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Private Schools offering Management courses in the Philippines

A list of private universities and colleges offering Bachelor's courses in Management in the Philippines.  Whenever possible we provide full details about the courses in each of the schools, including tuition fees, admission requirements, course description and the admission phone number.


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South Philippine Adventist College

  • Private College, Digos City, Davao del Sur
  •  BSBA in Operations Management
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 32,000-36,000 per year


"It is Christ centered school which mold the student with there innermost attitude and the instructors are trained with there specific skills."

A. R.  studied BSBA-MA,  graduated 2005

Wesleyan University Philippines

  • Private College, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija
  •  BSBA in Operations Management
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 36,000-38,000 per year


"Wesleyan University-Philippines is one of the best school in NUeva Ecija who caters Accountancy profession. Professors are also CPAs who really molds students to be the future CPAs."

J. M.  studied BSA,  graduated 2007

Asian Development Foundation College

  • Private College, Tacloban, Leyte
  •  BS in Commerce
  •  BSBA in Management


"The teachers are very considerate of the students’ situations and are not strict. The teachers are good and experts in their subjects. There were lawyers, businessmen, bankers, and other professionals..."

M. T.  studied BSM,  graduated 2005

Father Saturnino Urios University

  • Private University, Butuan City, Agusan del Norte
  •  BSBA in Operations Management
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 34,000-38,000 per year


"The atmosphere was well I felt very at home with it since almost everybody knew everybody. The professors were quite of the old school of teaching and yes they were very competent. "

T. Q.  studied BSBA-MGT,  graduated 1994

Mountain View College

  • Private College, Valencia City, Bukidnon
  •  BSBA in Management
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 40,000 per year


"The school was nice and beautiful. The weather so cool. Every morning we could see fog around the campus. Just pay 5 cents going to heaven. Far from pollution; air, people, television and radio. The f..."

B. S.  studied BSA,  graduated 1996

De La Salle University

  • Private University, Manila, Metro Manila
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  •  BS in Business Management
  •  BS in Marketing Management
  •  BS in Management of Financial Institutions
  •  BS in Applied Corporate Management
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 205,000-225,000 per year


"Some of the professors may be strict but at times, this kind of professors are what we need. On a lighter note, these professors are those who also give us a lot of knowledge regarding the fields they..."

T. J.  studied BSBM,  graduated 2010

Siena College of Taytay

  • Private College, Taytay, Rizal
  •  BSBA in Management


"The atmosphere is great. Not too crowded. The professors knows you personally."

K. R.  studied BSHRM,  graduated 2004

Ateneo de Naga University

  • Private University, Naga City, Camarines Sur
  •  BSBA in Business Management Honors Program
  •  BSBA in Management
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 50,000-70,000 per year


"Ateneo de Naga University provided an atmosphere that is very much conducive to learning. I experienced it's observance to school safety and security, well-maintained sanitation and suitability to Ate..."

J. C.  studied BSBA-LM,  graduated 2007

Southern Mindanao Colleges

  • Private College, Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur
  •  BSBA in Operations Management
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 16,000-20,000 per year


"I offers a lot activities, especially freedom to be in a different kinds of organization from Academic to Extras. It supports students during academic competitions."

B. G.  studied BSHRM,  graduated 2012

Laguna College

  • Private College, San Pablo City, Laguna
  •  BSBA in Operations Management
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 50,000-60,000 per year


"The facilities were okay. The professors were competitively good. The atmosphere is quite good. There were too many of us in a class."

J. D.  studied BSA,  graduated 2006

University of La Salette Santiago

  • Private University, Santiago City, Isabela
  •  BSBA in Operations Management
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 30,000-36,000 per year


"It is big and conducive place to learn when you are studying in the province."

J. M.  studied BSBA-MGT,  graduated 1997

Ateneo de Davao University

  • Private University, Davao City, Davao
  •  BS in Business Management
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 84,000-100,000 per year


"In Ateneo de Davao, the whole university campus probably comprises more than 4 hectares. At present, the school continues to expand and buildings are 90% air-conditioned. It has a covered court or sch..."

C. G.  studied BSBA-MGT,  graduated 2001

Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation

  • Private University, Lucena City, Quezon
  •  BSBA in Operations Management
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 44,000-50,000 per year


"School was in a good condition that keeps on producing successful graduates. I believe the good facilities of the school has a big factor of students studying hard. Because the school is very conduciv..."

L. F.  studied ABECO,  graduated 2007

Garcia College of Technology

  • Private College, Kalibo, Aklan
  •  BSBA in Operations Management
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 18,000-22,000 per year


"The Ambiance of the school is Excellent for all student, because the policies of the school is follow and respect of all student. There is a canteen in the front of the school, so all the student will..."

