Garcia College of Technology

Kalibo, Aklan
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Reviews of Garcia College of Technology graduates

G. R.
Studied BS in Accountancy
at Garcia College of Technology , Kalibo
Graduated: 2009

Why did I choose this school:
Because this is the College School in Kalibo that had the highest passing rates of Accountancy Board Exam. Also High standard education. I also followed my sister step because she also graduate in this college even she not take the board exam.

About Garcia College Of Technology:
The Ambiance of the school is Excellent for all student, because the policies of the school is follow and respect of all student. There is a canteen in the front of the school, so all the student will not go far for eat there lunch or snacks.

The professors / instructors are very intelligence and professional. They help all the student to become a good independent, professional, intelligent, respectful.

My current job:
The bookkeeper job is keeping the books of accounts for recording of money transactions.

How long did it take to find a job after graduation:
3 weeks
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