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Universities and Colleges in Taguig City

A list of universities and colleges in Taguig City, Metro Manila.  Whenever possible we provide full details about the courses in each of the schools, including tuition fees, admission requirements, course description and the admission phone number.
Private College, Taguig City
Application for AY 2015/16 Open Application for 2nd semester AY 2014/15 Open till Oct 31, 2014
Tuition fees
Bachelor's P 180,000 per semester
Enderun is a four-year undergraduate college that offers a full range of bachelor's degree and non-degree courses in the fields of international hospitality management and business administration.
Public College, Taguig City
Application for 2nd semester AY 2014/15 Open
Public University, Taguig City
Application for AY 2015/16 Will open on Oct 1, 2014
Tuition fees
Bachelor's P 1,300-2,000 per semester
B. B.  studied BS in Accountancy,  graduated 2004
"Since it was relatively a small campus with only about a hundred or so students per department, I would say the ambiance was very laid back. I felt at home because most of the students knew each other..."
Public University, Taguig City
Application for AY 2015/16 Will open in Dec 2014
Tuition fees
Bachelor's P 8,000-9,000 per semester
TUP – Taguig has certainly shaped it's function in the Philippine educational system as the zenith and model of excellence in quality technological and industrial education. It is the flagship of technology education in the Philippines.
M. T.  studied BSECE,  graduated 2005
"Atmosphere - Not that good and not that bad either, rusty roofs and old buildings ruined most of it. A little greener compared to other school campus, there are trees and shrubs growing in most places..."
Public University, Taguig City
Application for AY 2014/15 Closed
Tuition fees
The school has no tuition fee / no miscellaneous fee or any other fees.
S. M.  studied BS Criminology,  graduated 2013
"The ambiance is very fresh because the location is in the higher part of Taguig. And safe because it is near Camp Bagong Diwa. The Professors are strict some of them are police officers, retired offic..."
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