St. Scholastica's College

Manila, Metro Manila
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>Type: Private College
>Entrance exam: Required
>Religious affiliation: Benedictine
>Term structure: Semester
>School year: starts in August

Tuition fees

Bachelor's degree ₱ 100,000-130,000 per year
Master's degree ₱ 20,000-39,000 per year

Courses offered


Based on the Weighted Board Exams Ranking
Rank in Metro Manila 10th out of 47 schools view
Rank in Philippines 31 out of 272 schools view

Board exams performance

Displaying the passing rates of First Time Examinees only.
Based on the results of the past 4 exams of each board exam.
Exam Passing Rates
(first timers)
Rank in Philippines
Licensure Exam for Secondary Teacher 92%
25 of 1225 schools
Nutritionist-Dietitian Licensure Exam 73%
20 of 36 schools
Licensure Exam for Elementary Teacher 72%
Very Good
120 of 1037 schools
Licensure Exam for Psychometricians 68%
18 of 213 schools
CPA Licensure Exam 52%
Very Good
80 of 389 schools
Interior Design Licensure Exam 42%
Above Average
7 of 18 schools


St. Scholastica's College
2560 Leon Guinto Street, Malate 1004 Metro Manila

Scholarships at St. Scholastica's College

A. Academic / Merit Scholarship

1. An Academic Scholarship is awarded to a high school valedictorian (100% discount on tuition fee) and salutatorian (50% discount on tuition fee) who qualify for admission to the College. Applications for the Academic Scholarship are processed on a FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVED basis. Application forms are available at the Registrar’s and Grants Office. The application form and other documents should be filed before the deadline set for maximum consideration. Awarding of scholarships to students filing after the deadline will depend upon the availability of funds or scholarship slots.

2. A Merit Scholarship is awarded to applicants who top the entrance test, whose fourth year High School general average at the time of application is 85% or above and have been highly recommended by their Principal/Teacher/Counselor.

Renewal of Scholarship

Requirements and Procedures for Renewal of Academic Scholarship

Submission of:

1. Application form for renewal of scholarships (secure from Registrar’s and Grants Office)

2. Latest transcript of records

3. Photocopy of class cards of last semester

SSC is under no obligation to grant scholarship or financial assistance to any student or individual.

Maintenance Requirements

Academic and Merit scholars enjoy the scholarship for one year and may apply for renewal at the end of every semester provided they:

1. Maintain an average (CQPA) of a 3.50 or higher.

2. Have no F (failing) or W (withdrawal) grade in any subject.

3. Conform with the rules and regulations of the School/College

An Academic/Merit scholar who forfeits her/his scholarship may not be awarded the same scholarship henceforth.

B. Sports Scholarship

A Sports Scholarship is awarded to outstanding athletes upon the endorsement and recommendation of the Student Affairs Office and approval of the College Scholarship and Grants Committee. Scholars may enjoy partial (10, 15, 21 units) to full discounts (100%) on tuition fee for one year (two continuous semesters) and may apply for renewal of the scholarship every semester thereafter provided maintenance requirements are complied with.

Basic Criteria

1. Must have been a student of SSC for at least one year unless highly recommended by the school coach.

2. Has a year-end average of not lower than 83% (High School)/2.7 (College) with no failing marks in any quarter/semester.

3. Has not been subjected to any disciplinary action.

4. Must be a member of the varsity team.

5. Must be a multi-awarded athlete.

Requirements and Procedures

1. The Moderator of the SSC Varsity Team, with the endorsement of the Dean of Student Affairs/Coordinator of Student Activities, informs the Grants Officer in writing of the candidate/s for the Sports Scholarship.

2. The student secures application form from the Registrar’s and Grants Office.

3. The student submits the application form together with the other requirements. For list of requirements, please inquire from the Registrar’s and Grants Office at telephone numbers (632) 567-7686 local 165.

4. The Scholarship and Grants Committee meets to assess the merits of the application. If approved, the applicant is informed in writing.

5. The scholar signs the contract.

Maintenance Requirements

The Scholarship can be renewed before the start of the next year (semester for college students). The scholar is qualified to apply for renewal if she meets the following criteria:

1. Attended the school’s training regularly.

2. Has no failing grades and has complied with the grade maintenance requirements. Grade School/High School – 83% average; College – 2.70 CQPA.

