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About University Of The Philippines Los Banos:
The atmosphere at UPLB is a relaxed one as it is located at a rural area. The campus even covers a part of the Mt. Makiling. This definitely took some of the stress out of me.

As most professors are also alumni of UP, one can expect them to be experts at their respective fields. Some are serious while some may be playful. Nevertheless, they still want the best from their students. Some might be considered "terror" which is one or a combination of the following: strict, gives difficult exams or hard to approach. One should never be discouraged or spiteful of such profs. Instead, one should just consider it as a challenge-- a challenge to get out of the comfort zone and work harder.

Sadly, the Physics Division at UPLB does not have topnotch facilities. This might frustrate the prospective BS APhy student but I might add that some BS Chemical Engineering students form UP Diliman still used our lab for a part of their thesis.

About my college education:
Studying BS Applied Physics in UP Los BaƱos was difficult for me. Physics was already hard and I had to take it up in a very competitive university where the instructors and professors expect a lot from their students. A person who wants to study the same should possess analytical skills. It's almost the same as studying engineering, maybe even harder. Of course, he would need to work hard as no degree is really easy.

My current job:
I am now an instructor in a private college.
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Am I using what I learned in college:
As I am currently teaching fundamental engineering physics, I am not using everything I learned in college. I am using only the basics, what I studied in my first two years of college.

How long did it take to find a job after graduation:
6 months

Do I recommend studying Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics:
BS Aphy gives people a lot of opportunities. They can choose a career in different fields such as software engineering, electronics, materials engineering and academia. I think my classmates who ventured into these fields receive high salaries. The same goes for me. If you see yourself choosing one of these careers then I recommend BS Applied Physics in UP Los Banos to you.
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Studied BS in Applied Physics
at University Of The Philippines Diliman , Quezon City
Graduated: 1995

About University Of The Philippines Diliman:
The professors were very knowledgeable about the courses they taught. I would characterize the atmosphere as "open" and "free". Students were encouraged to think independently and voice out their opinions openly. The facilities were the best that the country could offer then.

About my college education:
Finishing my bachelor's degree was both enjoyable and challenging. The skills needed to succeed in the course were: math skills, logical skills, english, lots of hard work and patience.

My current job:
I'm a reliability engineer.
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Am I using what I learned in college:
I'm using some of the concepts that I've learned, particularly those in physics, math and statics.

How long did it take to find a job after graduation:
After graduation, I was automatically employed by the university.

Do I recommend studying BS in Applied Physics:
I recommend BS Applied Physics because of the wide range of employment opportunities it has to offer graduates. It can provide a career path that is both interesting and financially fulfilling.
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R. T.
Studied BS in Physics (slightly different course)
at St. Paul University Manila , Manila
Graduated: 1995

About St. Paul University Manila:
The professors are well trained and very professional.
The atmosphere is well conducive for learning. Actually, it is the first Catholic school in Asia sited as ISO certified.
To be the first ISO sited in Asia as Catholic institution means something. It goes with the faculty, facilities, curriculum and all.

About my college education:
It is interesting and challenging. I would say if you want to understand fully your environment and natural occurring phenomena, take Physics.
Usually those who are good in math and science are logical thinkers. First, one should be good or inclined in mathematics. It is the language in the field of Science, especially Physics. Second, English. For him/her to understand fully what is being taught, it needs comprehension and analysis.

My current job:
Teaching Physics in an International School (Singapore National Academy) .
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Am I using what I learned in college:
The education I have had in my Alma Mater is very useful and practical because it prepared me a lot in my present job. It helps me to gain confidence and honed my skills fully. Though learning should not stop after school. It is a continuous process. Day by day I'm learning.

How long did it take to find a job after graduation:
Two months before my graduation, I was employed through the recommendation of my Dean.

Do I recommend studying BS in Physics:
Usually what is important in any course or field of interest is the skills you have developed. With the fast changing and challenging world we have today, one should be well equipped with the necessary skills and attitudes. For that everything falls into places.
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