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University of the Cordilleras

Baguio City, Benguet
Application for AY 2014/15 Will open on May 1, 2014

Reviews of University of the Cordilleras graduates

A. O.
Studied Bachelor of Science in Psychology
at University Of The Cordilleras , Baguio City
Graduated: 2012

About University Of The Cordilleras:
Overall, the university I attended was alright. It did not have the best and newest facilities but it provided for everything we needed. The professors were of high standards since they were required to have masters degrees before they could teach. And I believe every professor has an above average IQ.

About my college education:
Psychology was both challenging and enjoyable! I never expected it to involve so much Math but that was okay since I have math skills anyway. You will be dealing with a lot of people and test subjects so it requires interpersonal skills as well. You need to adjust to different kinds of people especially if you go into field work which involves mentally challenged patients.

This course also requires a lot of reading and research. There are many theories surrounding Psychology and it would be great to test these theories. It makes the course a lot more interesting. Hard work, I believe, is something that all courses needs.

My current job:
I am a freelance writer.
Totally not related to Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Am I using what I learned in college:
Yes. Psychology is a very flexible course. All the concepts I learned from it is applicable to work or to real life. One of the concepts that I use on a daily basis are the concepts in Developmental Psychology whenever I'm at wits end with raising my children. I use concepts in Statistical Psychology whenever doing research papers for my clients.

How long did it take to find a job after graduation:
I got a job right after graduation.

Do I recommend studying Bachelor of Science in Psychology:
Yes! I studied Psychology for a reason. It is a very good course. Like I have said, it is flexible. Concepts surrounding Psychology are applicable to many industries. For example, Social Psychology concepts may be applied in social work. Industrial Psychology may be applied in the Human Resources department. Educational Psychology may be applied in teaching or in children. And so on and so forth. There are a lot of career opportunities. But it would always depend on the person. You must be competent enough and smart enough to use these concepts in the work place and in life.
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B. E.
Studied Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
at University of the Cordilleras , Baguio City
Graduated: 2010

About University of the Cordilleras:
The school is an advance and excellent University when it comes to Computer Science, they already have an excellent level in Computing Science. The Professors are very approachable and friendly. The atmosphere is very relaxing and very enjoyable. The Facilities are advance in terms of personal computers and laboratory facilities.

About my college education:
Information Technology is very interesting especially to those who are gamers and wanted to be innovators in the future. The difficulty of the course is nothing more than a piece of chicken if you are really dedicated to what you wanted to be. It is enjoyable because you are creating a figure with just a number and some solutions that are needed to form that figure, it is also enjoyable because you can and also creating your own game. The challenge is to create and surpass the programmers, game creators and or innovators in the near future, being number 1 in the field of Computing Science is an honor just doing and going to the right path.

The skills needed for this course is analytical skills, mathematical skills, hard work, problem solving, creativity, dedication, understanding and always and never forget the word fun in this type of course, but always be serious on the things that you are going to do, especially in creating a new java game or being an innovator and being a defender.

My current job:
Self employed - still enjoying some of my skills as a game creator.

Am I using what I learned in college:
Yes, programming skills

Do I recommend studying Bachelor of Science in Information Technology:
For employment - you can go to technical support at call centers, programmer/defender, innovator and game creator.
Well, for me the most fulfilling thing in this kind of course is when you have created a game that everyone is so interested with like RPG, today you can see that Role Playing Game (RPG) is rampaging all over the world not only in Asia where many gamers are playing day and night. So that is the most fulfilling part of being a Information Technology "Geek".
Salary level. I think you can see that when you have created a game, innovate something in the near future, being the number 1 defender/programmer
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Asher Cadaweng
Studied Bachelor in Science in Nursing
at University Of The Cordilleras , Baguio City
Graduated: 2010

About University Of The Cordilleras:
the professors- well trained, they know what they are teaching in the classroom and in the clinical area.
the atmosphere is enjoyable, learning is fun.
facilities are first class, you understand a subject when all the material are there specially when having a return demo.

About my college education:
It was very interesting specially that I love helping the community. Challenging because at the start you don't know what the persons problem unless you have to have a good personal relationship with every patient you meet whether poor and rich.
Skills require is your dedication to help the needy individuals in the community and hospital without proper health care. Having also good interpersonal relationship with the patient creates deeper understanding of what the patient feels about his/her condition and having the knowledge, the skill and attitude to become a successful nurse.

Am I using what I learned in college:
all that I have learned in college was usefull becoming a good nurse to apply what have learned and to save and help the needy people who does no have accessible in need of health care.
- using my knowledge or theories in nursing that there is proper way to handle a patient, the best way to care for a patient
- using my interpersonal relationship being a nurse

How long did it take to find a job after graduation:
6 months

Do I recommend studying Bachelor in Science in Nursing:
As we know, the philippines has influx of nurses because of the demand in other countries who are getting nurses to work for them, but in employment opportunities, you will get a 20% chance of being employed because of the competition that you get from your co-nurses.

