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Schools offering Nutrition courses in Manila

A list of universities and colleges offering Nutrition courses in Manila, Metro Manila.  Whenever possible we provide full details about the courses in each of the schools, including tuition fees, admission requirements, course description and the admission phone number.


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Emilio Aguinaldo College

  • Private College, Taft Avenue, Manila
  •  BS in Nutrition and Dietetics


"The school might be crowded but very wide range of resources. And the school has a high level of education, to the point that you need to maintain certain grades to stay in the university. The Facult..."

C. D.  studied BS-PT,  graduated 2004

Polytechnic University of the Philippines

  • State University, Santa Mesa, Manila
  •  BS in Nutrition and Dietetics


"I can say that the ambiance is well- ventilated and comfortable during the classes, meeting, practices and etc. When it comes to professor/ instructors, they are all knowledgeable, skill-oriented indi..."

R. G.  studied BSND,  graduated 2010

St. Scholastica's College

  • Private College, Taft Avenue, Manila
  •  BS in Nutrition and Dietetics
  •  BS in Nutrition and Dietetics with Food and Service Management
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 100,000-130,000 per year


"Generally, the school is strict in every way. They focus on the disciplinary actions of the students. Every students must obey all the rules inside the campus or else, their disobedience will have an ..."

R. L.  studied BSND,  graduated 2014

Philippine Women's University

  • Private University, Taft Avenue, Manila
  •  BS in Nutrition and Dietetics
  •  MS in Clinical Nutrition
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 110,000-120,000 per year
  •  Master's ₱ 32,000-57,000 per year


"Ambiance was conducive to learning. Professors/teachers were very professional, they taught us we'll in each particular subject they taught."

L. R.  studied BSFN,  graduated 1978

Colegio de San Juan de Letran

  • Private College, Intramuros, Manila
  •  BS in Nutrition and Dietetics
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 80,000-125,000 per year


"In general, the facilities, professors and the campus are great. But I still believe that regardless of this, it still depends on the students if they will be able to acquire learning or not."

C. E.  studied BSN,  graduated 2005

Metropolitan Medical Center - College of Arts, Science & Technology

  • Private College, Manila
  •  BS in Nutrition and Dietetics
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 40,000-50,000 per year


"I can say that it was worth it studying there, they were strict alright implementing the "battery" which means they would drop students who have grades that are below 80, but it's for our own good."

J. A.  studied BSN,  graduated 2009

University of the Philippines Manila

  • State University, Taft Avenue, Manila
  •  MS in Public Health major in Nutrition
  •  Doctor of Public Health Field of Specialization in Nutrition
  •  Master's ₱ 8,900-33,000 per year
  • Included in the Free Tuition Law

    This school is included under the "Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education" law that passed in 2017.

    The law covers students enrolled in State and Local universities/colleges in Bachelors and Certificate programs.

    Under the Law students in accredited State and Local universities/colleges will not pay any tuition fees or misc fee.

    The Law covers only first time students (students who don't already have a college degree).

    However, the full implementation of this law is not clear yet.


"Most of the professors are young (there are definitely some exceptions) . Some even just recently graduated the year before. Sometimes it is awkward for the irregular students when they see one of the..."

W. C.  studied BSPHAR,  graduated 2009

University of the East

  • Private University, Sampaloc, Manila
  •  BS in Nutrition and Dietetics
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 76,000-80,000 per year


"The atmosphere in UE Manila is okay. There are so many food stalls outside that suits your budget.... It is kind of smelly specially in our area/gastambide... We have so many different nationalities e..."

K. U.  studied DMD,  graduated 2013

University of Santo Tomas

  • Private University, Sampaloc, Manila
  •  BS in Nutrition and Dietetics
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 100,000-120,000 per year


"School atmosphere gave me the academe feeling since the structures are historically thought provoking. The facilities are somewhat complete in terms of basic needs and parameters for education purpose..."

J.  studied BSND,  graduated 2007