell yourself that you can do better. Always have a positive way of thinking because your positive thought can turn the worst disaster into a spectacular masterpiece. Never say never!
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K. Q.
◈ Studied AB in Mass Communication
◈ At New Era University
◈ Graduated 2012

list bulletAbout my college education: Being a Mass Communication student is really an awesome experience. Of course if you love what you do in your course, you'll enjoy it. And I definitely enjoyed everything - from doing musicals, original plays, films, documentaries and a whole lot more. but of course, it was challenging. we really have a lot of activities in our course, so we have to be skilled, talented, we must have the passion and perseverance in everything we do. It also required us to be creative and outwit each and everyone else's concepts and ideas. We were trained to follow deadlines, be punctual, be disciplined and to always do our best. We learned academical lessons and lessons we could even bring outside, out to the jungle after graduation.

list bulletMy current job: I'm a Technical Support Representative in Convergy's Philippines.

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: As a call center agent, the skills I learned from school that I'm using at my job right now is the communication skills, how to convey message, how to simplify and make things creative at the same time for the customer to understand the message.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: A month before I graduated, I applied as a Sales Account Coordinator and was hired. So technically speaking, I got my first job before graduation.

list bulletDo I recommend studying Mass Communication: Definitely yes. Mass Communication has a lot of fields. they could end up as a writer, reporter, theater actor, PR officer, director, editor. and more than that, it's really the experience that I loved the most. I really learned a lot.
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