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Visayas State University

Baybay City, Leyte
Application for AY 2014/15 Closed

Education courses offered at VSU

Bachelor's courses

Bachelor of Elementary Education 4 years details > contact >
Bachelor of Secondary Education 4 years details > contact >
major in Bio-Chemistry contact >
major in Biology contact >
major in Mathematics contact >
major in Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health contact >
major in Physical Science contact >

Master's courses

Master of Education details > contact >
major in Biology contact >
major in Chemistry contact >
major in English contact >
major in Physical Education contact >
Master in Professional Studies details > contact >
MS in Home Economics details > contact >
MS in Language Teaching details > contact >
Masters in Education major in Physcial Sciences details > contact >
Master of Agricultural Development major in Agricultural Technology Education details > contact >

May not include all fees, and can change at any time.
An individual with the appropriate degree or it's equivalent is eligible for admission to graduate studies leading to a master's or doctoral degree. Prospective graduate students shall submit their application for admission and other requirements to the Dean of the Graduate School within a reasonable period before the opening of each term.
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