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K. P.
◈ Studied Advanced Diploma in Information Technology
◈ At Informatics Cavite
◈ Graduated 2015

list bulletWhy did I choose this school: Close to home firstly and it is a project based course in IT, so it will give students a lot of experience and will learn to study really well. It is mandatory to every subject and it is a competitive school.

list bulletAbout Informatics Cavite: I'm the definition of a lazy individual and this school taught me to be realistic, finish your job/projects ahead of the deadline (possibly 4 days or a week earlier the deadline), be competitive, leadership, there is no excuse to have a flop project cause you need to work smart and dedicated to your work even after your defense, you need to have full knowledge on your project. You'll be a better individual after graduating here.

The Ambience:
It is both relaxing and competitive, close to the mall, safe, just along a national road so access is great, the parking is good and since it's beside a mall more parking for sure.

The Professors:
They are good at what they teach, approachable and very patient to the students, they have this aura that you need to do well and it's a great feeling.

The Facilities:
It's not that big like other college/universities but it will give you what you need to learn and running a/c the whole day so no worries.

list bulletMy current job: Freelance.
I got offers from different companies but I choose to let the "fresh grad" status to get off. It's a very risky decision but I like challenges.
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