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Private University, Intramuros, Manila
Tuition fees
Bachelor's ₱ 105,000-155,000 per year
Master's ₱ 31,000-64,000 per year
Doctorate ₱ 65,000-74,000 full program
MIT is the first school in the Philippines to fully adopt the learner-centered outcomes-based education (OBE) system, a move that resulted in the accreditation of it's 10 engineering and computing programs by the prestigious United States-based ABET. Mapúa is also the first school to receive Philipp...
Reviews of graduates
E. S.  studied Bachelor of science in electronics engineering,  graduated 2013
"Its not that big of a campus but it can house thousands of student in different programs. It also gives you the chance to meet other students from different programs. Its atmosphere is small but intim..." read reviews >>
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