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Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology

Iligan City, Lanao del Norte
Application for AY 2014/15 Closed

Reviews of MSU-IIT Iligan City graduates

J. A.
Studied BS Psychology
at Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute Of Technology , Iligan City
Graduated: 2013

About Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute Of Technology:
MSU-IIT is a huge institution which caters thousands of students. People in MSU-IIT are vibrant and friendly. The professors are intelligent enough and competent. The knowledge they impart to students are sufficient enough for their learning. However, some facilities are old and not highly advanced since it is a government owned institution. The budget allotted for our school is not adequate but slowly, some low tech facilities are being replaced by new ones.

About my college education:
I can say that my course is really difficult and challenging. Our professors have high standards and we need to meet them. There are numerous projects and requirements but at the same time, it is enjoyable especially if the topic are about personalities/human behavior.

Skills needed are:

Oral Communication
Interpersonal Skills
Analytical Skills
English Skill is a MUST
Hard Work
Problem Solving
Decision Making
Critical Thinking
Job Task Planning and Organizing
Significant Use of Memory
Research Skills
Computer Skills
Science Skill - Anatomy
Math Skill - Interpret data summaries and to understand probability statements
Environmental awareness-Knowing how someone's environment can influence their behavior

My current job:
I am a freelance writer, I write on some Psychology topics.
Not really related to BS Psychology

Am I using what I learned in college:
Yes, of course. The theories and knowledge I learned from college are very helpful in my profession presently. The theories in personality, id, ego and superego and a lot more are very useful.

How long did it take to find a job after graduation:
Around a month only. I applied in August and get hired in August also. :)

Do I recommend studying BS Psychology:
Yes, I will. With employment opportunities, Psychology has a lot to offer, you can go to Academe path and be a teacher. You can go to the industrial field and be an HR officer. You can be in the Medical field as a Psychiatrist. You can be a Counselor, Psychologist in various fields or a Psychometrician. But for me, I chose being an online writer due to the ease and comfort of working at your own home, pace and time. :)
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About Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute Of Technology:
MSU-IIT is somewhat in between progress and dilapitation when you talk about facilities. This could actually be one reason why the students feel at home. State of the art equipmet sit side by side with obsolete machines housed in a semi modern building. Like a small city about to jump into the world of technology and modernization but held back by it's sense of simplicity and rurality.
The professors are the weirdiest and the smartest in the city and the philippines but you will definitely learn so much from them.

About my college education:
Many people say that those who have a deep longing to understand human behavior take up Psychology in college. Graduating from this course is not simply about getting passing grades and completing the requirements. It is about having the need to fully understand behavior. A great wanting to grasp how humans and animals react to acertain situation. Only if you have this kind of need will you be able to fully appreciate the course. You need to have a great analytical skills and must be a critical thinker and must know the art of dealing with people.

My current job:
I currently work as a training resource management specialist
✓  Related to Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Am I using what I learned in college:
Psychology has a wide scope, everything you learn will be definitely be applicable in the career world. Currently, since I deal with managers and company heads, having learned what conditions human minds definitely helps.

How long did it take to find a job after graduation:
2 years - by choice.

Do I recommend studying Bachelor of Science in Psychology:
Definitely, Psychology is applicable everywhere. Aside from Human Resource, you can get into Medical school as it is considered pre-med. You can get into industrial psychology, become a guidance counselor or get into the education field.
Salary level is at 20-25k
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About Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute Of Technology:
Our school is a center of excellence. The professors are bright and dedicated. They are there to teach and to help us learn what they teach. They are real professors.

Our school is located in a small city. Although is it just by the highway, the classroom buildings are located at the back where vehicle noises can't cause distraction.

We have all the facilities we need for our curriculum. So far, what I learned in my college days are very much related to what I am doing now in my workplace.

About my college education:
First and foremost, my course is really interesting. It is all about science. I learned about almost everything. From geography, astronomy, meteorology, bio, chem, physics, everything. Very wonderful course. It is not difficult too because all the subjects are just fundamentals of all sciences so I don't need to learn complicated concepts. I enjoyed the field trips, field research and experiments. They were all related to real-life situations. Of course it was challenging. I learned how to answer super basic daily life questions like "why is the sky blue?" " why is the sea salty?". These questions exist in our little minds but not all people knows the real answer.

I learned huge amount of things. I gained bulk information regarding our daily lives. I learned how to interact with people around while trying to solve basic daily questions.

My current job:
I am a science lab technician.

✓  Related to Bachelor in Secondary Education General Science

Am I using what I learned in college:
Indeed, I am using all I learned in the college laboratory. Basics lab things like how to use beakers, how to operate Bunsen burners are there. So I don't need to run and get scared when something is wrong with the Bunsen burner.

I also learned basic first aid and I am applying it today in my present job. Things like what to do when a student spills chemicals, what to do when a student burns himself with hot water. Its really nice. I love what I am doing.

