Saint Louis University

Baguio City, Benguet
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Type of school: Private University
Term type: Semester (2 terms per year)
Entrance exam: Required
Religious affiliation: Catholic

Tuition fees:

Bachelor's degree ₱ 40,000-60,000 per year
Master's degree ₱ 15,500-27,000 per year

Courses offered at Saint Louis University:


Based on the Weighted Board Exams Ranking
Rank in Benguet 1st out of 7 schools view
Rank in Cordillera Administrative Region 1st out of 8 schools view
Rank in Philippines 30th out of 259 schools view

Centers of Excellence and Development:

Board exams performance:

Displaying the passing rates of First Timers only (does not include people who took the exam for the 2nd or 3rd time).
Based on the results of past 4 exams of each board exam.
Exam Passing Rates
(first timers)
Rank in Philippines
Medical Technology Board Exam 100%
1 of 100 schools
Pharmacist Licensure Exam 98%
3 of 70 schools
Nurses Licensure Exam 98%
28 of 355 schools
Social Workers Licensure Exam 96%
12 of 78 schools
Librarian Licensure Examination 95%
2 of 49 schools
Radiologic Technologist Licensure Exam 93%
2 of 76 schools
Licensure Exam for Secondary Teacher 91%
30 of 1167 schools
Licensure Exam for Elementary Teacher 91%
24 of 1016 schools
Physician Licensure Exam 90%
16 of 36 schools
Electrical Engineer Licensure Exam 88%
Very Good
35 of 146 schools
Mining Engineer Licensure Exam 86%
Very Good
5 of 9 schools
Mechanical Engineer Licensure Exam 84%
Very Good
25 of 127 schools
Electronics Technicians Board Exam 83%
Very Good
73 of 154 schools
Master Electrician Licensure Exam 82%
Very Good
41 of 158 schools
Guidance Counselor Licensure Exam 80%
Very Good
13 of 41 schools
Architect Licensure Exam 78%
Above Average
23 of 73 schools
Geodetic Engineer Licensure Exam 75%
Above Average
5 of 23 schools
Real Estate Broker Licensure Examination 71%
Very Good
36 of 286 schools
Real Estate Appraiser Licensure Exam 68%
21 of 164 schools
Chemical Engineer Licensure Exam 63%
Above Average
14 of 33 schools
Civil Engineering Licensure Exam 60%
Above Average
50 of 203 schools
Licensure Exam for Psychometricians 59%
28 of 185 schools
CPA Licensure Exam 54%
Above Average
84 of 352 schools
Master Plumber Licensure Exam 46%
Above Average
31 of 112 schools
Electronics Engineer (ECE) Licensure Exam 40%
Above Average
48 of 153 schools
Environmental Planner Licensure Exam 30%
Below Average
36 of 43 schools


Saint Louis University
A. Bonifacio St., Baguio City, 2600 Benguet

Scholarships at Saint Louis University:

1. SLU Entrance Scholarship for 4th year High School Valedictorians and Salutatorians and top 100 placers in the regular SLU College Entrance Examination.

2. SLU Academic Scholarship is awarded every semester based on the student’s academic performance of the previous semester

3. SLU Activity Grants for

• Members of the SLU Band

• Performers of the Center for Culture and the Arts

• Varsity Athletes

4. SLU Service Grants for Working Students

5. PD 577 Scholarship

6. SLU Special Scholarship

7. Private Scholarships implemented by SLU

• Ambassador Philip J. Lhuillier Scholarship for BSAC and BSBA courses

• Analog Devices Scholarship Program for 3rd, 4th and 5th year BSEE

• Antonio/Corazon (Ancor) Favis Scholarship Program for BSED

• BGHMC Employees’ Multi-purpose Cooperative Scholarship Program for BSAC, BSBA, BSED, BEED, BS Psych, BS Soc Wk, BA PIS; Bachelor of Arts (BA) Majors in Communication, English or Political Science

• Juan F. Salinda Memorial Scholarship Program for the School of Medicine

• Loakan Educational Assistance Program (LEAP) Youth Scholarship Prorgam - Open to any course in SLU

• Louisian Photography Club for BA Communication

• Nellie Kellog Van Schaick Charitable Trust for the School of Medicine

• Pablo Fernandez Scholarship Program for BSAC

• PAMWE Scholarship for Engineering courses

• Philex Mining Corp. Scholarship Program for BS Mining Engineering

• PHINMA Foundation Scholarship for 3rd to 5th year Engineering students

• Rafael Roces Memorial Scholarship Program for BSED and BEED

• Rosalina A. Mateo Academic Assistance Program (RAMAAP)

• SLU College of Medicine Batch ‘83/Amadeo B. Belmonte Scholarship Program for the School of Medicine

• SLU College of Medicine Batch ‘83/Amadeo B. Belmonte Financial Assistance Program for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students in the School of Medicine

• SLU Alumni Foundation Inc. Scholarship Program

• SLU-Wostyn/Spiessens Scholarship Program for BS Pharm, BSAC and BSBA Bus Econ

• Texas Instruments (Phils) Inc. For BS Electrical and BS Mechanical Eng’g.

• Student Loan Program

8. Government Scholarships:

• CHED Special Study Grant Program (CSSGP-CD) under various Congressional Districts

• CHED-Higher Education Dev‘t Project Scholarship Program (CHED-HEDP)

• CHED-Senate Study Program

• Department of Science & Technology (DOST) Scholarship

• Development Bank of the Philippines Endowment for Education Program (DBP DEEP) for BS Nursing

• Full Merit Program

• Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) Scholarship

• Half Merit program

• Half Merit Program for Persons with Disabilities

• National Scholarship Program (NSP)

• OPAPP-CHED Study Grant Program for Rebel Returnees (OC-SGPRR)

• Philippine Veterans Administration Office (PVAO) Scholarship

• Regional Scholarship Program (RSP)

• Student Assistance Fund for Education (SAFE) for Loans

• Student Financial Assistance Program SAFE 4 SR (Students’ Assistance Fund for Education for a Strong Republic (STUFAP)

• Study Grant Program for Indigenous and Ethnic People (SGP-IEP)

• Study Grant for Solo Parent and their Dependents (SG-SP)

• Students Loan Program for Centers of Excellence (SLP-COE)

• State Scholarship Program (SSP)

• Study Now Pay Later Program (SNPLP)

• Tulong Dunong Program