BSBA in Finance in the Philippines

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Reviews of BSBA in Finance graduates:

J. W.
◈ Studied BSBA in Finance
◈ At Jose Rizal University
◈ Graduated 1985

list bulletAbout my college education: This course is quite challenging for me, because of mathematical skills, analytical, and problem solving, marketing and communicating skills involved this course. You should really excel much on these.

list bulletMy current job: Gaffer (an electrician in charge of lighting on a movie or television set).

list bulletAm I using what I learned in college: Not really, maybe just some like communicating skills and some analytical skills, because I am now working in a totally different field.

list bulletDo I recommend studying BSBA in Finance: Maybe for some that have interest for the said skills needed for this course, because math related course is never easy.
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