BSBA in Marketing and Advertising in the Philippines

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About my college education:
As Marketing and Advertising Students, creativity and organization of thoughts is a must, but most of the time these things are easily learned or developed. Since marketing and advertising is also a business course, it also involves computation subjects as it's minors and frankly I've been seeing a lot of students excelling in their majors but failing in their minors such as algebra and statistics. Time management and day-to-day planning is essential not only for this subject but for everything else.

My current job:
I am a copywriter

Am I using what I learned in college:
Yes. The marketing and advertising department faculty did a great job in aligning me to this certain skill. They taught the does and don'ts in writing a tagline, slogan or any certain phrase that includes branding. They were very particular in punctuations which at first I found very irritating and useless, but know I am grateful since I've been using it almost everyday.

How long did it take to find a job after graduation:
About 3 months, more or less

Do I recommend studying Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Marketing and Advertising Management:
I'd recommend it for employment opportunities, fulfilling/interesting career, and salary level.

Being a Marketer gives you that advantage of being flexible in all other fields of profession. Marketing itself is really broad and there are many professions under it as well. Its a fulfilling career in the sense that you won't really get tired of seeing your work come to life, commercials, radio ad, print ad. Its just something that you'd be proud of every time it's out there. Good marketers and advertisers are still in demand out there. Until the day comes when people are satisfied with everything they got and no longer need or want anything else, then Marketers and Advertisers will still always be a need or want in the job market as well. Nobody could build a technology to replace human creativity.
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