How long did it take to find a job after graduation:
1 month after graduation

Do I recommend studying Bachelor in Secondary Education General Science:
Yes, there are only rare science graduates, and opportunity is high. So employment is good and salary also is good for science teachers and lecturers.

This course is very nice, interesting and fulfilling. Everything learned in college is all applicable in real life situation.
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About Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology:
MSU-IIT is a public school and it is considered as a world class institution, yet our facilities are incomplete because of our insufficient budget, which is a result of low tuition fees. But we have lot of things that we are proud of. We are one of the best schools in the Philippines and the finest school in Mindanao. It can be scrutinized in terms of excellence in science and technology, intellectual students and topnotchers, exceptional and degree-holder professors, and advanced knowledge in respective fields of study.

About my college education:
Throughout my studies in MSU-IIT, I experienced financial problem because the combined income of my parents was not enough for us. That challenge brought me to alive. I became motivated to study hard so as to acquire Dean’s List Scholarship offered in our school. In this little way I helped my parents for my daily expenses.

However, in the last year of my studies, I was not able to avail the said scholarship because the subjects were already quite difficult. I had two critical subjects that judged my fate whether I would graduate of not. One subject was Individual Thesis that consumes time, money, manpower, and effort. The other subject dealt with Group Project about Proposed Iligan Industrial & International Seaport. The said project was good for one semester only. And we were much pressured because only limited time was allotted to us yet several things were required.

During that period, the situation became worse when I was chosen as president of the two organizations in our department, the Association of Civil Engineering Students (ACES) and the Junior Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (JPICE). It was a big responsibility to me and it became an additional undertaking in my studies.

At the end of day in my college, that tremendous storm was turn into a wonderful and pleasant atmosphere. I surpassed all the trials in my career. I graduated happily and received two awards, the Academic Award for being Cum Laude and the Leadership Award for being CE President of two organizations.

After all, I realized that nothing is impossible with God to achieve one’s goal in life. The lessons I learned are “Believe in yourself that you can make it” and “Do your best and God will do the rest”. And most specifically, hardworking and perseverance are my key instruments toward success!

My current job:
I don’t still have a job. After passing the licensure board exam in civil engineering last November 2012, here I am applying a scholarship for Masters in CE and waiting for the masteral class this coming June 2013.

Do I recommend studying Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering:
Civil Engineering is best suitable for employment opportunities. Consider the situation in the Philippines. Yes, many takers of CE Board Exam are passers. However, it does not imply that it will contribute to the increase of unemployment rate but rather it’s a big opportunity to us. First, we know that Philippines is a developing country and civil engineers are needed to construct infrastructures mainly for commercial, industrial and institutional purposes. Next, Philippines is prone to natural and accidental disasters that will eventually cause to the loss properties. In connection with this, civil engineers are one of the teams who are sought for the restoration of those damages.

When I was a child, it was my misconception that Civil Engineer is like a Carpenter who is mainly responsible for the construction of houses. But that delusion was corrected when I took this profession in MSU-IIT. I was surprised and interested after knowing the fact that the scope of our profession was not only limited for the construction of infrastructures but also covered various aspects such as coastal, geotechnical and environmental as well as in water resource management, transportation system, surveying, and other related matters.
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C. E.
Studied Diploma in Electronics Engineering
at MSU-IIT , Iligan City
Graduated: 2009

About MSU-IIT:
Well, the atmosphere is good. Some professors are terror but there are also "sabay". We can't blame those terror teachers because maybe they have high standards. So the best thing to do is just do our best so that we'll not fail.
The facilities were also good though some were already old but still it can be use.

About my college education:
I graduated in one of the prestigious school in this country, MSU-IIT. Since high school it was really my dream to study in MSU-IIT because its a world class institution and there tuition is cheap compare to other school. But before you can be part of the institution it is necessary to take an entrance exam and not all were given the opportunity. Luckily during that time I passed it but I'm still confused of what course to take. So, an advice from parents is necessary since we still don't know what to choose.But I tell you, choose a course that you like and interested most because if not you will just regret at the end.

Well, I took up Diploma in electronics engineering technology since my score is not qualified for a BS or AB course. But the advantage of taking engineering technology course is that I am free with the tuition fee during the first semester. So, I just did my best in every subjects and gladly I got good grades that by during the second semester I am a grantee. That means I have an allowance and a free tuition fee. I enjoyed much the privilege given to me but you will have to be good in every subjects especially math subjects because if not you will fail. It's not really necessary that you are intelligent for as long as you practice and taken seriously your subjects then you will survive. Another thing I will tell you, don't get addicted with that "dota thing" and online games because it will ruin your life.

My current job:
I'm still a student now because I'm taking another course.

Do I recommend studying Diploma in Electronics Engineering:
Its better if you are a degree holder, because competition plays a big role in the industry.
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