University of Cagayan Valley

Tuguegarao City, Cagayan
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Type of school: Private University
Term type: Semester (2 terms per year)
Entrance exam: Not required
Religious affiliation: Nonsectarian


Based on the Weighted Board Exams Ranking
Rank in Cagayan 5th out of 6 schools view
Rank in Cagayan Valley 14th out of 15 schools view
Rank in Philippines 236 out of 259 schools view

Board exams performance:

Displaying the passing rates of First Timers only (does not include people who took the exam for the 2nd or 3rd time).
Based on the results of past 4 exams of each board exam.
Exam Passing Rates
(first timers)
Rank in Philippines
Social Workers Licensure Exam 68%
Below Average
57 of 78 schools
Officer-In-Charge of an Engineering Watch Licensure Exam 53%
Below Average
27 of 37 schools
Master Electrician Licensure Exam 53%
Below Average
127 of 158 schools
Midwife Licensure Exam 52%
Below Average
112 of 155 schools
OIC of a Navigational Watch Licensure Exam 52%
Below Average
44 of 69 schools
Nurses Licensure Exam 50%
Below Average
279 of 342 schools
Licensure Exam for Elementary Teacher 45%
548 of 1012 schools
Electrical Engineer Licensure Exam 43%
Below Average
125 of 146 schools
Mechanical Engineer Licensure Exam 37%
Below Average
103 of 127 schools
Licensure Exam for Secondary Teacher 36%
Below Average
903 of 1172 schools
Criminologists Licensure Exam 33%
Below Average
289 of 429 schools