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Private College, Taft Avenue, Manila
Application for AY 2015/16 Bachelor's programs Open
Master's programs Open
Tuition fees
Bachelor's₱ 80,000-110,000 per year
Master's₱ 11,500-30,000 per year
SSC has been managed by the Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing. It pioneered formal music education in the Philippines, opening a Conservatory of Music in 1907 which, to the present, has turned out most of the leading women musicians of the country.
10 reviews of graduates
C. M.  studied BEED-SPED,  graduated 2014
"The school is complete with the facilities and have enough spaces to accommodate each student concern. All professors are literate, considerate and master each course they teach. The atmosphere- I c..." read reviews >>
Private University, Intramuros, Manila
Application for AY 2015/16 Bachelor's programs Open till Jun 30, 2015
Master's programs Open
Doctorate programs Open till Jun 6, 2015
Tuition fees
Bachelor's₱ 105,000-155,000 per year
Master's₱ 31,000-64,000 per year
MIT is the first school in the Philippines to fully adopt the learner-centered outcomes-based education (OBE) system, a move that resulted in the accreditation of it's 10 engineering and computing programs by the prestigious United States-based ABET. Mapúa is also the first school to receive Philipp...
76 reviews of graduates
R. C.  studied BSIE,  graduated 2001
"My school is the center of excellence in different kinds of engineering." read reviews >>
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