Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University

Bacolor, Pampanga
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Type of school: State University
Religious affiliation: Nonsectarian
Term type: Semester (2 terms per year)
Entrance exam: Required
Gender admission: Men & Women

Tuition fees:

Bachelor's degree ₱ 20,000-22,000 per year
Master's degree ₱ 9,200-13,500 per year

Courses offered at DHVTSU Main:


Based on the Weighted Board Exams Ranking
Rank in Pampanga 3 out of 4 schools view
Rank in Central Luzon 12 out of 19 schools view
Rank in Philippines 169 out of 259 schools view

Centers of Excellence and Development:

Board exams performance:

Displaying the passing rates of First Timers only (does not include people who took the exam for the 2nd or 3rd time).
Based on the results of past 4 exams of each board exam.
Exam Passing Rates
(first timers)
Rank in Philippines
Electronics Technicians Board Exam 85%
Very Good
56 of 152 schools
Social Workers Licensure Exam 69%
Below Average
54 of 78 schools
Master Electrician Licensure Exam 68%
76 of 150 schools
Electrical Engineer Licensure Exam 66%
Below Average
88 of 145 schools
Architect Licensure Exam 63%
40 of 73 schools
Licensure Exam for Elementary Teacher 52%
490 of 1016 schools
Civil Engineering Licensure Exam 51%
Above Average
76 of 203 schools
Licensure Exam for Secondary Teacher 49%
Below Average
671 of 1167 schools
Mechanical Engineer Licensure Exam 47%
Below Average
87 of 125 schools
Real Estate Broker Licensure Examination 40%
Below Average
210 of 286 schools
Master Plumber Licensure Exam 33%
60 of 112 schools
Electronics Engineer (ECE) Licensure Exam 28%
74 of 157 schools


Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University
Cabambangan, Bacolor 2001, Pampanga

Scholarships at DHVTSU Main:

A. Scholarship Plan

• Higher Education

1. Full Tuition Privilege - A 100% discount on tuition fees for one year shall be granted to any athlete who has shown excellent national performance in athletic meets (up to Palarong Pambansa) during the preceding school year.

2. Partial Tuition Privileges - A 50% discount in tuition fees shall be extended to any athlete who has shown excellent performances in regional meets (participated in SCUAA III) during the preceding school year.

Requirements/Criteria of Scholarship

• Higher Education

1. Student must carry a load of not less than eighteen (18) units per semester.

2. Student must not get a grade lower than 2.5 in any of his subjects (including P.E and CWTS/ROTC).

• Laboratory Department

1. The student must have a general average of not lower than 80% (for athlete).

2. The student must not enjoy any other scholarship.

3. The student should not be involved in any form of misconduct in school or out of school.

4. The student must possess good physical and mental health and good moral character.

B. Academic Scholarships

Evaluation of student records for academic scholarships shall be based on the following standards:

1. Entrance scholarship shall be enjoyed by Valedictorians and Salutatorians of recognized public and private secondary schools with at least 150 graduates. One hundred percent (100%) and fifty percent (50%) discount on tuition fees shall be granted to valedictorians and salutatorians respectively for the first semester, provided they maintain a Grade Point Average of 2.0 with no grades lower than 2.5 for the next semester;

2. College scholarship shall be awarded to an under–graduate student who obtained a rated average of 1.45 or better, and has no grade in any subject lower than 2.5 at the end of the semester, and shall enjoy full tuition fees for the following semester depending on the institution’s policy;

3. College/Institute/Department Scholarship shall be awarded to an under graduate student who obtained a weighted average of 1.75 or better, and has no grade below 3.00 at the end of the semester and shall enjoy 50% reduction in tuition fees for the following semester;

4. To qualify to any of the scholarships, the prescribed load of the student is at least fifteen (15) academic units or the normal load prescribed in his curricular programs;

5. The student must be up–to–date with all the academic and non–academic requirements, no grade of INC or below 3.00 in any academic or non–academic subject;

6. The academic scholarship shall only be for a period of one semester and shall continue in succeeding semester, provided the student satisfies the prescribed weighted average grade and other requirements; and

7. Student who is a recipient of two or more scholarships shall be required to choose only one.

C. Barangay Officials and their Legitimate Dependents and Sangguniang Kabataang Barangay Officials

• Coverage

The study grant shall cover all qualified and deserving children of Barangay Officials namely, Chairman, Secretary and Kagawad and Sangguniang Kabataang Barangay Officials during their incumbency. They will be enrolled in state universities and colleges (SUCs) located within or near their barangay. The benefits that shall be granted free tuition and matriculation fees. Miscellaneous fees, however shall be paid by the grantees.

• Objectives:

1. To increase accessibility of education to children of barangay level and Sangguniang Kabataang Barangay officials;

2. To develop among the youth the spirit of service to one’s community and help in the attainment of national progress and prosperity; and

3. To provide study grants to poor but deserving students in order to harness their potentials for future development needs of their respective communities.