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Philippine Women's University in Manila

Manila, Metro Manila
Application for AY 2014/15 Open till May 31, 2014
Tuition fees
Bachelor's degree  P 29,000-33,000 per trimester
Master's degree  P 18,500 per trimester
Type of school: Private University
Gender admission: Men & Women
Religious affiliation: Nonsectarian
Entrance exam: Required
Entrance exam schedule:
Every Monday to Saturday until May 31, 2014



Students can get 50% to 100% discount on tuition if they attain the PWU standard scores in entrance examination.

• Academic Scholarships for valedictorians, salutatorians and honorable mentions; University, College and Deans' scholars, are given tuition and miscellaneous fees discounts as follows:

1. Valedictorians (Rank 1) - 100% discount on tuition and miscellaneous fees on
the first trimester. Succeeding scholarship will depend on their performance.

2. Salutatorians (Rank 2) - 100% discount on tuition and 50% discount on
miscellaneous fees.

3. Honorable mention (Ranks 3-5) - 50% discount on tuition and miscellaneous

4. Honorable Mention (Ranks 6-10) - 100% discount on tuition fees, with the
following conditions:

Should come from graduating class of at least 200 students.
Applies to all courses except HRM and Nursing
Applies also to certificate courses like Medical Transcription, Practical
Nursing, Caregiver, Nursing Aide

5. University Scholar - 100% discount on tuition and miscellaneous fees with
grades 1.0 - 1.20
- 75% discount on tuition and miscellaneous fees with
grades 1.21 - 1.30

6. College Scholar - 50% discount on tuition and miscellaneous fees grades
1.31 - 1.40

7. Dean's List - 25% discount on tuition and miscellaneous fees with 1.41 - 1.50

• Student Assistantship Program
1. All incoming freshmen applying for Student Assistant shall have an average
grade of at least 85%.

2. All SAs shall maintain a weighted average of 2.5 with no failing grade in any

3. A tuition fee privilege of 15 units will be granted to all SAs

4. The student shall submit his/her learning objectives (skills, knowledge and
competencies) the student wants to achieve as SA during his/her stay at PWU.

5. In case the students will not be able to complete the prescribed hours for the
conclusion of the SA Program, he/she will be required to complete the program
after graduation under an apprenticeship program. A modest allowance
equivalent to 70% of the existing minimum wage will be given to SAs who will
serve during summer and after graduation.

6. An SA will be allowed to serve in a department/unit for one (1) year and will be
rotated to other units to acquire other skills.

7. Prior to the first trimester, the SA shall undergo training on leadership,
personality development, image enhancement, English proficiency and
orientation on PWU administrative policies, code of ethics and other types of
training that will be required by the nature of the work assignment in
coordination with the Human Resources Development and Management Division.

8. The HRDMD shall design and develop a training program exclusively for Student
Assistants to make them efficient, effective and exemplary office/administrative
student assistants.

• Scholarship for Student Leaders

The scholarship is being recommended for the top student leaders as an incentive and recognition of their leadership, as

• Student Council Organization President
• Philwomenian Editor-in-Chief

Student leaders are given 100% discount on tuition, miscellaneous and other fees.

• Alma Belardo Scholarship

Allocation of the grant for thesis/dissertation writing grants which most of the faculty and employees can not pursue due to the high costs of fees involved.

• Emily Navarro Abinoja Scholarship

The High School Class of IV LT Class '71 is launching a high scholarship in honor of their classmate, Emily Navarro Abinoja. This is under the guidance of the principal, Ms. Luz Fajardo and their former class adviser, Mrs. Nannette Ladrido.

The objective is to provide tuition support to a deserving and financially-challenged third or fourth year high school student.


Philippine Women's University in Manila
1743 Taft Avenue, Manila City, Metro Manila.