Bicol University - Polangui Campus

Polangui, Albay
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>Type: State University
>Entrance exam: Required
>Religious affiliation: Non-sectarian
>Term structure: Semester
>School year: starts in June

Tuition fees

Included in the Free Tuition Lawinfo
Bachelor's degree ₱ 10,000-14,000 per year

Courses offered

Board exams performance

Displaying the passing rates of First Time Examinees only.
Based on the results of the past 4 exams of each board exam.
Exam Passing Rates
(first timers)
Rank in Philippines
Midwife Licensure Exam 100%
1 of 148 schools
Licensure Exam for Elementary Teacher 76%
88 of 1044 schools
Electronics Technicians Board Exam 75%
Below Average
102 of 155 schools
Nurses Licensure Exam 66%
Below Average
215 of 317 schools
Licensure Exam for Secondary Teacher 56%
Above Average
546 of 1224 schools
Electronics Engineer (ECE) Licensure Exam 34%
83 of 165 schools


Bicol University - Polangui Campus
Ilaod, Polangui, Albay

Scholarships at Bicol University - Polangui

Entrance Scholarship
An entrance scholarship consisting of tuition fee discount shall be enjoyed for one semester by high school valedictorians/salutatorians from a public or private of a graduating class of not less than 50 students, except those who graduated from SUCs/laboratory high schools. The overall topnotcher in the BUCET shall also qualify under this scholarship. A student who meets the mentioned qualifications must apply for entrance scholarship upon enrollment by presenting his Form 138 (Fourth Year) and a certification as to the size of the graduating class and honors obtained from the high school principal or head of the secondary school where she/he graduated as valedictorian/salutatorian. Valedictorians and the BUCET overall topnotcher shall enjoy a 100%free tuition, while the salutatorians shall enjoy 50% free tuition. Entrance scholars may become academic scholars upon meeting the qualifying average at the end of the semester.

Academic Scholarship
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