Riverside College

Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
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Reviews of Riverside College graduates

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R. B.
◈ Studied BS in Radiologic Technology
◈ At Riverside College
◈ Graduated 2017

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: Riverside College was the only school in our city that offers a RadTech course. And this school is the Alma Mater of my 2 older sisters who are registered nurses. Riverside College is a medical school.

list bulletAbout Riverside College: Riverside College is not a big school but fun and friendly community kind of school. It has lots of enjoyable school activities. The professors are approachable, friendly, some are strict and some are not. They teach not only to impart their knowledge but also to hone our physical and mental ability in preparation to become future medical professionals and to be the 'Lux et Caritas' (Light and Charity) of the society. Since Riverside College is a medical school, it has a base hospital where students train like medical professionals and practice their skills in handling different kinds of patient. All classrooms, computer laboratories, medical laboratories, and the library are all air-conditioned for students' comfort. The school is a wifi campus, has an elevator, school buses and other vehicular services, drinking fountains, quadrangle, roof deck wherein another covered court is located, wide parking lot space and a food court.
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N. C.
◈ Studied BS in Nursing
◈ At Riverside College
◈ Graduated 2007

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: They offer a good education when it comes to this course. It has a good reputation and I believed that it will help me get along further in life.

list bulletAbout Riverside College: This college offers great services and facilities to students. I am thankful that the professors vividly explain the subject matter to us.

list bulletMy current job: At the moment I don't have a job, but I worked in the nursing home for almost 2 years.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: More than a year, since our country was overloaded with nursing graduates.
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M. P.
◈ Studied BS in Nursing
◈ At Riverside College
◈ Graduated 2008

list bulletAbout Riverside College: I can actually say that my school is a good school. It's not great but I’m happy that I enrolled there. I live in a small city and I'm happy to say that our hospital is one of the best here. I think it's a lot different now but back in my time there were facilities that were not really that developed (in the school not the hospital). The classrooms were pretty standard but they were rooms built for A/Cs and those we didn't have. We only had fans. I passed by my college a couple of days ago and it looked like they added a few infrastructures. The atmosphere was pretty much the same with all the other schools I guess. It actually depended on the teacher in front. There were mediocre teachers and there were teachers that I'd remember for as long as I live. It had a pretty conducive learning environment actually. In conclusion, I really loved my school even though it was scorching, for most days. I only wished they had a better system for enrollment.

list bulletMy current job: I currently work as an online English Teacher and I have been with my current company for about 3 years.

list bulletHow long did it take to find a job: Not too long. I had to review for the Board exams for a year but I really thank my parents for instilling optimism in my life. I'm proud of the fact that I didn't really need anyone's help in making resumes or CVs. I actually just Googled it and then went from there. I was hired as a one on one tutor for Koreans a month after I took the exams.
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