West Negros University

Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Application for 2nd sem AY 2015/16 Bachelor's programs Will open Sep 1, 2015

Education courses offered at WNU

Bachelor's courses

Bachelor of Elementary Education 4 years contact > details >
major in Early Childhood Education contact >
major in General Education contact >
major in Special Education contact >
Bachelor of Secondary Education 4 years contact > details >
major in English contact >
major in Filipino contact >
major in Mathematics contact >
major in Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health contact >
major in Values Education contact >

Certificate courses

Teacher Certificate Program 1 years contact > details >

Master's courses

MA in Education contact > details >
major in Early Childhood Education contact >
major in Educational Management contact > details >
major in English contact > details >
major in Filipino contact >
major in Mathematics contact >
major in Physical Education contact >
major in Psychology and Guidance contact > details >
major in Values Education and Development contact >

Doctorate courses

PhD in Educational Management contact > details >

1. Tuition for bachelor's programs are for the 1st year. Tuition for the following years may be different.
2. Tuition for foreign students is almost always higher.
3. May not include all fees, and can change at any time.
1. Honorable Dismissal from the last school attended for transferees

2. Two (2) copies of Transcript of Records as proof of baccalaureate degree earned and of grade requirement which is at least an average rating of 85% for graduate degree and 89% for post-graduate

3. Duly-accomplished Application for Admission Form by the applicant

4. Three (3) pieces of 2"x2" ID picture and 2 pieces short brown envelope

5. Two (2) copies of birth certificate in Security Papers (NSO authenticated) and 2 copies of marriage contract (for married female students only)

6. Permit to study (for government employees only)

7. Certification of Good Moral Character from previous dean, head, or professor

8. Accomplished Recommendation Form from at least 2 persons who can vouch the competence of the applicant.
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