This is an interesting career because it deals with the lives of a person, but if you are willing to get a course of nursing its up to you if your goal is helping and caring.

Salary level when you working in other countries is high, so many nurses who graduated here in the Philippines wants to work work abroad for higher payment.
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W. B.
Studied Bachelor of Arts in Economics
at Baguio Colleges Foundation , Baguio City
Graduated: 1999

About Baguio Colleges Foundation:
Through out my college years, I passed a lot of professors, some are excellent in their approach or method of teaching and I admired them a lot making me not to miss their classes. There are some professors who are very strict and tyrant in class making me feel nervous all the time and tension hinder me to learn. My atmosphere was good when I am entering my favorite class except the packed class room, at that time school facilities are not advance comparing today.

About my college education:
I can say that I enjoyed my economic study a lot. I was interested in dealing with numbers, talking about money, the resources, capital money, labor and production. I have no difficulties in finishing my course at all except for one major which is the Integral/calculus that was too challenging.

The most likely to apply in this course is analytically skill combined with the ability to solve problem plus hard work is the key to success.

My current job:
I just came back home to the Philippines from China, teaching Business English, ESL, Business correspondence and Business Trade. I just received contract from Unilever UK as Office Assistant
Not really related to Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Am I using what I learned in college:
Honestly speaking, my exposure to college level gained me a lot. I manage to deal efficiently with anything that has to do with profession. It taught me the basic important knowledge one has to use in their future job or even in their everyday life. People can also recognize which field is your expertise by the way you express your opinion, ability, knowledge or skill. I am using my knowledge in economics during my previous jobs. I do research/analyst to study the economic activities of the company.

How long did it take to find a job after graduation:
Well, it took me quite some time because I got married by the time I finished my course. But when I tried to apply, it took me no hardship at all.

Do I recommend studying Bachelor of Arts in Economics:
Absolutely, I recommend this course if one has the passion to study micro and macro economics. Employment opportunities is not that in demand but you can use your course in any field of job. The best in this course is when you are employed as researcher/analyst the wage is very satisfactory. One of the highest paid position in a certain company.
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A. C.
Studied Bachelor of Secondary Education
at University Of The Cordilleras , Baguio City
Graduated: 2011

About University Of The Cordilleras:
University of the Cordilleras is one of the best schools in the Philippines. The teachers are really masters of their own field, professionals and friendly at the same time. Until now, I believe that I am blessed to have such teachers.

The atmosphere is really great too due to the fact that classrooms are well-ventilated and fans are provided in case the temperature shoots up. Also, the University of the Cordilleras has wide space which makes the environment conducive for learning.

I couldn't say anything about the facilities of the school. First, UC is a wifi-zone which makes it possible for all students to research and surf the net except facebook and other social networking sites, Second, libraries and laboratories all over the campuses. Third, cafeteria with good and healthy food. Fourth, bookstore and xerox machines inside the school. Fifth, super clean comfort rooms maintained by student assistance, Sixth, wide gymnasium and open court used for almost all events. Seventh, theater and halls ready to be used anytime for performances and meetings. There are more facilities in the school which I couldn't mention. Over-all, I believe that UC has the best facilities.

About my college education:
Bachelor of Secondary Education is a really interesting, challenging and enjoyable course. Being able to learn many things about almost all subject thought me a lot, through this course I was able to improve everything about me. I was though how to teach and how to be a good teacher, I was thought about theories and plans but most of all I was thought to be a good person.
In order to succeed in this course, a student would need to have interpersonal skills due to the fact that it is needed for a student to communicate with other students. Also, hard work, passion to teach, creativity, love for others and patience are required.

My current job:
Currently, I am an ESL teacher.
✓  Related to Bachelor of Secondary Education

Am I using what I learned in college:
Yes! Of course, I am really using what I've learned in college. I'm using everything I've learned particularly educational theories and their uses, lesson planning/UBD and strategies/techniques in teaching. Also, I have been using and teaching subjects which I've learned such as stress, intonation, grammar, literature and many more.

How long did it take to find a job after graduation:
I am proud to say that right after graduation, I took the LET exam and passed right away. I was employed too right after graduation. It didn't take me long to find a job for I believe that the skills and education I've learned from the University of the Cordilleras was really useful and it prepared me for a brighter future.

Do I recommend studying Bachelor of Secondary Education:
I believe that teachers are in demand now and even in the future, education is very important that's why teachers are needed.
This is an interesting career, being in the teaching profession is really challenging for it involves all the subjects learned.
Teaching is not for people who would want to get rich, for you will never get rich teaching except if you do your best and really work hard, teaching will not make you rich but it will fulfill you, will make you happy.
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