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Benguet State University

La Trinidad, Benguet
Application for 2nd semester AY 2014/15 Open till Nov 2014

Agriculture courses offered at BSU

Bachelor's courses

BS in Agribusiness 4 years details > contact >
major in BS in Agribusiness in Cooperative Management contact >
major in Enterprise Management contact >
BS in Agricultural Engineering 5 years details > contact >
BS in Agriculture 4 years details > contact >
major in Agricultural Economics contact >
major in Agroforestry contact >
major in Animal Science contact >
major in Entomology contact >
major in Extension Education contact >
major in Horticulture contact >
major in Organic Agriculture contact >
major in Plant Breeding contact >
major in Plant Pathology contact >
major in Sericulture contact >
major in Soil Science contact >
major in Agronomy contact >
BS in Forestry 4 years details > contact >
major in Agroforestry contact >

Diploma courses

Certificate in Practical Organic Agriculture 1 years details > contact >
Certificate in Agricultural Science 2 years details > contact >
Diploma in Agroforestry 1 years details > contact >

Master's courses

Master of Forestry details > contact >
major in Silviculture contact >
major in Watershed Management contact >
MS in Agricultural Economics details > contact >
MS in Agricultural Education details > contact >
MS in Agronomy details > contact >
MS in Animal Science details > contact >
MS in Entomology details > contact >
MS in Forestry details > contact >
major in Silviculture contact >
major in Watershed Management contact >
MS in Horticulture details > contact >
MS in Plant Pathology details > contact >
MS in Soil Science details > contact >

Doctorate courses

PhD in Agricultural Education details > contact >
PhD in Agronomy details > contact >
PhD in Horticulture details > contact >

May not include all fees, and can change at any time.
A. Master’s Degree Program

1. Appropriate bachelor’s degree or it's equivalent from a university or from other recognized institutions of higher learning;

2. High academic standing; and,

3. English proficiency.

B. Doctoral Degree Program

1. Appropriate master’s degree or it's equivalent from a university or other recognized educational institution;

2. High academic standing;

3. English proficiency; and,

4. Have conducted a research study.

These qualities shall be evaluated based on:

(a) examination of undergraduate or graduate credentials,
(b) recommendations of two former professors,
(c) interview with the applicant or other appropriate means, and
(d) character reference.

C. Foreign Students

A foreign student may be allowed to enroll only if in possession of a student visa (9-f) or any of the following types of visa:

1. 9 (e), 9 (e-l) or 9 (e-2) - foreign government or official or dependent

2. 47 (a) (2) - exchange fellow or scholar sponsored by an international organization

3. 9 (g) - pre-arranged employment (working visa)

4. PD 218 – foreign investor

5. 9 (d) – treaty trader

6. 13.13 (a) to 13 (g) permanent resident

A foreigner with a tourist visa (9-a) cannot be allowed to enroll.
Visas other than student visa may be applied for at the Philippine Consulate/Embassy in the student’s home country.


1. Non-Degree Students

A degree holder who is not currently enrolled in any other institution of higher learning may be allowed to take credit courses at the graduate level without pursuing a formal degree program provided that the appropriate requirements for admission to the University are satisfied. The student shall not be allowed to enroll for more than one semester, except by permission of the Dean of the College concerned and the Director of the Office of the University Registrar.

2. Cross Enrolment From Another Institution

A student who is enrolled in another institution and who wishes to cross enroll in BSU must present a written permit from the student’s Dean, Director, or Registrar. The permit shall state the total number of units and the subjects that are to be enrolled in the University. A photograph with the student’s signature at the back and signed across by the student’s Dean, Director, or Registrar must be attached to the permit.
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