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P. A.
◈ Studied Bachelor of Science in Business Management Major in Marketing (slightly different course)
◈ At Cavite State University
◈ Graduated 2013

list bulletAbout my college education: College life... Well, based on experience, I must say that being on college was definitely the toughest but also the happiest part of a student's life, aside from being on high school, of course.

When I graduated from high school, I was too frightened, at the same time, excited to be a college student because I already heard a lot about it, actually more of the negative side. Numerous paper works, pressure and stress, sleepless nights and pimples were only some of them. And honestly, this was one of the reasons why I always asked myself if I'm prepared enough to face college life.

Not until I stepped on the grounds of my beloved university and started making friends. I met different people with different attitudes and traits which made my stay on the university more fun and interesting.

The subjects on college was also far more different from the lessons taught on elementary and high school. It was also the time when I realized that elementary and high school served as my training ground for basic knowledge. College offers the subjects which you could certainly apply in the profession you've chosen.

Being a Business Management student, you must know how to interact with other people because you are going to deal with buying and selling. Having a good relationship with other people may result to the success of your business. In addition, you must also be possessing Math skills since business involves money. And obviously, students who want to succeed in their chosen courses must have hard work, patience and determination.

The best thing in college is that when you accomplished something, for instance, business plan, feasibility study or thesis manuscript, it is so fulfilling and overwhelming. It feels like all your efforts and hard work worth it.

Yes, college life is hard, most especially when you are on your 3rd and 4th year but, I assure you, it is fun. College life is not all about plenty of paper works, pressure and stress, sleepless nights and pimples (though it is really included :D) . College life will teach you how to deal with life. It will teach you how to discover who you really are and who you really want to be.

list bulletMy current job: I'm currently a graduating student from Cavite State University, Cavite City.

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: Certainly yes. Even though I do not have a job yet, I can already apply the lessons which I learned from the university. I currently own an online business and we also have a family business. I am the one in-charge of the record keeping or book keeping, which of course I learned from my Accounting subjects. I also implement different marketing strategies, particularly when it comes to promoting my business as well as our family business.

list bulletDo I recommend studying : Yes, definitely. I recommend Business Management Major in Marketing to the students who are fond of doing business or even those who are not but want to be engaged or employed in banks, different business establishments and offices and even in schools to be a professor of marketing subjects.

Businesses are everywhere that's why employment opportunities with this course are also everywhere. As long as there are businesses, there are still opportunities. And also, businesses never get lost in trends. Centuries had passed, but business industry is still there.

When it comes to the salary level, it depends on you actually. This course is very flexible and you can certainly choose the field that you want to be in. Be a business owner, a manager, a teller, a supervisor, a professor, name it. Your salary will depend on how hard you work for it.
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