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Ateneo de Manila University: Master's programs offered


Master in Public Management details > contact >


MA in Economics details > contact >

Communication & Information Science

MA in Communication details > contact >
MA in Journalism details > contact >


MS Electronics Engineering details > contact >


MA in Filipino Literature
major in:
details > contact >
Creative Writing
Teaching Literature
Master’s Degree in History details > contact >
MA in Literary and Cultural Studies details > contact >
MA in Philosophy details > contact >
MA in Teaching Philosophy details > contact >

IT, Computer Science & Programming

Master in Information Technology details > contact >
MS in Computer Science details > contact >


MA in English Language and Literature Teaching details > contact >
AB-MA Panitikan (Filipino) details > contact >
MA Panitikan (Filipino) details > contact >


Master of Laws details > contact >

Religion & Theology

MA in Biblical Exegesis details > contact >
MA in Pastoral Ministry
major in:
details > contact >
Family Ministry and Counseling
Pastoral Management
Social Justice Advocacy
Spirituality and Retreat Directing
MA in Pastoral Studies details > contact >
MA in Theological Studies details > contact >


B.S./M.S. Chemistry details > contact >
Master in Environmental Management details > contact >
Master of Mathematics details > contact >
Master of Physics details > contact >
Master of Biology details > contact >
Master of Chemistry details > contact >
MS in Atmospheric Science details > contact >
MS in Biology details > contact >
Master in Biology Education details > contact >
MS in Chemistry details > contact >
MS in Chemistry Education details > contact >
MS in Environmental Science details > contact >
MS in Mathematics details > contact >
MS in Physics details > contact >

Social Science

AB in Political Science - Masters in Public Management details > contact >
MA in Anthropology details > contact >
MA in Japanese Studies details > contact >
MA in Political Science
major in:
details > contact >
Global Politics details >
MA in Psychology
major in:
details > contact >
Counseling Psychology details >
Organizational Psychology details >
Social & Community Psychology details >
Developmental Psychology details >
MA in Sociology details > contact >
Master in Applied Sociology and Anthropology details > contact >
MS in Social Development details > contact >

Teacher Education

MA in Education
major in:
details > contact >
Basic Education
Educational Administration
Guidance and Counseling
Information Technology Integration
Master of Physics Education details > contact >
MA in Religious Education details > contact >
MS in Mathematics Education details > contact >
MS in Science Education
major in:
details > contact >
General Sciences
Physics Teaching
To qualify for admission to a master’s degree program or a straight Ph.D. Program (combined master’s-doctoral program) the applicant must have:

1. A bachelor’s degree (civil degree);

2. An undergraduate general average of 85% or B;

3. A minimum of 18 undergraduate units or it's equivalent in the major field in which the applicant intends to do graduate work;

4. Acceptable scores in the entrance tests administered by the Fr. Jaime Bulatao, S.J. Center for Psychology Services (Bulatao Center).

The applicant must also satisfy any special requirement for entrance into the program set by the department or office administering the program.

To qualify for admission to a doctoral degree program, the applicant must have both a bachelor’s degree (civil) and a master’s degree (civil) in areas deemed appropriate for the doctorate program by the department offering the program as well as satisfy additional requirements set by the department.
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