BSBA in Financial and Management Accounting studies in the Philippines

Reviews of BSBA in Financial and Management Accounting graduates:

Why did I choose this course:
I chose BS in Business Administration because I knew to my self that I am interested to it. I'm a business minded person since first before I took that course.

About my college education:
The course is quite difficult because of many accounting subjects, it is more on intellectual, decision making than memorizing. This course is more on thesis, but I survive. And the most enjoyable that I experienced was when we did a new business idea, that is our project, we create a unique business then sell it to our school then boom we got a 1.00 grade in that subject and also we have an extra income. :)
Yeah, there were somebody failed and some of them repeated the subjects or shifted to other courses. But this all I can say No Pain No Gain. Just study hard, do all your best, and focus.

My current job:
I am working now in BANCO DE ORO, UNIBANK. My position there is accounting assistant, where we are balancing the daily transactions of the bank branch such as the debit and credit of the bank, checks, and the client's transactions.

Am I using what I learned in college:
I learned to be independent. Just be yourself. And the lessons I took in college like accounting problems, and decision makings, I used it now in my job.

How long did it take to find a job after graduation:
April 2013 when my graduation march then after one week I found a job in the internet then BDO was my first choice so I applied and thanks God I passed the exams and interview then June 3, 2013 date of hired and that was the starting of my work.
And now, I am working one year in my company and I'm so much happy because I'm near to my success.

Do I recommend studying BS in Business Administration major in Financial and Management Accounting:
Now a days, business courses are in demand to the company because we are now in the business world. They need you. Many companies are rising right now with their business products.

Salary level:
Fresh graduate, don't be choosy because in reality the salary range you will earn from the start is 13k to 16k, but don't worry it will be higher when you work for a year in your company.

Advice to people who are thinking of studying this course:
I advice to the students who entering college, when you choosing a course be sure you are interested to it. Business Administration course have a different majors, major in marketing, logistics management, entrepreneurship, human resources, financial and management accounting. No courses are easy, your path to succeed is to enter in difficult situations. Just you need is where your heart belong is.
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