3. Has won in at least two (2) major leagues (or it's equivalent as determined by the Coach) during the school year (at least one major award per semester for college students) or participation/performance helped improve the team’s standing

4. Has not been subjected to any serious disciplinary action

Renewal of Scholarship

1. Application form for renewal of scholarship

2. Athlete’s statistics/scorecard/training record form duly signed by the Coach and Sports Moderator.

3. Recommendation letters from SSC Varsity Team Moderator and Student Affairs Office Dean, CSA (SSC form).

4. Photocopy of latest report cardItranscript certified true and correct by the Registrar’s and Grants Office.

5. Photocopy of certificates/awards received since last application including photos taken (properly labeled).

6. Certificate of Good Health from the family or sports doctor duly endorsed by the parents.

SSC is under no obligation to grant scholarship or financial assistance to any student or individual.

C. Financial Assistance

A Financial Grant is awarded to eligible applicants seeking financial assistance and whose lower economic status has been verified by the Scholarship and Grants Committee. This takes various forms:

1. 10 units discount on tuition fees

2. 15 units discount on tuition fees

3. 21 units discount on tuition fees

4. 100% discount on tuition fees

5. The student pays the balance of the tuition and fees upon enrollment in full

6. All students pay the Registration and Miscellaneous fees (miscellaneous fee includes the Capital Development Fee, College Parents Association Fee, ID, X-ray and Insurance)


Those applicants who:

1. Have passed the SSC entrance test/admission requirements;

2. Have shown satisfactory performance in their senior year in High School (for college freshmen) or previous semester/s in his/her former school (for transferees);

3. Possess good character as attested to by the Principal/Dean, teacher/counselor; and

4. Have limited financial resources as reflected in the documents presented and as attested to by the Principal/Dean, teacher/counselor.

Note: An applicant with a sibling currently enjoying or has enjoyed financial assistance in the past is automatically disqualified.

An applicant whose parents do not have fixed income or have no income at all should have a sponsor who can provide additional financial support. Financial assistance from SSC may not be enough to pay for all the tuition and fees and other school-related expenses.

Application Procedures

Applicants follow the regular procedure for seeking admission to the College. After having passed all admissions requirements of SSC, the applicant secures an application form from the Registrar’s and Grants Office.

1. Fill-up the application form issued by the Registrar’s and Grants Office and submit it together with the following:

1.1. For those whose parents are employed, submit

• photocopy of the latest Income Tax Return (ITR) duly stamped by the BIR
• Certificate of Employment and Compensation (CEC)
• Residence Certificate of parent/s
• latest payslip of parents (15th and 30th of the month)

1.2. For those whose parents have employment overseas, no employments, or no fixed income,
submit the following:

• Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 1-98
• Certification from the BIR
• Certification from the municipality/city mayor
• Affidavit of Exemption from Filing Income Tax Return

1.3. A paragraph on each of the following:

• Brief description of yourself – your strengths and weaknesses, reason for choosing your course,
plans for the future
• Reason/s for applying for financial assistance
• How can you be of service to SSC and society, especially after College?
• How can you support the Scholarships and Grants Program of SSC now and in the future?

1.4. Letter of Recommendation (use SSC form) signed by the High School Principal, Teacher/Adviser
and Counselor attesting to the financial needs of the family

1.5. Photocopy of report card (for college freshman)/transcript of records (for transferees/old students)

1.6. Photocopy of report card/s of sibling/s

1.7. Location map of residence

2. Come for an interview with the parent or guardian on a date to be arranged with the Registrar’s and Grants Office.

An unannounced home visitation may be conducted to secure more information about the applicant.Investigation of the grantee’s lifestyle will be conducted from time to time.

Note: Awarding of financial grants depends upon the availability of funds and/or slots. Therefore, applicants are processed on a FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVED basis. Applicants with incomplete documents will be set aside until all requirements have been submitted.

Status of Application

The applicant inquires from the Registrar’s and Grants Office the status of application for financial assistance. A status letter signed by the School President will be given to the grantee a few weeks after enrollment

Maintenance Requirements

A financial grantee may apply for the renewal of the grant every semester provided s/he

1. Maintains an average of B- or CQPA of a 2.70 or higher with no F (failing) or W (withdrawal) grade in any subject;

2. Conforms satisfactorily to the rules and regulations of the School.

3. Renders the required number of service hours within the semester. S/He is expected to receive a favorable evaluation from the Department/Office s/he has been assigned to. (The grantee arranges his/her work schedule with the Office/Unit Head.

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