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Sogod, Southern Leyte
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Reviews of SLSU Sogod graduates

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R. M.
◈ Studied BS in Electrical Engineering
◈ At SLSU Sogod
◈ Graduated 2005

list bulletAbout SLSU Sogod: The university has five campuses which focus on their respective field. There was a time that I had to go to “Tomas Oppus” campus to attend my English and History class, and I had to return to “Sogod” campus for my computer and engineering classes. It took me 15-20 minutes to travel from one campus to another.

Before, the facilities and equipment were not sufficient, even the professors came late for their classes.

list bulletMy current job: Sadly saying I applied as an Electrical engineer at a fast food company but they offered me the job of a service crew since there were no vacancies. I had to take the job because we were experiencing financial crisis, eventually after working with them for a year they promoted me to work as an Operations supervisor.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: Since I had a difficult time looking for a job at Leyte, I had to leave and try my luck in Davao. It took me half a month to land a job. If I hadn’t accepted the offer to work as a service crew maybe it would even take me longer than 6 months to have my first job.
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R. B.
◈ Studied BSEd in Physics
◈ At SLSU Sogod
◈ Graduated 2004

list bulletAbout SLSU Sogod: The University I graduated from is a wonderful place to learn. Located on the top of a hill, it is an strategic place to to think and study and learn. The school is run by competitive administrators and the faculty is comprised of MA/MS and PhD holders in their field of specializations. Facilities are awesome, provided with the technologies that at par with the standards during our time.

list bulletMy current job: University Faculty

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: After graduation from college, I finished another important course, a one year vocational training. Two months from my graduation from that course, I was hired as a High School Physics Teacher in the public school system.
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