University of Batangas

Batangas City, Batangas
Application for 2nd sem AY 2015/16 Bachelor's programs Will open Aug 3, 2015
Master's programs Will open Oct 2015
Doctorate programs Will open Oct 2015

Education courses offered at UB

Bachelor's courses

Bachelor of Elementary Education 4 years contact > details >
Bachelor of Secondary Education 4 years contact > details >

Certificate courses

Certificate in Teaching Program 1 years contact > details >

Master's courses

MA in Education contact > details >
major in Educational Administration contact > details >
major in English contact >
major in Filipino contact >
major in Social Studies contact > details >

Doctorate courses

PhD in Education contact > details >

1. Tuition for bachelor's programs are for the 1st year. Tuition for the following years may be different.
2. Tuition for foreign students is almost always higher.
3. May not include all fees, and can change at any time.
1. General weighted average mean of 2.0 or it's equivalent or better for the Master’s Program, and a weighted average or 1.75 or better for the Doctoral Program

2. (Applicants with lower than 2.0 weighted average in the Bachelor’s program and lower than 1.75 in Master’s Program may be admitted in a non-degree program until completion of 15-18 units. They shall qualify in the degree program if the weighted average in the first 15-18 units is 1.5 or better)

3. Official Transcript of Records (original copy), Transfer credentials and description of courses taken from other schools.

4. Duly accomplished Graduate Program application form

5. Interview with Dean /Faculty

Students in the Masters and Doctorate programs pursuing areas different from their fields of specialization in the undergraduate /master’s level respectively shall be required to take additional units in the major subjects. The Dean shall decide the number of units depending on the evaluation of the undergraduate /master’s credentials presented and on certified work experience.
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