New Era University

Quezon City, Metro Manila
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>Type: Private University
>Term structure: Semester (2 terms per year)
>School year: starts in June
>Entrance exam: Required (NEU Admission Test)
>Religious affiliation: Church of Christ

Tuition fees

Bachelor's degree ₱ 38,000-40,000 per year
Master's degree ₱ 19,000-68,000 per year
Doctorate degree ₱ 105,000 per entire program

Courses offered at New Era University


Based on the Weighted Board Exams Ranking
Rank in Metro Manila 28th out of 47 schools view
Rank in Philippines 135 out of 272 schools view

Board exams performance

Displaying the passing rates of First Time Examinees only.
Based on the results of the past 4 exams of each board exam.
Exam Passing Rates
(first timers)
Rank in Philippines
Nurses Licensure Exam 100%
1 of 342 schools
Electronics Technicians Board Exam 77%
Below Average
97 of 150 schools
Master Electrician Licensure Exam 76%
Above Average
70 of 162 schools
Mechanical Engineer Licensure Exam 69%
64 of 130 schools
Licensure Exam for Secondary Teacher 67%
Very Good
230 of 1172 schools
Licensure Exam for Elementary Teacher 67%
Above Average
213 of 1012 schools
Guidance Counselor Licensure Exam 58%
Below Average
30 of 40 schools
Civil Engineering Licensure Exam 51%
Above Average
76 of 201 schools
Electrical Engineer Licensure Exam 50%
Below Average
116 of 148 schools
Real Estate Appraiser Licensure Exam 50%
69 of 149 schools
Real Estate Broker Licensure Examination 46%
Below Average
156 of 254 schools
CPA Licensure Exam 36%
Above Average
135 of 389 schools
Master Plumber Licensure Exam 33%
Above Average
54 of 126 schools
Licensure Exam for Psychometricians 31%
Below Average
154 of 213 schools
Electronics Engineer (ECE) Licensure Exam 22%
Below Average
103 of 159 schools


New Era University
No. 9 Central Avenue, Saint Joseph Street, New Era Quezon City, 1107 Metro Manila

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