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Doctor of Dental Medicine in the Philippines

Dentistry is one of the most prestigious courses offered in the Philippines, and is regulated and supervised by the council on dental education. At present, there are less than 20 schools providing dental education nationwide. The Board of Dentistry of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) regulates the proper practice of dentistry in the Philippines.

What are the admission requirements for dental studies in the Philippines?

  1. Must be a holder of a bachelors’ degree on any course
  2. Must pass the Colleges’ pre-dental entrance examination
  3. Must be of good moral character
  4. Must provide a copy of transcript of records (TOR) with CHED special order

How long does it take to complete dental education in the Philippines?

Dental education in the Philippines takes 6 years to complete. It includes 2 years of pre-dental courses and 4 years of dental proper which is embodied in Republic Act (R.A) No. 4419 known as Philippine Dental Act of 1965.

What exam do I need to take to practice dentistry in the Philippines?

To be able to practice dentistry in the Philippines, you need to pass the Dental Licensure examination. This is held in Manila at least twice a year - usually on the months of May and December.

What are the requirements for admission to the Dental Licensure Examination?

  • Must be a Filipino Citizen
  • Must be of good moral character
  • Must have finished 2 years of pre-dentistry course
  • Must be a holder of a degree of either Doctor of Dental Medicine or Doctor of Dental Surgery from a college duly recognized by the government

What are the career opportunities for graduates of dentistry in the Philippines?

There are many career opportunities waiting for you once you pass the Dentists’ Licensure Examination. Here’s a list of dental jobs available in the Philippines that you can apply for:
  1. Dental Assistant
  2. Associate Dentist in private dental clinics
  3. Dental Office Manager
  4. Dental Hygienist
  5. Dental Consultant
  6. Orthodontist
  7. School Dentist

What are the best dental schools in the Philippines?

The following dental schools are rated based on their performances in the licensure examinations. The top performing schools in the most recent dental licensure examination held on June 2009:
  • Schools with 5 – 25 examinees:
    1. University of the Philippines (Manila) – 100%
    2. Lyceum of Batangas – 100%
    3. University of Baguio – 100%
    4. Our Lady of Fatima University (Valenzuela) – 89%
    5. Centro Escolar University (Malolos) – 88%

  • Schools with 100 or more examinees:
    1. University of the East (Manila) – 98%
    2. Centro Escolar University (Manila) – 53%

What are the national passing rates of dental schools in the Philippines?

  • May 2010 - 71.17 % (242 out of 340)
  • May 2009 - 44.44 % (264 out of 594)
  • May 2008 - 43.52% (356 out of 818)
  • December 2008 - 41.80% (296 out of 708)
  • December 2007 - 36.06% (317 out of 879)
  • December 2006 - 33.08% (393 out of 1,188)
  • May 2005 - 34.88% (458 out of 1,313)


Reviews of Doctor of Dental Medicine graduates:

K. U.
Studied Doctor of Dental Medicine
at University of the East - Manila , Manila
Graduated: 2013

Why did I choose this course:
Because I know science and memorization are my strength. And my parents are both dentists as well.

About my college education:
Difficult is the patient management, scheduling of patient, getting dental chair for you to work at, the expenses are really high... We enjoy treating people's mouth and giving them a satisfaction.
I cant remember any boring part because 6 years of studying are all fun and memorable.
Interesting are those dissecting of cadavers, thesis, clinic hours restoring teeth, extracting teeth, cleaning the mouth etc..

Dentistry in UE is hard and at times strict (you will be asked to transfer school if you fail some subjects) for you to succeed you really need perseverance, patience, humility, competitiveness, time and money management, good rapport to patients/people and responsibility... You should not give up in the middle because in the end it will all be worth it.

My current job:
I'm a licensed dentist. I treat people's mouth problem and complaints.

Am I using what I learned in college:
Yes, of course. All are practical applications, from diagnostic of complaints, to treatment to prescription.

How long did it take to find a job after graduation:
I traveled for 3 months after our board exam. It's not really hard for me to find a job, it's the job that will look for you. I actually got 6 job offers.

Do I recommend studying Doctor of Dental Medicine:
You will easily get a job especially if you are not choosy, they are the one who will tell you they need a dentist.

Salary level is really really low especially to newly passed dentists. Some just pay 400 for the basic! but others are a bit generous.

Advice to people who are thinking of studying this course:
Just go for it. Be prepared. Enjoy the pre dental course. Save money. And
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