G. R.  studied BSA,  graduated 2009

Lyceum of the Philippines University


"Well my school is just fine, nothing special. The campus is not that big so students are overcrowded.Almost all the professor I've encounter were very nice. They were very considerate to us students.C..."

A. R.  studied BSBA-MA,  graduated 2014

La Consolacion College - Manila


"The atmosphere of my school really attract when I took my entrance exam. It was green, peaceful and my family wants me to stay in exclusive for girls. The professors were great, I did have smart, inte..."

J. L.  studied BSHRM,  graduated 2000

Cebu Institute of Technology University


"The school will help you a lot especially if you also help yourself. However, the school is only limited to extending HELP, it is you who will do the heavy lifting!"

M. N.  studied BSA,  graduated 2012

Colegio de San Juan de Letran

  • Private College, Manila, Metro Manila
  •  BSBA in Operations Management
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 80,000-125,000 per year


"The atmosphere is very relaxed and comfortable which is very good for studying and the professors are all qualified individuals with the right facilities to make the teaching process easier for the st..."

J. A.  studied BSBA-MGT,  graduated 2004

De La Salle Lipa

  • Private College, Lipa City, Batangas
  •  BS in Management Technology
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 90,000-120,000 per year


"De La Salle Lipa is, by far, the biggest school I've ever set foot until this day. The school has this great ambiance for studying in and outside the classroom. The students are very friendly and easy..."

L. J.  studied BS-MM,  graduated 2009

FEU Roosevelt Cainta

  • Private College, Cainta, Rizal
  •  BSBA in Operations Management


"Great! My school is the best school in marikina city"

C.  studied BSBA,  graduated 2004

Adventist University of the Philippines

  • Private University, Silang, Cavite
  •  BSBA in Business Management
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 80,000-110,000 per year


"The place is nice to study and the teachers are good. The facilities are perfect in any ways."

B. B.  studied BSA,  graduated 2012

Emilio Aguinaldo College

  • Private College, Manila, Metro Manila
  •  BSBA in Operations Management


"Atmosphere is constantly improving every year. Professors are nice people."

A. R.  studied ABBM,  graduated 2008

University of Baguio

  • Private University, Baguio City, Benguet
  •  BSBA in Operations Management
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 34,000-44,000 per year


"University of Baguio lived up with our expectations to universities. The education they provide is exquisite, and the discipline is also present. I had different experiences socializing with different..."

B.  studied BSBA,  graduated 2007

Silliman University


"The school is just few distance from the sea port, you can have the fresh air and not so exhausted in heat. Professors are came from prestigious universities, doctorate degrees and they are known as w..."

A. B.  studied BSBM,  graduated 2007

Rizal Memorial Colleges

  • Private College, Davao City, Davao
  •  BSBA in Operations Management
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 31,000 per year


"The ambience is really good since it is quite and peaceful. The facilities are presentable and well maintained. Many of my professors were bookish they don’t talk too much. They would just lecture a l..."

M. M.  studied BSA,  graduated 1988

Central Philippine University

  • Private University, Iloilo City, Iloilo
  •  BSBA in Business Management
  •  BS in Health Fitness and Lifestyle Management
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 40,000-84,000 per year


"You’ll enjoy your stay in Central Philippine University. Friendly environment, an exemplary Christian education and fun learning activities. I miss those days in our University day. I definitely recom..."

M. J.  studied BSA,  graduated 2009

San Beda University


"The school is fine and excellent. San beda has been producing graduate who are very competitive and successful."

F.  studied BSA,  graduated 2003

University of St. La Salle

  • Private University, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
  •  BSBA in Operations Management
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 54,000-80,000 per year


"Our school quadrangle is environmental friendly. it is really refreshing to study in gazebo where cold fresh air sets in, all the pressure of our feasibility study has gone by the wind.We wished thoug..."

J. E.  studied BSHM,  graduated 2012

Lyceum of the Philippines University - Batangas Campus


"Good facilities, however, , most of the professors are lazy. They tend to group their students then ask them to do PPT reporting. This will run for the whole semester. Then the professor would just si..."

A. B.  studied BSBA,  graduated 2014

La Salle University Ozamiz

  • Private University, Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental
  •  BS in Accountancy with specialization in Management Consultancy
  •  BSBA in Operations Management
  •  Bachelor's ₱ 38,000 per year


"I can say that the ambiance of la salle university gives peaceful and green thinking for it has a wide and nature friendly and student friendly place. The professors / teachers of this school are wel..."

D. M.  studied BSHM,  graduated 2011