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Share your college experience
Your Graduation Year  

In what university/college did you study?
Example: University of Santo Tomas, Manila

Why did you choose this school?

What did you study in college?
Example: BS in Accountancy

Why did you choose to study this particular course?

What can you say about your school?
  • Ambiance:
    friendly? crowded? competitive? safe? etc...
  • Facilities:
    enough computers and other equipment? air-conditioned? how was the library? are there places to rest and socialize? how about places to study? etc...
  • Professors / instructors:
    approachable/intimidating? fair/unfair in grading? good/not so good in teaching? motivated/worn out? etc...

Tell us about studying this course:
  • What have you learned in this course?
  • What subjects/assignments were the most difficult?
  • Was passing the exams difficult?
  • Did many people fail exams?
  • How many people shifted to another course?
  • What traits and atittude are required for succeeding in this course?

What is your current job?
Please describe your job (ordinary people don't know what a 'Sales Engineer' or an 'Account Manager' do...)

How long did it take you to find a job after graduation?

Was what you learned in college practical?
What things that you learned in college have you used in your current/past jobs?

Would you recommend this course to others, in terms of:
  • Employment opportunities
  • Salary level:
    How much can a fresh graduate expect to earn?
    How about a more experienced employee?
  • Fulfilling or interesting career

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