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Philippine Merchant Marine Academy

San Narciso, Zambales
Application for AY 2014/15 Closed

Reviews of PMMA San Narciso graduates

Endrinal, Kristopher Raymund M.
Studied BS in Marine Transportation
at Philippine Merchant Marine Academy , San Narciso
Graduated: 2013

About Philippine Merchant Marine Academy:
Pressure. The first two years will drain everything out of you; Physically and Mentally. You should struggle against homesickness and threat of losing your love one left outside the walls. The school's culture will teach you to earn things the hard way and stand proud heads down after gaining them.

About my college education:
We have to balance leadership training and academics while living on a semi-military life style. We live inside barracks five days a week and are allowed to go ashore from Friday to Sunday.
Our 2-1-1 curriculum allows us to learn the basic theories about seafaring on the first two years. On the third year, we train onboard international vessels. There, we practice the theories we learned from school at the same time enhance our practical ship management skills. It is enjoyable in a way that it enables us to see the world for free. I've been to Vatican, Chile, China, Capetown and experienced things I might not have seen living a pure civilian life.

My current job:
I am currently a graduating cadet. In six months, I hope that I'll be able to pass my board and become a licensed 3rd Officer.
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Am I using what I learned in college:
Yes, it is our edge. Every knowledge learned is essential onboard.

How long did it take to find a job after graduation:
All of us are already employed before graduation. We are already receiving bonus and support from our sponsor companies prior to graduation. They even refund whatever we spent to enroll in the academy. As for me, I am sponsored by NYK-Ship Management.

Do I recommend studying BS in Marine Transportation:
Yes, I recommend seafaring career to others. There is a high employment demand specially we are the top producer of seafarers in the world. The experience cannot be bought nor can be paid by salary. Seeing different culture of the world is the best thing you can experience. taste different foods, see different tourist spots, learn languages. The average salary of a third officer, lowest rank of officers, is 150,000 pesos.
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